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    The 7 Secrets to Maternity Style

    The 7 Secrets to Maternity Style

    We are not big believers in right and wrong, but, doing maternity fashion right, for you, is not only possible, but, easy.  Are we over promising?  No.  We don't do that.

    Sometimes we moms spend so much time taking care of our wee ones that, oops, we have been known to forget to take care of the most important person in that wee one’s life-us! We can, at times, admit it, get less than stellar at getting ourselves dressed in the morning. 

    Why It is Hard

    Pregnancy is exhausting.  The first trimester particularly so, then you get a little energy back and boom! your body starts morphing.

    A mom of a two year old, who was 12 weeks pregnant with baby number two came in the other day and said “I am so tired I can’t stand it, and yet, somehow or other, I get up and get dressed every morning.  I used to go places and look good, put together, cute.  Now if I get there, I’m like ’Hey, I got here!”  So, today I got here. You made me cute last time.  Can we do it again?!”

    How to Make it Easy

    With a little effort and choosing the right styles we got her from tired and, well, we won’t say frumpy, but there were sweatpants that didn’t do her any favors and a sweatshirt involved, and that was pretty much it.  We got her into fashion focused easy pieces that even if she put them on inside out- because that's a thing when you’re a mom-she looked great, and felt like herself again. 

    But What Does Style Mean?!

    Style does matter. What is Maternity Fashion?  Mom Fashion?  It’s just fashion, with an extra dose of fabulous, and an extra challenge of hormones, exhaustion and less time! Every mom deserves to go from frump to fashion and feel better. SAHMs and probably at least half of our moms who work outside the home live the casual life.  So, here are the best MOM fashion basics that make maternity fashion that much more fabulous,, bump and beyond.

    Get started with the following basics and every day of 2018 will be just a little bit better, bump & beyond. Remember-who''s number one?  You!  Without a happy you, the rest is just harder.  

    Styles That Work and Why:

    1. Longer Tops

    It doesn't have to be a full on tunic, but...length matters. A top that covers the bump and the bum are a legging’s bff. Pair them and off you go-  Easy.  Done. Bye bye sweats.Hello Style.

    Slightly longer tops flatter your figure because creating a horizontal line that widens your bum or bump is just not perhaps your best choice.  Your everyday wardrobe of grab and go pieces should be, well, easy!  And chic!


    2. Dresses

    For work or play, dresses are key. You may not think of dresses as casual or easy, but, time for an attitude change. Dresses are the ultimate one and done, you literally throw on one piece of clothing and you’re done.  This is, therefore, the ultimate mom fashion that works as maternity too.  Footwear is a thing, and that’s what can take a dress from office wear to mom wear. More on shoes later. This mom fashion style is simple and successful and you can find a style to flatter your own figure type. Particularly in the later weeks of the third trimester, it’s okay to get into an intimate relationship with dresses.  Not sure what silhouette is best?  Any and every.  Throw an open button down shirt (Got a spouse?  Steal a shirt)over any fitted dress for a truly wow mom style that everyone will love, and that celebrates that bumped up body that you’re rocking!

    black microstripe maxi

    3. Fitted Tops

    Wearing ill fitting tops will make any mom feel negative about her appearance. We see moms who come in looking swell, and we see moms coming in not feeling so swell.  A well fitted fitted top is often the cure to the negativity. A little maternity fashion in the form of a well fitting top goes along way. Swap out one top and boom! Better. Take a tank, grab that button down, button under the bust and over the bump- it’s the perfect open curtain for the perfect pregnant silhouette. 

    white fitted cinched maternity top

    4. Jackets and Cardigans

    Stock up on anything that accentuates the vertical-say hello long jackets and cardigans!  No matter what the season, layering a less structured jacket or cardigan over a fitted piece is instant happy making. Hate your hips?  Make sure that they are covered so you feel good, but that doesn't always mean a big over sized top, embrace the bump while covering the bum!

    5. Skinny Jeans

    What can we say  that we haven’t said before.  When genes matter, jeans matter. Skinny jeans can instantly make you look younger and stylish, darker colors can disguise those great child bearing hips and provide a more polished, dressed up look. Grab a couple of these to take you from first trimester to last and then for the trip back down.  Tip: go under the bump-they’ll make you feel so much more human, not pregnant, for the trip back down. 

    jbrand skinny maternity jean

    6. Leggings

    Leggings are perhaps the best maternity fashion style. They are extremely comfortable and move with you everywhere you go.  Tunic, boots or booties and go. Can you see through the bum?  Don't do it.  Just. No. Got time for a scarf or a necklace?  Yes.   

      susana monaco black legging

    7. Jumpsuits

    Want to be totally on trend and totally comfortable and totally cute?  Jumpsuits are a boom with or without a bump for the ultimate in maternity and mom fashion and style.  It’s one and done like a dress, but, woo hoo, it’s pants!

    hudson maternity nursing jumpsuit


    A Word on Shoes:)

    All that added weight(it’s a baby, so don’t fret over it) can make feet even more tired, and then there can be swelling, there can be cankles, there can be all sorts of not fun stuff.  It’s important to take care of the tootsies. Take some time out for yourself and buy comfortable, cute shoes. Ideally not online. Shoes and jeans-it’s important to try them on even when you’re not pregnant.  Pregnant-twice as important.  Saggy but jeans and puffy miserable feet will just not do.  Slides and boots are your best bet these days. No pesky trying to reach your shoes to tie laces and though hard to believe until you’ve had a child, but, back to that mom above, the time saved not lacing shoes can mean the difference between getting there even remotely on time, and not getting there at all. So, in our humble opinion, it’s time to get new shoes.   

    Now you know the secrets. Go, get out there! Look in the mirror, and give yourself a deserving thumbs up for style and smarts.

    Small Biz Celebration!

    Small Biz Celebration!

    Why celebrate Small Biz? Because it matters! (See below for how and why.)

    On Small Business Saturday we just wanted to say Thank you for shopping small! 

    We love what we do, and we love working with you! If you shop with us, you've interacted with at least 10% of our staff, and each and every one of us wants nothing more than to make you look and feel as fabulous as you are! 

    Here is who we are, in real life,  Julia, Carla, LaRonya and Sally are not represented here but they can be found in the stores, and they work on web orders. As you can tell, Gloria will not be here much longer as baby # 2 is due December 27th! 

    As a small biz we care about you, and we care about the communities that we live and raise our children in.  Did you know that non-profit organizations receive an average 250% more support from smaller business owners than they do from large businesses? Crazy, right?

    This small business pays a living wage, pays 100% of health insurance costs for those staff who need it, and has a retirement plan for staff.  Big biz complains about the cast of health insurance, we just couldn't justify not offering it, and not paying for it.  We believe that those taking care of our valued and cherished clients deserve to be safe and comfortable and healthy. 

    Want even more reasons to Shop Small?

    1. It's basic economics, shopping at locally owned small shops is good for the community you live in.

    There are lots of numbers out there on this. According to most sources, 70% of dollars spent in a locally owned, independent stores stays in your community, that number drops to 43% if you shop big, and 0% if you shop online. Schools, parks, and so much more is impacted.

    2. Historically, two-thirds of net new jobs in this country are created by small business. Small firms are also responsible for over half of national GDP.

    There’s nothing small about that.

    So, shop small, know the faces of the humans who care, and, have fun doing it, knowing that you are investing inn your own community!


    Dressing While Pregnant- Lesson: Denim

    Dressing While Pregnant- Lesson: Denim

    Jeans matter, therefore, maternity jeans matter, dare we say, twice as much?

    We are obsessed with fashion and making women feel fabulous, and one cannot possibly do that today without being obsessed with denim. Emily, our buyer, is obsessed with making sure that we have a tons of comfortable bottoms to choose from.

    Finding a few good, solid pairs of jeans makes a huge difference to the way you walk into a room.  Just our opinion, but since countless women have walked out of the shop in their new jeans, 3" taller than when they walked in, that opinion is based on experience. Okay.  Maybe not 3" taller, but definitely taller. And happier.

    Where to begin?  Start with a good basic. This is our single most popular primary pair, which doesn't mean that it's everyone's first, it's just insanely soft, skinny and comfy, and a good, basic everyday wash. 


    Okay, we lied, there are two popular pairs. Most moms do the black shadow as well, because, well, when they put one pair on, and make some comment along the lines of "OMG! These are amazing." they realize that one pair is not enough, and grabbing the same amazement in black is just their next move. 

    So, if you are one of those people who will only rock a basic skinny, then grab a couple of them.  You will not regret it. You will wear them as many times in the course of just one pregnancy as you wear one pair for years not pregnant.

    And then there's the trip back down, which these are all perfect for.  Grab a belt and you're good to go for the year after delivery- which is what a mom of 3 advised a friend to plan on.  The friend was much relieved.  She actually came in to buy a new pair of our jeans with her 3 month old, and she is hardy the first one to do that. 


    An IMPORTANT note on FIT: Get jeans that fit the way you like your jeans to fit before you were pregnant.  REMEMBER-denim relaxes out, you want jeans that make your butt look good, not saggy!  This does not mean that you should buy jeans that feel painted on, or that don't feel comfortable.  It just means that you should not buy the next size up because you're pregnant-that's what those stretchy side panels are for!

    Maternity Denim Strobe Emma by DL


    Talk to the person fitting you, ask them for their advise, different jeans do relax out differently, and the person helping you should have that information.  Then, listen to your mom gut, and get the ones that feel best to you.  This is a good lesson that will serve you well in parenting-collect all the info, know what the experts say and then listen to your gut.  There is not a right or wrong, just doing the best that you can with a changing situation-in this case, your body. If your jeans get too tight, save them for the trip back down.  Don't beat yourself up or stress out. 

    Feeling too tall?  Tuck them into a pair of boots or booties, or, really, ankle length is never bad, and particularly when pregnant, if you still have your ankles?  Celebrate them! Show them off!  Got cankles? Hello booties.

    Feeling short?  Please do not buy clothes, denim or otherwise, based on length.  But clothes that fit, and then meet your local dry cleaner-they can hem with ease if you want a hem. 

    Gwen Stefani in her cuffed jeans

    Or, no matter what your height, emulate Gwen Stefani- cuff 'em!

    Jeans matter.  Take care of mama and spend the time and money that you can manage getting jeans that rock the bum and the bump.  You're worth it.  

    Jump Into Happy!

    Jump Into Happy!

    The secret of how to make a pregnant woman smile?

    Give her one single piece that makes her wildly happy. 

    Why do the women we work with love jumpsuits?  Same reason we do-one and done and dressed for the day.. any day, whether you are almost due and hanging at home, or hitting the red carpet.  Jump IN!

    alex and harry's Hudson Jumpsuit Perfect while pregnantHudson Jumpsuit

    alex&harry makes a chic, on-trend jumpsuit that is as comfy as PJs and also pairs brilliantly with a pair of heels and some bling. How many things can you say that about!?

    More than one client owns it in two colors, and it is definitely the piece in everyone's closet that they wake up and look at and say "Will I be seeing anyone today who I saw yesterday? Hmmmm." 

    And yes, there are pockets. And yes, people use it for pull aside nursing all the time. You're welcome! ;) 

    Check out Megan (not pregnant, mom of 2)  rocking it for her Mexican Vacation!

    And our buyer Emily, with our client Emily who she ran into,who was due in..2 weeks?

    the hudson at 38 weeks

    Pairing this with a denim jacket is a clearly a thing!

    hudson jumpsuit with jacket


    And now there's a new Jumpsuit in town.

    And just like the Hudson, this one is racing out the door.  They are so totally different that more than a few folks are grabbing both.

    Amelia nursing jumpsuit perfect for maternity and beyond

    Sometimes we have to compromise in the morning - dress comfortably or dress nicely. With a jumpsuit, that's no longer an issue.

    When pregnant, or post-partum, getting dressed should be an easy decision and we all agree that wearing a one piece that not only looks good, but feels like heaven is definitely something we've always been on board with!

    How to Shop, Bump & Beyond

    How to Shop, Bump & Beyond

    Lets talk tips and tricks of a wardrobe for a growing belly and after.

    Shopping for maternity clothes can sometimes be a struggle when you're looking to maximize your wardrobe. Most new mamas are looking to get some great pieces, but fear that they might not get to wear their favorite new top from beginning to end.

    We get asked on the daily "will it work the whole pregnancy?" or "It's okay now, but what about 3 months from now?".  Our brilliant buyer teams up with all of us here at Mom's the Word to bring pregnant and not pregnant women a fantastic bunch of options to choose from that will honestly take you from before(because yes, people do shop with us who aren't pregnant) to bump & it is so well curated that there are some pieces that you will actually even want to wear beyond!

    What is Bump & Beyond, you might ask. Well! You might think of the obvious, something you can wear all the way through to nursing or something that has enough stretch for the whole shabang, but that's not all! Maybe you have a favorite blouse that you got for work when the wardrobe was getting smaller. Maybe you love the Daniel Rainn Belize Crochet top, but you know it won't last the entire pregnancy. That's okay! Because using after baby also makes it Bump & Beyond!

    The other thing would be something like the Loyal Hana Amanda Nursing Blouse. Again, maybe it won't take you through the home stretch, but that nursing access? Definitely puts it in the category of Bump & Beyond, just because it does take you, well, beyond! 

    Then of course, there are things that can be used Before & Bump & Beyond! The pieces that women get without even being pregnant, but that also happen to be extremely popular with those that are expecting. One of our favs, an absolute staple, is the Kelly Duet from Alex&Harry. It's two pieces that can be mixed, matched, and outfited so many different ways. It's been used as a top for high waisted pencil skirts, the top has been casually tossed over fitted and flowy dresses. And it nurses like a dream. Truly, Bump & Beyond.
    So, what we're trying to say, the whole gist of it, is that sometimes things work out the way we planned. Sometimes your tops fit the entire way, sometimes they don't. Maybe you can nurse in them, maybe you can't. Whatever the case, don't stress. Yes you need blouses and sweaters, lounge wear and hospital clothes, but don't think too much on the lifespan. Things you wear now, you can wear later for nursing, to camouflage the post baby bump, or just because you love it. It all comes in steps, so pace yourself mama because the Bump & Beyond will get you there. We will get you there and we will do so happily :)