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About us

Our Story

Mom’s the Word opened 20+ years ago because no one wanted to buy maternity clothes and that just felt wrong. The space was created so pregnant women could find clothes that they not only liked, but that they loved-pregnant or not, bump and beyond. 

There were no contractors, no investors, just a mom, her friends and family, a bunch of paint brushes and a dream. A leap of faith, and fashion. 

The team grew, and now there are 3 bricks stores and a website.  All with the same goals as that little shop that she opened in 1996—Make MOM Happy and the whole world will be a better place.

Stop in to one of our stores, shop online, e-mail us-we are here for you.  Have little ones at home?  Bring them with you—we’ve got toys and we all love babies, so, no matter the age, we’ll have fun with them so you can shop.

We are a group who believe:

  • you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but people do it anyhow, so decide how to dress, and make that a book worth getting to know
  • everyone has the potential to look fabulous
  • every moment is precious and every child wonderful
  • if there is anything in your closet that makes you feel fat or ugly you should throw it out – immediately!
  • if there are things in your closet that you love but are “out of style” you should never throw them out, wear them anyhow, or wait-they’ll be back
  • dancing is great on so many levels

We hope:

  • that you feel great-bump & beyond
  • that you will let us know about your experience in our stores-good or bad, by contacting us.
  • that shoulder pads never come back... although, we have to admit..they worked really well for some people in the 1940’s, so, we reserve the right to change our mind on this one
  • that when you are totally sleep deprived and feel like s$#%, that sometime in the next 24 hours you feel okay and that if you don’t feel okay, you reach out to someone; a friend, a relative a professional. You’re worth it. Parenting is hard. Admitting that you need help is also hard. It’s okay though. Do it. You’ll get through…..and then they’re teenagers-read and repeat!

We know:

  • that a pregnant woman can look just as sexy, just as chic, just as stylish, just as hot, just as good as anyone else, maybe even more so
  • that being a mother may very well be the hardest job on earth
  • that being a mother is definitely the best job on earth
  • that sometimes pregnancy is not glamorous, but that it is totally worth all the un-glam things happening, and we can help with that glamour piece
  • that glamour means different things to different people
  • that a good bra makes all the difference (there’s a reason they call them “foundations”)
  • that we love fashion and that even if you don’t in the same way that we do, that you should feel good about yourself when you get dressed every morning (yes, every morning-even postpartum)

Mom’s the Word was founded with the belief that pregnant women were just women..who were pregnant. Women who love to look and feel their best-and that this is even more important when you’re pregnant and have no idea what your body is doing on a weekly basis. Getting compliments and feeling good about how you look is always nice, but pregnant? Yup. twice as nice.

Our Models:

Most of the models that you see on our site are not models at all, just moms who shopped with us. Yes. Really. All of the women pictured here are real moms who are really pregnant, and there have been more.  If you or anyone you know wants to be a MOM model, just shoot us an e-mail with your Instagram (or instagramable "strike a pose" shots if you're not on IG) and your due date, we’d love to have you join us!

Mom’s the Word’s Mission

To bring great style and fashion to women-pieces that will fit and flatter a woman with a bump, and that she will want to wear long after pregnancy. Bump & Beyond. Clothes are clothes.  They should not have an end date.

To help women look and feel beautiful in a warm, supportive environment by providing expert advice, a wide selection of styles and prices and superior customer service, all while having fun.

To give to our employees – providing, at no cost to them, health insurance, a retirement plan, a retail schedule that does its best to respect their family time and personal needs and an environment in which they are valued and respected.

To give back to the community and the world in which we, and our children, live, with a commitment of financial support which will be a percentage of net profits not less than 2% and ideally more.

re: that last one, we are honored to support many local non-profit organizations such as The Homeless Prenatal Program, Mission Graduates, There with Care, and many others. If you know of an organization whose mission fits our mission please let us know and we will add them to the list.