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How to dress YOU -with a baby bump

Written by All Store


Posted on October 24 2021

 We moms come in all shapes and sizes and have different styles.  

Finding your body by baby style wile your shape and size shifts can be a challenge. You knew how you liked to dress that pre-preg body!  Now what?!

We here at Mom's the Word believe that dressing, like parenting, is done best when you take the time to pay attention to you. 

And the styles that we curate? Pieces that are beloved by ALL.  They are chosen so you can make them your own. Essentials to love, bump & beyond.

What feels good to YOU?

Will all of these of these styles be YOU, possibly not, but these are pieces that many moms-very different in many ways, all added to their preg and reg wardrobe-from from students to social workers... 

curvy to boy-ish,

 directors of non-profits to corporate lawyers ...from tech moms to surgeons, 

A cups to H cups, from butch to femme...

from the upper east side to the near north to the palisades...

from elementary school teachers to college professors, jean sizes 23 to 33

We curate from a wide range of designers,not just one or two.  We choose reg and preg styles to bring you the BEST!

The best never goes bad-pregnant or not. 

Go get dressed mama!



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