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    What do I take to the hospital?

    What do I take to the hospital?

    We have the perfect, real life, must-have list for you, taken from the experiences of our beloved clients and our own experiences. We get this question daily!  So, here it is:

    • Nursing Gown. “But I’m not a night-gown person.” We hear that, and we understand, but you’ll want a gown.  After you deliver in the hospital gown and get showered, you will want a garment to change into that is not paper. The nurses are checking you so often, that PJ pants tend to be cumbersome. 

    lace trim robe and gown


    • A robe. Because hospitals are like airplanes and controlling the climate is difficult, a robe will keep you cozy. And dark?  Maybe yes, there may be blood.

    If you're an "I only wear PJs" person, then might we suggest a PJ with a long top and a robe? Because we hear ya, and we get ya, and there are a whole lotta things that you won't really know..until you're there, starting at the moment of conception until, well, forever.

    And make sure that whatever you bring has easy access so baby can eat.  Nothing worse than bringing something pretty for mom...and getting to wear a hospital gown.

    • Lip Balm- your lips tend to get dry during labor, and no one tells you about it before hand. 
    • A blow dryer. No one thinks you are giving yourself a blowout, don’t worry. We have learned the hard way, hospitals don’t have blow dryers and sitting there with soaking wet hair is the worst. 
    • Flip Flops. Just like camp or in the dorms, you’ll probably want flip flops to shower in.
    • A playlist of music to set the vibe you want in your delivery and recovery room. 
    • An eye pillow-added bonus points for silk and lavender, because it can't hurt to try and be soothed and calm, and it's nice to pretend that it's dark in that room every once in a while.
    • Some snacks for your husband/partner. Just trust us. Really. 


    • Cute going home outfit.
    One of our favorites is our comfy soft pant. The waist is so soft it even works for c-section. Our awesome built-in-bra, best nursing-cami; bra?  check. top? check. in one? yes! These are perfect as your milk is coming in and your body is changing...again. The Kate Cascade Cardigan to through over the cami.

    This way you are comfy -and look like you have an outfit on. Only you need know that it feels like jammies.

    • Cute going home outfit for baby! Because, well, baby clothes are just adorable. 

    There are lots of other things you can bring, but we find these to be the ESSENTIALS , the “I wish I had knowns.”  

    New Mom Wish List

    New Mom Wish List

    You are about to embark on the most amazing journey ever.  And.  Help is good..  Have a doula or nanny or nurse? Great.  Just you and the other parent?  Great. Family around?  Great.  No matter who is supporting you and your new family, know this: Self care starts now.  Ask for help. 

    Here's the ultimate list of how to help a new mom.

    Bring/send food

    Whether you live 5 minutes away or 5 hours away technology has made very easy to send food to anyone. It doesn’t matter if it is a meal made from scratch, a Gift Card to any Meal Delivery App, or carry out ordered with love, taking the work out of feeding a tired new mom is such a big help.

    Start a meal train

    Take the “bring a meal” a step further and set up a meal train with friends. If you are new to this concept, a meal train is when people sign up to bring food for a specific date and time. Meal trains can last a few days or a few weeks. There are apps for them, so the recipient can add details of dietary preferences/ restrictions. Setting it up and sharing through social media allows her friends you may not even know to participate. Again, long distance friends can send carry out.
    Pro tip: if you are cooking take food in foil pans or tupperware you don’t need back. If you do need your dish back, make sure your name is on the bottom. One less thing for a tired mama to have to figure out.

    Wash your hands before holding the baby

    It’s a super simple small task, that takes 5 seconds, or however long it takes to sing “happy birthday.” During cold and flu season it helps ease a new mom’s mind, especially if you have toddlers or school aged kids at home. It’s not a big deal and takes 5 seconds, but really shows you care about keeping the new little one healthy.

    Don’t stay too long, unless you are specifically asked

    She is so tired. She doesn’t have energy to entertain you, but she may not know how to say it. She’s been up all night and all day with her newborn. There is only so much time she can carry on a coherent conversation. If you’re there to watch the baby while the mom sleeps, then stay as long as she needs you! But if you are there to catch up with her, make it brief. Be understanding and know that this is temporary, and doesn’t reflect her feelings towards you.

    Clean something. Clean anything!

    Help with basic tidying up around the house. Do laundry, fold laundry. Get gift cards for help around the house or laundry service. It’s not a super exciting gift but it gives her time to rest, and is so appreciated. Unless she is one of those friends who “doesn’t like other people cleaning their house.” In our experience, even they come around in the first few exhausting months of motherhood.

    Take the older kid for a few hours

    Take big brother/sister out for a special “big kids only” outing. Preferably an outing that will tire them out, like the park. Try not to return them in a state spun out on sugar and ready for a meltdown. But sometimes that is worth it, just to have them occupied for a few hours. This also makes the new older sibling feel special and loved.

    And don't forget inn your sleep deprived, bliss filled state- these people want to help, so, hand them the list and rest. It's all beyond good:)

    5 Holiday Gifts for New and Expecting Moms

    5 Holiday Gifts for New and Expecting Moms

    These have been the top 5 picks this weekend.  We'll keep posting to keep you up to date on the best sellers-purchased to make moms happy this holiday season, and beyond!

    Cashmere V Neck Boyfriend Sweater

    Cashmere. Duh, kind of a no brainer anyway. This style is so easy to wear and great pregnant or not. Pair with denim or leggings and boots for an effortless, put together look that will last well beyond the bump. (And, no, it's not "officially" maternity, but yes, it will absolutely take a mama to term.)


    Labor and Delivery Bag

    This bag is a fun take on the toiletry gift bag for moms-to-be. It is full of essentials to make your hospital stay as relaxing as possible. We love all the trial sizes of many of our favorite products for delivery and postpartum!

    Take Me to the Hospital PJ Set

    We love this set so much, and it is the PERFECT gift. It is as functional as it is adorable. The pj top is long enough to wear when you are pregnant, with clips for easy nursing access after delivery. And the matching sleep sack, with hand covers for baby- come on! It’s perfect for all those pictures taken in the hospital.

    Tummy Butter

    The perfect stocking stuffer! We are long time fans of this toxin-free, organic skin soother. It helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and calms itchy skin.  

    The Hudson Jumpsuit

    There is nothing not to LOVE about this piece. You put it on and feel like you are in the most comfy pajamas that are made out of butter. Throw on a leather or denim jacket and some cute booties and you are totally put together. And following the theme of our clothing picks this holiday, it is just as wearable postpartum as it is during your pregnancy.

    May this season, and all seasons be filled with joy and laughter.

    Small Biz Celebration!

    Small Biz Celebration!

    Why celebrate Small Biz? Because it matters! (See below for how and why.)

    On Small Business Saturday we just wanted to say Thank you for shopping small! 

    We love what we do, and we love working with you! If you shop with us, you've interacted with at least 10% of our staff, and each and every one of us wants nothing more than to make you look and feel as fabulous as you are! 

    Here is who we are, in real life,  Julia, Carla, LaRonya and Sally are not represented here but they can be found in the stores, and they work on web orders. As you can tell, Gloria will not be here much longer as baby # 2 is due December 27th! 

    As a small biz we care about you, and we care about the communities that we live and raise our children in.  Did you know that non-profit organizations receive an average 250% more support from smaller business owners than they do from large businesses? Crazy, right?

    This small business pays a living wage, pays 100% of health insurance costs for those staff who need it, and has a retirement plan for staff.  Big biz complains about the cast of health insurance, we just couldn't justify not offering it, and not paying for it.  We believe that those taking care of our valued and cherished clients deserve to be safe and comfortable and healthy. 

    Want even more reasons to Shop Small?

    1. It's basic economics, shopping at locally owned small shops is good for the community you live in.

    There are lots of numbers out there on this. According to most sources, 70% of dollars spent in a locally owned, independent stores stays in your community, that number drops to 43% if you shop big, and 0% if you shop online. Schools, parks, and so much more is impacted.

    2. Historically, two-thirds of net new jobs in this country are created by small business. Small firms are also responsible for over half of national GDP.

    There’s nothing small about that.

    So, shop small, know the faces of the humans who care, and, have fun doing it, knowing that you are investing inn your own community!


    Get this party started! How to Bump Up Your Holiday Party Style

    Get this party started!  How to Bump Up Your Holiday Party Style

    The holidays are upon us, bring on the parties!  Most of our clients do not want to get one dress that they will wear once to one holiday party, or twice, to two. 

    You want to sparkle and shine-hold the bubbly.

    How to Glow and Go this holiday season.  Our faves:

    Gold Lurex Lovely

    This one-size-really-does-fit-most/super flattering/ textured style features gold sparkles throughout; is not maternity, but will flatter from 9 weeks to 9 months, and can work the parties for years to come. Ta da! 

    Silk Silhouette

    This timeless piece is fitted and flowing all at once.  Layer with statement bling or a simple solitaire and you are sure to sparkle and shine.  Again, a piece that looks good at any stage of pregnancy, and forever beyond the bump. Trying to keep the bump a secret? This has got you covered.

    And after the season is over, throw a leather or denim jacket over it, some tights and boots and go, still shining.

    Lovely in Lace

    Sometimes a little lace dress is the classic option that just works.  Feminine elegant and dressed for holiday success.

    Craving Color

    If Christmas is your holiday then nothing says holiday like a red dress.  Pair it with a patent pump and insta-holiday style that can be worn again and again.  Valentine's Day is not that far away.  And, this dress has sneaky peeky nursing access too, so, yep,  weeks, 9 months, nursing.  Done.

    Dress UP that LBD!

    Take one LBD, add bump and accessories, we love, love, love this one pulled off the shoulder a little for a real dose of glam. Wow them at the party, then wear it to work with a blazer next week.

    And, when we say LBD, the LD does not have to be B, it could be navy, or any other color that you fancy.

    Maxi-mum Mama

    This dress has been to pretty much every event ever, timeless and classic.  Many a mom has been unsure about wearing a jersey dress to a formal affair, and then come back to tell us that amidst all the 5 and 10K gowns they got all the compliments at the event.  It's all about that bump.  And accessories.  And shoes.  And hair. And make-up.  

    Plus, this non-maternity piece is designed to be worn back to front or front to back, so, flip it to high in the front, add some fabulous jewels, maybe a long black glove, skip the cigarette and...truly, you can take this one anywhere. 


    Don't think accessories matter?  Think again.  None of us wants to be that pregnant woman at the party who looks like she doesn't belong, like she's wearing what she wore to work last week.  Holiday parties are not a place most of us feel good using "pregnant privilege" (Save that for wearing black jeans to work as pants, no one will say a word.).  Taking care of mama this holiday season means finding yourself a good solid dress or two that make you feel fabulous and then standing up tall, belly out and blinging it on!