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    Top Picks for Two Seasons

    Top Picks for Two Seasons

    Unless you live in Antarctica or Hawaii there is no way to make it through twelve months (pregnancy and the trip back down) in just one season.

    We carefully curate everything that we offer, so, naturally, we have thought of this.  The goal of dressing for 2 is to get things that work for you-0 to 40, bump & beyond.

    Here are today's top picks for dressing from 90 degrees to 9, from sun filled summer to snow, from barely bumped 4 weeks to 40 weeks pregnant to forever.

    The Melange

    The lightest almost sweater weight -but not quite.  Perfect for summer heat, layer a long sleeve tee underneath or a jacket or cardigan over top, add tights and boots and hello fall/winter!  

    Work or play, day or night, 5'2" or 6', this dress is perfect for winter, spring, summer and fall. Both colors? It's done all the time, all year round-unless we're out of stock.

    Tanks and Camis

    Layering.  In summer, wear them solo. 

    Or, on the case of our infamous MOM Cami, when wearing solo in summer, double the cami for super cool with coverage. This piece will be an essential for literally years to come.  A mom came in yesterday for what she called her "annual refresh"-and her youngest is 10! Super soft, super lone, won't roll up-these are an every season go to.

    The Textured Tank-ditto the above- save the layering one top of each other. This super soft stretchy top flies solo like a dream and layers under everything when a chill sets in.  Can be worn as pictured or flipped so it is higher neck in front and lower in back.

    Flip it front to back.  (Totally unfiltered IRL in the shop.)

    The Original Cinched

    The Original. The cinched(not gathered in front only), simply smoothing top that also has moms coming in years later for a refresh in white. And, yep, back to front, front to back.  A total dream solo and ideal layered under absolutely everything, and some have worn it over a long sleeve just to be different.

    Bump and beyond?  Better believe it! Love it forever.

    The Hudson (Nurses)

    Oh, anyone who knows us knows that we can barely keep this in stock year round.  Feels like PJs, looks like chic. Add a denim or leather jacket and booties, with or without bump. Easy pull down breastfeeding.  Hello all season win.

    The Lattice Dress



    This dress?  Yes.

    The Peyton

    A super simple, super easy to wear, super happy making dress that is ideal for all seasons.

    Microstripe Maxi

    The Microstripe Maxi is beloved, throw a cardigan over it, yep, cozy up mama.

    Add a cropped top?  Super cute with a bump.  Nursing?  Lift up, pull down. 

    From the moment of conception forward. Some things may feel challenging, but, this one?  You've got this. We've got you covered-from cool to cozy.



    How to dress YOU -with a baby bump

    How to dress YOU -with a baby bump

     We moms come in all shapes and sizes and have different styles.  

    Finding your body by baby style wile your shape and size shifts can be a challenge. You knew how you liked to dress that pre-preg body!  Now what?!

    We here at Mom's the Word believe that dressing, like parenting, is done best when you take the time to pay attention to you. 

    And the styles that we curate? Pieces that are beloved by ALL.  They are chosen so you can make them your own. Essentials to love, bump & beyond.

    What feels good to YOU?

    Will all of these of these styles be YOU, possibly not, but these are pieces that many moms-very different in many ways, all added to their preg and reg wardrobe-from from students to social workers... 

    curvy to boy-ish,

     directors of non-profits to corporate lawyers ...from tech moms to surgeons, 

    A cups to H cups, from butch to femme...

    from the upper east side to the near north to the palisades...

    from elementary school teachers to college professors, jean sizes 23 to 33

    We curate from a wide range of designers,not just one or two.  We choose reg and preg styles to bring you the BEST!

    The best never goes bad-pregnant or not. 

    Go get dressed mama!

    9 Pieces/ 9 Months: bump & beyond essentials

    9 Pieces/ 9 Months: bump & beyond essentials

    “But what should I buy first?” is a question we get in our stores all. the. time.

    This will depend a little on lifestyle, but there are some basic things to look for. We pride ourselves on providing a well curated selection of items to build a capsule wardrobe. Meaning you can buy a few high quality key pieces and mix and match them. 

    We love neutrals for a few reasons. They are very easy to mix and match. They can easily be paired with shoes and accessories from our real-life, not pregnant wardrobe. You can wear them more often and fly under the radar, so Karen from accounting isn’t commenting that it’s the 3rd time you’ve worn that dress in two weeks. 

    Our go-to pieces to build your fall maternity wardrobe are the following tried and true favorites. And, are they maternity?  No.  Will they get you all the way to delivery?  Absolutely YES!

    The Hudson Jumpsuit:

    "The romper is the most comfortable item I own, and I've shamelessly worn it 4 out of the last 7 days.  It can be dressed up or down, which is awesome." -from a Yelp review

    We couldn't have said it better ourselves. And there are so many people who feel the same, including Eva Longoria who came in and bought it in 3 colors!

    Eva in hers, days before delivery.

    Me in one of mine:

     Ways to wear
    1. flip flops and go
    2. booties and a denim or leather jacket
    3. throw a button down over it
    4. strappy sandals and bling-looks great!
    5. not officially maternity

    The Penny Top:

    This staple is perfect starting early in your pregnancy since it is not fitted throw the midsection. Reg not preg. It will not announce your news before you do. Comfy and versatile, it can be dressed up or down until the day you deliver!

    Ways to wear:
    1. over jeans
    2. over pencil skirt
    3. over leggings
    4. front tuck with no panel jeans
    5. knot the front early and beyond the bump
    6. not maternity

    Original Cinched Top:

    This is your  best "base coat". Not officially maternity, but so good pregnant. It is double layered so the white doesn’t get too sheer as you grow. Pairs perfectly under your pre-pregnancy jackets and blazers. Need more than one?  Everyone does. 

    Ways to Wear:
    1. under. every. jacket and cardigan. ever.
    2. over.  everything. forever.
    3. flip it around front to back for a boat neck with a low back-yes, totally
    4. reg, not preg

    Faux Leather Leggings:

    Swoon!  These are THE BEST! On trend, comfy and essential to a Fall/Winter pregnancy. You are wearing leggings, but the faux leather coating makes them more of a pant and less athletic looking. 


    1. Ways to Wear:
      1. the Cinched top and a big oversized cardi or sweater
      2. the Cinched top and any pre preg jacket
      3. with the Cinched top or the Penny and a denim jacket
      4. dressy top for mocktail attire/holiday parties

    Mama J and Paige:

    The jeans of your dreams when you aren't pregnant, brought to you by the great people of J Brand and Paige. You'll wonder why you waited so long to jump on the maternity denim train. These are also amazing for the postpartum transition back to your “regular” jeans. 

    Ways to Wear:
    well, they're jeans, so
    1. dress up or down-sneakers or strappy sandals
    2. black jeans can read work pants, just sayin'

    Dress Joggers:

    The relaxed pant to rule the world in, no matter if you're pregnant or not. Plus, pockets! Everything is 10 times better with pockets. These are stylish and perfect on days you don’t want skinny jeans/ leggings. 


    Ways to Wear
    1. pull up a few inches above your ankle
    2. fitted top, or a flowy top with a front tuck
    3. sneakers
    4. booties
    5. happy place way beyond the bump
    Gwen Dress (and, yes, it might be nursing friendly:)

    This dress can do summer in flip flops to winter with tights and boots and the below jacket.  And the diagonal lines are super flattering, even moms who don't like fitted love this dress.

    Ways to Wear:
    1. solo from barely bumped to full term
    2. discreet nursing access
    3. flip flops or flats
    4. toss on a denim jacket and a knee boot
    5. any black blazer or jacket
    6. tights and boots

    Leather Patch Jacket:

    This jacket is so amazing you can wear it at any point and it makes leggings and a tank top look put together and like you tried. We can’t recommend this piece highly enough! "Somehow, it always makes me look and feel tiny.  I get tons of compliments on it, and plan on wearing it long after pregnancy." Yelp reviewer

    Obviously not maternity. Once you've got it on, you will understand. Obviously obsessive worthy.

    The best way to take care of baby? Take care of mom. Dressing your best, for bump & beyond. It makes a difference, and you are so worth it mama.

    These pieces, combined with your pre-preg reg styles could easily be all you need for the full 40 weeks, definitely for the trip back down, and (except the jeans maybe?), forever!

    Not Your Mother's Breast Pumps: Recommendations from IRL Moms for 2019

    Not Your Mother's Breast Pumps: Recommendations from IRL Moms for 2019

    Can we keep it real? Yes we can! In real life, in store, we've got you covered.

    It has been 20 years since I used a breast pump. A lot has changed in those years; my 20" long baby is now 72" long, my phone is so much more than a phone and my computer no longer sits only on a desk. 

    But, the breast pump that I had then?  Yep. It's still on the market and most of the women who we talk with in the shop still use them.

    They look something like this.  And, yes, the phone in her hand has a cord. There's on called the Pump in Style......(you can stop laughing now)

    Okay, it got a little better.  You could move around the house...with bottles hanging off your breasts and..a glass of wine, looking like something out of a sci-fi movie.

    Today, at long last, there are other options, and from our conversations IRL with moms who have used them, they are better.  (Okay, honestly, could they be worse?)

    They do not come cheap.  But.  Define cheap. 

    • What is your time worth? 
    • What is your comfort worth?
    • How many days will you be pumping?
    • How many times a day?
    • Might you be driving down the freeway with bottles hanging off your breasts?  (Yes, you might.)
    • Might you have to sequester yourself to bathrooms, restrooms and broom closets to pump? 

    Consider the below. 

    These are not endorsements, we are not receiving any compensation of any sort from anyone and we don't sell these  We're just passing along the words of wisdom from the amazing women who frequent our stores.

    And the winners are:


    Look Ma, no hands!  No noise! And, yeah, you look a little bustier while pumping, but, hey, that's why we have scarves and ruanas right?


    Also no hands, no noise! Ditto looking like Pamela Anderson. Ditto loose tops and ruanas.  One note from clients is that you have to purchase "willow bags". But still a giant leap for womankind.

    Best Breast Pumps of 2019


    We first heard about Freemie years ago.  Their version does not come with an app, but is mobile and bottleless.  And is half the price of the above.


    Honorable mention-manual pump. We've heard a few people mention this, and for the more casual pumping mom this might be worth looking into?


    For our money (and, yeah, we're not pumping, so it's easy to say) and from the moms who shop IRL at Mom's the Word, the word is that getting one of the above is something that anyone who can do should do. 

    Why?  Because it makes a mom life so much better and that's what we are all about.

    Because,  at the end of the day, mom's the word:)


    10 tricks to hide a first trimester or post-partum bump

    10 tricks to hide a first trimester or post-partum bump

    So, you hopefully have heard it before you heard it here.  The first trimester and your postpartum body will look remarkably similar. 

    These tips are designed to hide a bump-early or after.

    Postpartum.  Officially, you are beyond the bump.  But, wha? There's still a bump!

    Yep, while there may be mamas all over Instagram showing off their great post delivery bodies, IRL, that is just not most mamas.  Almost everyone, including our beloved duchess Kate, leaves the hospital looking...well...pregnant. So, it's not you.

                     duchess kate    duchess kate    duchess kate


    It IS OKAY to look pregnant at 9 weeks and it is OKAY that you don't *poof* look not-pregnant after delivery. It is more than okay, it is PERFECT.  In fact, both are totally normal and to be expected.

    In the first trimester - you are pregnant!

    We're not sure why someone somewhere decided that you shouldn't look pregnant until after 12 weeks.

    You can't be a little pregnant-you either are pregnant, or you are not  if you are, the you might look it- before your girlfriend did. 

    And you might not want to actually announce your pregnancy for weeks or even months to come.  Thus.  Hide-a-bump.

    In the fourth trimester...you may still look pregnant :/

    Just a fact. In the postpartum period we suggest that you celebrate the miracle of having birthed a human - and don't expect another miracle right away.  Your body will shift and change and the most important thing is that you give it some love. 

    Here are our top picks to hide-a-bump:

    1. Tszuj

    Some people call this ruching. It doesn't matter what you call it, consider it your new BFF. Carson Kressley of Queer eye said that he picked up the Yiddish word, meaning "to finesse, tweak, rearrange, and make better"  We're not sure about that, but, it definitely does make life better in early pregnancy, all the way to 40 and is great for minimizing the bump after baby!

    cinched top

    If you tszuj up a fitted piece it will magically make you look 10 lbs lighter.  Not kidding.  Try it. So, while just after baby is born might not be the time for all those body con pieces that you loved in your pregnancy, some might work better than you thought.

    Of course, once your're 7 months, like this mama,there is no amount of tszujing that will hide that bump.

    cinched toop great for all stages of pregnancy

    2. Stripes and Prints

    Stripes, when tszujed do not make you look wider, they actually act as camouflage.  As the stripe gets narrower when gathered, you look smaller in that area.   Prints are another great way to distract the eye, and hide a bump.  Just stay away from super body con prints which distort when stretched.  That's a bump give away.

    tszuj it!

    3. Drape

    Clothes that draped over your early baby bump will do the same thing for the trip back down Grab some draped pieces and go! We are huge fans of the Cross front Draped Styling because it does such a great job of masking a bump, and, it's not maternity or nursing, but our clients love love love it for both. 


    4. Accentuate the Vertical

    By this we mean, throw a cardi, zip hoodie or jacket on over it!  It's another instant slimming trick.  Do not button or wrap or close the cardi, zip hoodie or jacket..  The cardigan, hoodie or jacket should be anywhere from natural waistline length to duster length.  We find that wrist or longer can be best, but play around with it and see what feels best to you. 


    The goal here is to create an optical illusion by creating a vertical line. Ideally what you want is a 2"-6" opening.  It pulls the eye to a vertical and away from the bump.  Summer time and you're, like, um no, not adding layers! There are plenty of supper lightweight kimonos or even leaving a loose linen shirt open. 

    5. Tuck It

    Yep.  Even if you are early and wearing maternity jeans, or post-partum, and still be wearing you maternity jeans, if you have the kind with a button, you can  gather the fabric of your top towards the center a little-so it doesn't hug the bump, or, better still, wear a not-knit or a looser knit top, and do a front tuck.  Adorable, plus, everyone assumes that if you are tucking in your top- you are not pregnant!

    front tuck


    6. Tie It Up

    Nothing says "I'm not pregnant." like our Kate Cascade Cardi or a similar piece tied at the waist with the long vertical line of the ends hanging down. 

    tie it up to hide an early or post-partum bump

    7. Be Knotty

    Keep going with the tie thing, and make a knot in front. 

    Ways to hide a first trimester or trip back down bumphide a bump

    If you tie the knot just a tiny bit lower, you wouldn't see the bump at all, or hardly at all.

    8. Loosen up!

    If you normally wear fitted styles and suddenly start rocking the boxier, floatier trend people might be suspicious.  Longer flowier pieces may end up revealing the bump more, but shorter slightly boxier styles can totally hide a bump. And if the wind picks up the silhouette of a bump may be revealed. 

    loosen uip

    Another way to loosen up without going full on loose is finding pieces which fit your shoulders and arms, but then go looser. (Yep, same mama as in knotted, same shirt, same day, different way.)


    9. Accessorize

    Get your hands on some long necklaces.  It's just another way to accentuate the vertical. (and another example of a piece which is fitted...and flowy.)

    long necklaces, flowy dresses


    10. Mother Tuck It!

    Compression (ONLY postpartum)

    We were serious skeptics when we first started carrying the Belly Bandit's first BFF iteration...but, we've been humbled.  The second version, the Body Form Fit will be another postpartum BFF.  Unlike the first which was fine if you had no hips and no waist, the fabulous bamboo covered BFF is the real deal. 

    We've heard many a new grandma from outside the US say "Oh,, yes, my mother wrapped me after I had my babies."  So, it just got lost in the melting pot, but, it's back an better than  ever.  It sucks in and helps your uterus shrink.  It also helps you remember to sit up straight which helps your posture and reminds you to engage your core.  The hospital may give your something like this, but, yeah, there's really no comparison.  Many a new mom has walked out with the BFF on, and left their other in our trash bin.

    Another postpartum go to for our mamas is a pair of Mother Tucker leggings.  They just suck it all in and make a new mom feel better.  And we are all for that!

    So, go forward, make that miracle happen and feel as amazing as you are while doing it-and for the trip back down too!!

    Remember, you are in good company, no matter what you think. And the journey is all worth it. But, you knew that:)