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    Annoying Things Other Moms Say When You’re Pregnant

    Annoying Things Other Moms Say When You’re Pregnant

    We love moms.  All moms.  Unconditionally......but- morning sickness, constant potty breaks, no wine or sushi, random swelling, mood swings and more. We have plenty to deal with when we’re pregnant. It’s a real roller coaster of hormones and more

    And the last thing mamas-to-be need is other moms telling them how to live their lives. As mamas ourselves, we get it, most of us here just want to help, but, when we were pregnant, yeah, please leave us alone! Here are just a few samplings of some of the annoying things our customers have shared that they've had to listen to.

    “You know, natural births are the best!”


    Last time we checked, what was best for one person was not best for another.  We love being human!I There are many moms out there who have beliefs, and that's great for them.  But, having or not having an epidural? Or having a C-section You get to make that decision on your own.  You're a mom now.  Take care of you and the baby and it's gonna be the right way for you. 

    They made  decision that was right for them. That's great.  What you do is none of their business.

    “There’s this great trick to induce labor…”


    Oh, really now? If that was a guarantee, I'd be there.  Usually, this completely unsolicited advice comes when you’re past your due date and seriously hating the world. When other moms tell you they know just how to induce labor, the urge to eye-roll is real.

    Whether it’s a certain yoga position, spicy food, or sex, there are a million rumors about how you can kick-start your labor. Some may work. Others certainly won’t. That’s not the point. The point is that you’re probably in no mood to hear it!

    “Sleep now. You won’t get any when baby comes!”

    Yeaaahhhhh. ’ll just sleep until my baby comes and then I won’t need to sleep at all after that. Yeah. That’s completely how sleep works.

    First of all, how many pregnant women just sleep like a dream?  Can we hear you? *silence* Also, this makes absolutely zero sense. While, of course, pregnant women should get their rest, you can’t make up for the sleep that you will lose when your baby arrives. So, yes, like always and forever, slee when you can.  Or, in the third trimester, try to!

    “My labor was absolute hell…”

    Oh, how did you guess,  that's exactly what I wanted to hear.  Everyone else has said it's a piece of cake, a walk in the park.  I'm sorry that yours was hell, I hope that the baby was okay. I'll be leaving now.

    If you’re a new soon-to-be mama, the mystery surrounding labor is intimidating enough on its own. The very last thing you need is to hear right now is how awful it can be-odds are, you already knew that. 

    “Whatever you do, don't insert one of many things that you haven't gotten to yet, and may never get to

    Your baby, your business. No doubt you have a very good dr/midwife/doula/ob/gyn etc. whom you trust.  Inducing labor, c-section, bed rest, the list goes on and on and on until,, oh, forever! Being pregnant just opens up a whole new world, and the inhabitants of that world can sometimes be very eager to welcome you.

    When moms have been around the block some feel that they have the patent on how to be a parent. Some want company. The minute they see you’re pregnant, the advice starts coming your way whether you like it or not. 

    Pregnancy is a perfect time to start learning that "Hmmmm." is a compete sentences  and "Thank you, I've gotta run." is a fine thing to say.

    Your pregnancy is about you and your baby, and maybe a spouse or someone else-usually it is not the woman behind you in line or even your sister-in-law, who you love, but.....


    A Timeless Cure for Sore Nipples

    A Timeless Cure for Sore Nipples

    I have worked as a stylist, at Mom’s the Word for a year and a half now, and our clients share more than just a love for style and function, we share life hacks and life stories.

    Many of our clients shop with us through the their pregnancy as well as the time they are nursing, and really, even for years after that! 

    One of these lovely mamas shared a recent nursing discovery with us and we were so interested that we started researching. She told us that her nipples were so sore and chapped that she had been desperately trying every option she could find. She discovered a product made by Silverette and she was sooo happy. What is it? 925 sterling silver nipple cups.

    Turns out the healing properties of silver can help heal unhappy areolas and nipples without changing the smell or taste of your milk and avoiding all the trials and tribulations of creams. 

    We are always looking for ways to make a mom's life better, so adding these to our selection was a no brainer.  They aren't a fashion piece, but, a mom not in  pain always looks better!  And, if you skip all of our MOM geek info on why these work, you will find that they can be reborn as an accessory for more than sore nipples! It does take a village. 



    Have you ever heard the saying “born with a silver spoon in your mouth”? Since time immemorial, especially in the Far East, silver has widely been believed to possess a wide variety of excellent health boosting properties. Children from families who could afford a silver spoon would give it to the child to suck on. This would fight infections and keep the babies much healthier than they would fare without.

    healthy for babe and baby

    Here is some information we found when researching this product that we are thrilled to share with all of you.

    • Silver undoubtedly has antimicrobial properties, along with some other metals such as copper. Historically, coins or other items made of silver were used to help keep water from becoming contaminated and to keep milk fresh for longer periods when refrigeration was not available.

    why silver helps sore and cracked nipples

    Sterling silver basics:

    • 925 sterling silver is one of the most malleable and brightest precious metals known to man. In essence, the “925” in its name stands for its 92.5% pure silver composition, which is then alloyed with 7.5% copper. Which gives this precious metal an unparalleled durability and workability as pure silver usually takes a liquid form.
    • 925 sterling silver can be placed in direct contact with the skin without triggering any adverse side effects. If this is all way more woowoo than you can stand, skip ahead!
    silver heals sore ad cracked nipples

    Holistic properties:

    • If you utilizes and value holistic medicinal properties you will be interested to know that silver
    1. has an uncommon ability to stimulate proper energy flow when placed in direct contact with the skin.
    2. this effect allows the body to accumulate more power.
    3. this enhanced energy flow through the body is also said to go a long way in preventing lethargic tendencies for those individuals who may be prone to them
    4. by integrating the habit of regularly wearing sterling silver, you will always feel vivacious and reinvigorated for much longer.
    5. this precious metal is also believed to play a role significantly in improving mental focus and concentration

    Breaking down the western medical benefits of silver:

    By using silver in modern bandages, the healing process can be further progressed by promoting the healing of the wound and killing infectious bacteria by doing the following:

    1. It can decrease the activity of the matrix metalloproteinase
    2. Helps to block the respiratory cycle of bacterial wall membrane
    3. Helps to decrease the need for excessive white cells
    4. Regulates inflammation
    5. Increase calcium levels

    Without using vernacular that might otherwise turn off most non-medical personnel, how silver is beneficial in wound healing is actually quite simple.

    • Silver minimizes zinc on the skin’s surface, which decreases an enzyme known as Metalloproteinase (MMP)
    • this in turn stimulates healthy tissue
    • in decreasing MMP, the natural anti-inflammatory properties present in silver increase production of calcium, which is necessary for wounds and in particular burns to heal.
    Historically Speaking

    Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC) surmised that silver had numerous healing applications and could ward off disease.

    Although it took several thousand years to gain acceptance, during World War I, silver gained FDA approval for use as an antimicrobial agent. In the form of colloidal silver, it was commonly used as a disinfectant. Once penicillin was introduced during World War II, this put silver out of business as a crude form of antibiotic.


    Interesting facts about silver (for those of you who crave knowledge and wisdom):

    Where does silver come from? I.e. where is it mined?

    Silver is mined from approximately 60 countries worldwide, with Mexico taking the lead, followed by Peru, China, Australia and Russia. Silver is extracted from lode (a natural vein of metal ore in the earth) and valuable, naturally occurring minerals known as placer deposits. Silver is usually mined as a by-product of copper, gold, zinc or lead and is one of the easiest metals to obtain.

    How scarce is it? Will it ever run out?

    Global supplies of silver have been gradually diminishing over the years, with many scientists predicting that the precious metal is likely to run out not long after this century. However, silver will only run out if the demand continues to rise at a rapid rate and only if no new resources are found. The rising demand and cost of silver means that searching for new deposits will be more cost-effective and in turn, this may increase the likelihood that more silver sources will be found.

    More about Silverettes:


    To prevent or ease sore nursing nipples, leave a couple of drops of breast milk in each cup at the end or your breastfeeding session and place the cups directly over the nipple like a cupping glass. Keep SILVERETTE ®  on as much as possible between breastfeeding sessions. Remove cups before breastfeeding.

    Do not use any other nipple treatments in conjunction with SILVERETTE ® . Doing so may compromise or reduce the efficacy of the product.


    Wash them daily with warm water to remove any milk residues. To keep them shiny, make a paste using baking soda with a small amount of water. Rub the paste on the cups, rinse thoroughly and dry them.


    Yes, they can. If you plan on using absorbent breast pads, place the breast pads over the SILVERETTE ® cups. Your nursing bra will hold everything in place.



    convert your silverette cups into a pendant!

    When you have finished breastfeeding (whether it is for six months or six years), you can send back your SILVERETTE ® cups and they will turn them into a priceless keepsake you can treasure forever.

    Since SILVERETTE ® cups are made of 925 silver, they can mold and create a handmade charm with your child’s initial engraved.

    The charm will be the symbol of the love you gave your baby and will remind you of those magic and precious breastfeeding moments.

    Live the good mom life:)


    Using Real MOM Models since 2006

    Using Real MOM Models since 2006

    We think it was 2006, it was whenever we started taking photographs.  There were discs involved.  There might have been film even?! We've always invited our customers to our photo shoots.

    And, why did we do this?  Because it's easy to make our clients look good, so why not throw them in front of a camera?!

    Here are just a few of the real moms(our customers) who have modeled  through the years. one of them  is a "real" model, the rest are not. 

    With these rock star moms, no offense,why would we use professionals?


    Veena actually modeled for us with two kids, and I recall hearing her on NPR when Uber and Lyft were just getting started, so, one of her kids least 7?  (And, no, this exact dress isn't in the store, but, classic never goes bad, and we've got a similar style.)

    reaal mom model

    If you've been in our San Francisco store you might have met this model live and in person. 

    And, for those of you who are not Dede's size(tiny) remember that we all have our body issues and challenges.  Dede was not in our employ when this picture was taken, but apparently customers where she worked used to question whether her baby could possibly be healthy give how skinny she is.  Because that's just what every pregnant woman wants to hear.  Her "baby" is now 6.

    (And, the Jil top is pretty much eternally good.  The colors change, and we stopped carrying it for a while, but, it's back and better than ever.)

    reaal mom model


    And, yep, the Jil One Size, and Jackie, another real life mama who is also a nurse, also rocked the style at a different photo shoot.  Her youngest is 8. Crazy!!

    Linda -just another rock star MOM model, whose son is probably....3?

     A familiar face to some who have shopped in our Palo Alto shop.  Gloria agreed to model with her first, who is 3 and she's expecting number two in December.  And if you want to talk about how much earlier you pop with number two, talk to Gloria, she was like "What is this?!?!" (with an Italian accent)

    Twins?  We've had a few.  Sara had her bundles about a month after the shoot.

    Crystal nursed her babies, even if she didn't birth them, so, do we use not-pregnant moms?  Yes we do!

    Here are just a few of the many more amazing moms who have struck a pose:

    Okay, time for true confessions: this last model is not a model, in fact she's my niece who has lived with Sally and I this past  year.  She came along at a shoot just for fun, and when one of the models was sick, we threw her into hair and make-up and boom!  And, the "real" model is the second to last picture, and, can we just say, can someone define "real"?  She's beautiful, but they all are!!

    Want to join the fun? 

    Interested in finding out more?

    Just shoot us an e-mail, 

    New Dad Story...of cabbages and kings....

    New Dad Story...of cabbages and kings....

    We love all of the spouses who sit patiently for hours while our pregnant or nursing clients figure out what works for them and their new improved body by baby. 

    I was recently reminded of one of my fave new dad stories, with thanks to Linda F, who has retired, but was the original MOM boob expert par excellence. 

    A new dad walks into the store to purchase bras for his wife who just had a baby.  Linda sets him up with a few easier-to-fit, simple S-M-L/have-her-come-in-to-be-properly-fit bras, gowns and nursing tops.

    Then he glances back down at the crumpled up piece of paper with his list on it and asks "Do you have something called cabbage?"  Linda smiles and says "Do get her cabbage and put it in the fridge, it will ease the pain of engorgement.  But, no, we don' carry cabbage... you'll have to go to the grocery store for that!"

    Dad "Oh. Okay.  What about a...brush for nipples?...Sounds painful."

    Linda says, smiling, "Oh.No. No harm to mom! You can probably get that at the market as may come with the bottle brush on your list - since it's for the baby bottle nipples."

    We are so enamored of thee many dad who come into the store looking out for mama.  Yesterday one strolled  in just to be nice and grab something for their pregnant spouse, and said "I don't think that she's shopped here. Oh, maybe she has. I don't know!"  Most times?  Yes they have, but, mum's the word.  Just keep making pregnant women happy and life is good.  

    9 Steps to Feeling Fab for 9 Months-and forever!

    9 Steps to Feeling Fab for 9 Months-and forever!

    If you can master these while pregnant, we promise, they will serve you well for all of your parenting, yeah, basically, forever!!.

         1. Let go of expectations.

    What to expect when you’re expecting?  Ha! Nothing that you thought! 

    let go of expectations

    Expected to feel tired.  Yeah, but, not like that!  Expected to be nauseous?  Yeah, but, not like that!  We have yet to meet anyone who said that it was exactly, or even remotely, like what they expected. 

    So, expect to be surprised and learn to enjoy the moment.  Go ahead, find your inner zen.  Experience has already taught you that you can't really know what the next stage of this parenting thing is going to feel like-so best is to say bye-bye to expectations. 

    What's at the end of the yellow brick road?  You,the mom in you, the babe in you, and home.

          2. Listen to your body.

    There's a lot going on in there!


      If your body tells you “I’m hungry”, then feed it!  “I have to pee” Again?!? Ooookay, go again.  If your body says “I need a donut every morning” you might want to counter offer.  Sometimes we get to parent ourselves- your body needs healthy foods, which doesn’t mean you can’t slip a donut in there every now and again, but, here’s your chance to start discovering some easy to grab healthy snacks.  This skill will serve you really well in about 18 months-because toddlers will definitely not hold back letting you know when they’re hungry!  Ditto teens.

           3. Listen to your mind.

      But don't forget to talk to others.

        We know, you’re smart, you can have entire conversations with your doctor/spouse/etc without even opening your mouth or having them in the room-you just have the conversation in your head, you check online and you talk yourself down.  Not actually helpful. 

        Find people you trust, talk to them.  If you are nervous or scared, let people know-your spouse, a therapist, your doctor, midwife, doula, someone on the other end of a hotline. Find more than one of these.  Having a support system is important and will become even more so when you've had the baby.  Build the system. Does not matter who.  Does not. Mental health is a real thing-get healthy, it will serve you and your child well.

             4. Don’t compare. It can be a direct line to despair.

        Everyone carries differently-what someone else looks like? Doesn't matter.  Let it go.  You are perfect. Don't compare. Learn this now and parenting will be a whole lot better for you and your child.  Trust us.

        thx @@scareymommy for the perfect graphics

          Pregnancy and parenting come easy to some.  And, it can appear that even the ones who struggle do it with humor-and look pretty good in the next post.

          Find yourself some real life humans-relatives, friends with kids, neighbors. And if you don’t have any of those, find a parenting group, find an app to find you other local you-can-meet-them-at-a-coffeehouse-or-playground moms. IRL is a real thing.  Don't believe everything you read on twitter or see on Instagram. We love Instagram. But. Getting out of the house is important.

               5. Speak up.

          No one listening? Say it again, nicely.  Still no one?  Find someone else willing to listen. Knowing who you can trust is important.  Figuring out your go-to people before baby is born helps.  And, again, more than one.

            Advocating for our children is our job as parents, we can only do it if we know how to advocate for ourselves. No time like the present too start trying it.  "I need..."  "Would you please..." "I don't feel heard..." Talk to Serena Williams if you need a crash course on this one. 

                 6. Sleep when you can.

            Getting 8 hours for the next...oh, let's not go there, it might be a while!

            unmade bed

               Sleeping gets harder and harder when you’re pregnant.  And then you have the baby, and whoa! You know that all that “I can’t get comfy” lack of sleep?  That's just nature’s way of preparing you for real combat. Get as may pillows as you need to try and be comfy while pregnant. The dishes and laundry can wait.  If you run out, you can wash what you need.

              Find some sheets and covers that make you happy-even if they're not perfectly made.

              Sleep deprivation is a legitimate form of torture. Your baby deserves a mother who has not been tortured.

                   7. Pamper yourself. 

              It doesn't  have too be fancy and this means different things to different people.

              pregnant self care

                 A mani pedi?  A bath? A new necklace? A massage? A new top?  Treat yourself as you want others to treat you.  Model exception self care for your child. We see mothers all the time who struggle with this, but the truth is how do we expect our children to learn self care if we don't know how to model it? Hmmm.

                Use these 9 months to get to know what little things you can do for you. Expecting someone else to do it all for you?  That’s not going to be helpful. (Refer back to number 1 above. We promise, expecting anyone else to take care of you can end not well. Doesn't mean you can't hope that they do or ask them to-number 5.)

                     8. Dress for success.

                …and success here means that you feel good when you look in the mirror.

                best dressed in a not maternity dress

                  You are making a human being! Your body is, let's just say it, f*ing amazing!!

                  That first impression that you make,  on yourself, matters.  Just like healthy snacks, get some instant easy outfits that make you feel good.  Get as many as you can.  If that’s just two, that’s cool, alternate them, find mix and match pieces.  We find that even women who aren’t used to dressing to look and feel good say “I dress better pregnant than I did before I was pregnant-and it feels great!”  Keep it up, even after the baby is born. There’s some balance-cute baby, cute clothes on mom-they may not notice the tired:)

                       9. You can get through anything - when you know it will end.

                    The first trimester?  It ends.  The third trimester? It ends. Labor? It ends. Baby’s first 3 months? They end.  Teething? It ends. Potty training?  You get the point here.

                    Pregnancy is a perfect opportunity to start practicing taking care of yourself as a mother-because, you are a mother and your baby’s mama deserves the best!!

                    Got questions or suggestions? We'd love to hear from you.