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    Why every pregnant woman needs a denim jacket.

    Why every pregnant woman needs a denim jacket.

    Pregnant?  Getting dressed every morning with fewer and fewer things to wear?  Okay, the truth?  All women should have a denim jacket.  And dressing for two means that you REALLY should have a denim jacket.  It is a classic. It will always serve you well.  Throw it over a white tank and black jeans with a cool necklace or scarf and you are done. If you don't have one already, do yourself a favor-get one now, and never give it up. Some years it may live in the back of the closet, but you will always find it, like an old friend, and be glad to have it in your life. denim jacket on danielle Added bonus, it will take anything and everything from night to day.  And, when you're pregnant and your closet options seem to be shrinking every day, voila, that dress for the wedding...denim jacket miki1

    just turned into an every day dress, not a "wear-me-once" piece.  Yay!

    When looking for the right one for your pregnant silhouette be sure that it does not hit you much below your natural waistline.  You remember that, right?  Well, it's still there, and it deserves a little attention. Your jacket should hit it, or above, in back.  Something that hits mid-butt will successfully be drawing attention in a not-good way-even if you've got a good butt-to your butt and make you look wider-NOT what you want!


    Want to have even more fun?  Head over to your local craft store and throw some studs on your $88 jacket and emulate this fabulous one by Saint Laurent.

    Subtle and brilliant. (and $1600)

    Now, go on, and rock it mama!


    One Top: Bump & Beyond (With Twins!)

    One Top: Bump & Beyond (With Twins!)

    Melissa was in shopping, after the bump, and said "I have to show you this!"  She showed us these pictures-wearing our cinched top with 35 week bump and with 35 week old twins! Bump & beyond and back for more!

    This mama of twins also had some wise words on parenting.  In short, they are who they are.  She said that having two the same age was highlighting this, and so, she was just letting them be who they are.  Different and fabulous.  I got to sit down and "chat" with them for a bit, and, they are different, and they are delightful, and so darn cute! 

    And the cinched to?  Yeah.  #winner

    • we love it in white-because it's double weight-so not at all see through
    • super soft breathable cotton
    • can be worn front to back and back to front for two different tops in one


  • flattering from the very beginning to the very end to way beyondalex & harry original cinched top
  • alex & harry original cinched top
  • the perfect layering top under every cardigan, jack or blazer, maternity or not(a fave with our professional moms)
  • alex & harry original cinched top

    Melissa's got loads of favorite nursing tops these days. She's still favoring flowy tops, think our super soft Penny Pleat Back Shirt, over our cami, lift, pull, feed  and done.  

    We love it when our moms come back to show us their babies IRL and we love it when our styles make them feel good getting dressed every morning.  

    Better to Give than Receive

    Better to Give than Receive

    The Holidays are approaching! Were here to make them easier.

    As we enter this holiday season, purchasing gifts tend to be a little hectic! Or if you're expecting,  no idea what you need? From bump & beyond basics to hospital bag essentials we’ve got what you need and what you need to put on the wish list. Either or both, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you build your wardrobe.

    Let's get into the beautiful basics! 

    The Soft Pants and Heart Tee by Alex & Harry are the most basic, step 1, of the maternity wardrobe. A comfortable pant plus the most adorable pregnancy tee aren't always at the top of the list to by for ones self, but that's when the holidays come in! It's the easiest gift for someone in the beginning or end of their pregnancy.

    Another must have grab? The Take Me to the Hospital pajama set. A set with a long top, comfy pants, a robe, and the greatest thing? A cute, matching baby outfit! It's the perfect additive to the hospital bag and for the following days at home with the new baby. Hello matching outfit pictures!

    Thankfully holiday gift sets are now here as an exclusive in-store experience to take some of the stress out of shopping.  Just in time for the season of giving, neatly wrapped with a bow of course and each set comes with a free cami of your choice! 

    Save the gift cards and show her you took time to think of her.

    Buenos Noches

    Buenos Noches

    "Not even my pajamas fit." That is what she said when she first opened the door to our store. This soon-to-be-mama was in need of clothes, and we got her dressed for a day in the office and a day at the park.  She was so happy to finally have clothing that fit and would continue to fit , as the baby grows. But, we had to tackle her big problem. Pajamas. 

    We all look forward to being able to slip into something comfortable at the end of the day, and EVERYONE should have that luxury. We love lounge wear, and we also love options. That's why we make sure to have them. The Georgia Seamless Nightie is perfect for the warm nights when a nightgown is what you want. The Genna PJ is the perfect balance of softness and cute. They are the go-to for movie night and oh-so-comfy you may never wanna take them off. The Take Me 2 The Hospital Set is the perfect thing to wear as the baby bump grows and exactly what you want in the Hospital Bag for after delivery(No one has ever liked wearing those horrible paper gowns, lol).  And then there is the Cache Coeur with the va-va-va-voom touch of lace!

    So many options that you can wear during pregnancy and then long after. They are all nursing friendly too. They do their job of keeping you comfy from bump to beyond. 

    Night, night, Sleeping Beauty!

    Not Maternity, Not Nursing...but both

    Not Maternity, Not Nursing...but both

    This dream dress is not maternity. It's not nursing. Our buyer, Emily, is a dream. She scours the ends of the earth (okay the ends of the US and dreams of a buying trip to Paris or Milan-someday) for the most amazing and fabulous pieces that WORK it, mama.  

    Does it nurse?  With ease, as demonstrated by our of divine Italian, who is slowly rejoining the team after the birth of her baby a year ago:) (And how happy she is about that is another post -about love and motherhood and how "work" is a mama's day off, and some of us need a day off to be the best mamas!).


    Does it work a bump?  Brilliantly!

    Finding fabulous styles like this, that work pregnant, nursing or none of the above is just what we do. And it makes our hearts happy every day when we get to see mom's to-be, nursing moms, and just chic women of style love how they look, and feel good!