• On Fear. And finding balance in pregnancy, parenting and beyond.

    On Fear. And finding balance in pregnancy, parenting and beyond.

    Fear. We all have it, to varying degrees, from the moment of conception, under the best of circumstances.  These days?  Not the best of circumstances.   What I have learned through parenting is this: Fear does not serve us, and it does not serve our children. So, how do you find YOUR balance?  Because balance is personal!    The facts, as I pointed out to...
  • Parenting Primer: Time

    Parenting Primer: Time

    There is a saying, "Time is on your side", and the Stones sang "Time is on My Side" but, seriously?! Whoever said that did not have children.  And time has changed.  These things were said before Pokemon, before Twitter, before Instagram, before Facebook, before Pinterest, before email! You know, in the dark ages. How Time has Changed Now added to parenting; places to post...
  • Body by Baby: bump & beyond

    Body by Baby: bump & beyond

    Yesterday, again, we had loads of new moms in.  They all looked amazing. A few were more than a little shocked and distressed by what their post-partum bod looked like.  This post is dedicated to them.   With an aside gratitude to Kendra Wilkinson, who last year proved herself to be a caring, honest mom, and we are forever grateful. (See below for more on...
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