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    The Best Pregnancy Apps Every Mama Should Know

    The Best Pregnancy Apps Every Mama Should Know

    woohoo you're pregnant!

    It’s finally happened and you’re ready to scream it from the rooftops. You’re about to be a mama. Yas! So, what should you do first? Well, after you’ve got over the dizzying high of it all, perhaps you need to download some of these awesome apps. Check them out, mama!

    Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker

    Meet the pregnancy tracker with a difference. This one is like having a helpful girlfriend to give you support at your fingertips. Hello Belly has all you could need to follow your pregnancy from helpful info, advice, and even tips on pregnancy yoga. It’s basically your go-to guide when it comes to motherhood. What more could you want?

    Download: iOS app and Android app  

    Baby Names

    Tom, Dick, or Harry?! Picking out your baby’s name is a seriously mind-boggling task. After all, you can’t change it at a later date. It’s a massive deal! You need to make sure that you get this 100% right the first time around.

    Luckily, there are loads of baby naming resources out there and even apps that could help you make the tough decision. Baby Names is an easy-to-use little app that is packed full of around 30,000 names. Plus, it has their meanings, pronunciations, and origins too. Easy.

    Download: iOS app and Android app

    Expectful Pregnancy

    It ain’t easy carrying a human being inside you. Nobody said it would be, mama! If you’re struggling to relax during your pregnancy, this app is the one for you. No, really. You need it. Expectful Pregnancy helps you chill out when you need it the most. Each day, this handy little app will remind you to take some time out and meditate. Now breathe!

    Download: iOS app

    What to Expect

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life, you will have heard of the ‘What to Expect’ book. It’s basically the bible as far as pregnancy is concerned. You get the deal. But if you don’t quite have the time to sit down and read the whole darn thing, there’s an altogether more modern option out there. Yes, the popular book now has an app which means that it’s easier than ever to get the info you need.

    So, what’s inside the new app? The main part of the app is a daily newsfeed that’s packed with articles, advice, and help that you may need when you’re carrying your first baby. As though that weren’t enough to tickle your fancy, there are also weekly videos too, which will entertain, engage, and maybe even enlighten you. Fun!

    Download: iOS app and Android app

    My Pregnancy Today

    Ever wondered how big your baby is compared to a piece of fruit? Of course, you have! What mama hasn’t? This app will tell you just that and a whole load more too. From tips and guides to week-by-week information about your little one’s development, there’s just so much to love here. Watch out… You may just get addicted to this one. We warned you.

    Download: iOS app and Android app


    It might not feel like it now, mama, but this whole pregnancy thing is actually going to fly by. We know.  You don't believe us now.  Just wait until your "baby" is 13-time does fly. It goes way faster than any of us expect. Seriously. Blink and you might miss it. So, it’s oh-so-important that you make memories and keep them somewhere safe. That’s where the cute Sprout app comes into play.

    Snap and collect! Whether it’s a pregnancy belly picture or your latest ultrasound scan, the app has a place where you can keep it all safe. Just take snaps of all the moments that you want to remember and add them to your collection. You can even make pages that can be printed out and stuck in your memory book. Adorable, right?!

    Download: iOS app and Android app

    After asking hundreds of moms IRL in the shops the past moth, we agree, these are the ones.  Got others?  Things keep changing-shoot us an e-mail  Let us know what your faves are.

    Tamara Duarte Style

    Tamara Duarte Style

    We love our celebs IRL.  Tamara strolled in looking for "Clothes. Just cute clothes that fit this body! "  Turns out she was heading to Clexacon and the bump had just outgrown everything.   

    And..."What's Clexacon?" we asked feeling maybe a little out of the loop. For those of you who don't now, you might not even care, but it's "the largest multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women & allies. Celebrating LGBTQ women and characters in TV, film, web series, comics, books and more."   Since almost 30% of or current staff is queer, we suddenly felt a little out of the loop, but delighted that Tamara had entered "the little maternity store that could" to get dressed for the red carpet and real life.

    We loved her IRL-she is as sweet as can be and so much fun, we love the characters she plays with abandon-and without fear of being stereotyped, and we love how she rocked all of her new styles!

    tamara in the tia dress

    We also love how she mixed up her style from the Tia above, which barely shows the bump...

    showing off her maternity jeans! the Jil top flowy and cool- and flaunting her super comfy new jeans...

    the simone the Simone Nursing dress that totally

    a)rocks the bump and

    b)proves why shopping IRL matters because much as we try to get a good pic of everything...sometimes that just doesn't happen.  So, the Simone is awesome in real life, but online...honestly, meh, just doesn't do this adorable piece justice...  

    in the amelia tequila and taco hour where she nailed bump style in the Amelia Jumpsuit which is fab bumped and breastfeeding too!  Hold the tequila, it's Tacos for Tamara!


    Thanks for shopping at Mom's the Word!

    Dressing While Pregnant- Lesson: Denim

    Dressing While Pregnant- Lesson: Denim

    Jeans matter, therefore, maternity jeans matter, dare we say, twice as much?

    We are obsessed with fashion and making women feel fabulous, and one cannot possibly do that today without being obsessed with denim. Emily, our buyer, is obsessed with making sure that we have a tons of comfortable bottoms to choose from.

    Finding a few good, solid pairs of jeans makes a huge difference to the way you walk into a room.  Just our opinion, but since countless women have walked out of the shop in their new jeans, 3" taller than when they walked in, that opinion is based on experience. Okay.  Maybe not 3" taller, but definitely taller. And happier.

    Where to begin?  Start with a good basic. This is our single most popular primary pair, which doesn't mean that it's everyone's first, it's just insanely soft, skinny and comfy, and a good, basic everyday wash. 


    Okay, we lied, there are two popular pairs. Most moms do the black shadow as well, because, well, when they put one pair on, and make some comment along the lines of "OMG! These are amazing." they realize that one pair is not enough, and grabbing the same amazement in black is just their next move. 

    So, if you are one of those people who will only rock a basic skinny, then grab a couple of them.  You will not regret it. You will wear them as many times in the course of just one pregnancy as you wear one pair for years not pregnant.

    And then there's the trip back down, which these are all perfect for.  Grab a belt and you're good to go for the year after delivery- which is what a mom of 3 advised a friend to plan on.  The friend was much relieved.  She actually came in to buy a new pair of our jeans with her 3 month old, and she is hardy the first one to do that. 


    An IMPORTANT note on FIT: Get jeans that fit the way you like your jeans to fit before you were pregnant.  REMEMBER-denim relaxes out, you want jeans that make your butt look good, not saggy!  This does not mean that you should buy jeans that feel painted on, or that don't feel comfortable.  It just means that you should not buy the next size up because you're pregnant-that's what those stretchy side panels are for!

    Maternity Denim Strobe Emma by DL


    Talk to the person fitting you, ask them for their advise, different jeans do relax out differently, and the person helping you should have that information.  Then, listen to your mom gut, and get the ones that feel best to you.  This is a good lesson that will serve you well in parenting-collect all the info, know what the experts say and then listen to your gut.  There is not a right or wrong, just doing the best that you can with a changing situation-in this case, your body. If your jeans get too tight, save them for the trip back down.  Don't beat yourself up or stress out. 

    Feeling too tall?  Tuck them into a pair of boots or booties, or, really, ankle length is never bad, and particularly when pregnant, if you still have your ankles?  Celebrate them! Show them off!  Got cankles? Hello booties.

    Feeling short?  Please do not buy clothes, denim or otherwise, based on length.  But clothes that fit, and then meet your local dry cleaner-they can hem with ease if you want a hem. 

    Gwen Stefani in her cuffed jeans

    Or, no matter what your height, emulate Gwen Stefani- cuff 'em!

    Jeans matter.  Take care of mama and spend the time and money that you can manage getting jeans that rock the bum and the bump.  You're worth it.  

    One Top: Bump & Beyond (With Twins!)

    One Top: Bump & Beyond (With Twins!)

    Melissa was in shopping, after the bump, and said "I have to show you this!"  She showed us these pictures-wearing our cinched top with 35 week bump and with 35 week old twins! Bump & beyond and back for more!

    This mama of twins also had some wise words on parenting.  In short, they are who they are.  She said that having two the same age was highlighting this, and so, she was just letting them be who they are.  Different and fabulous.  I got to sit down and "chat" with them for a bit, and, they are different, and they are delightful, and so darn cute! 

    And the cinched to?  Yeah.  #winner

    • we love it in white-because it's double weight-so not at all see through
    • super soft breathable cotton
    • can be worn front to back and back to front for two different tops in one


  • flattering from the very beginning to the very end to way beyondalex & harry original cinched top
  • alex & harry original cinched top
  • the perfect layering top under every cardigan, jack or blazer, maternity or not(a fave with our professional moms)
  • alex & harry original cinched top

    Melissa's got loads of favorite nursing tops these days. She's still favoring flowy tops, think our super soft Penny Pleat Back Shirt, over our cami, lift, pull, feed  and done.  

    We love it when our moms come back to show us their babies IRL and we love it when our styles make them feel good getting dressed every morning.