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Our Word, One Pose, for 2021.

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on December 31 2020

Well, naturally,  Mom's the word- every year😍

For 2021, CELEBRATE 🎉is our pick.

Really? After 2020? As a small retail brick and mortar business? Celebrate? 

Yes. Really. 2020 has humbled us, as it has millions of other small fashion retailers, restaurants and more, AND it has done for us what it has done for so many other people, it has provided us with a new perspective.  So, we choose to CELEBRATE what we do have, not fret and fear for an uncertain and unknown future.  We went there way back when in April and May.  It was distinctly not pretty. 😅

So, what are you celebrating today?

Perspective. It's been the gift of 2020 that we bring with us into 2021!

Here are a few of the things that we celebrate:

  • Our wonderful clients!!
  • Our kids (cuz, naturally and thankfully, and, full disclosure, they don't live at home which probably makes that easier)
  • Each other-the three of us who are left here at Mom's the Word, and all of those who were part of the team pre-covid, most of whom we hear from on a semi-regular basis.
  • Babies and other small humans.
  • Essential workers-all of them from the ones at the grocery stores to the doctors. And to firefighters, in particular the ones who arrived swiftly at our house on the 26th. (And aside from having to buy a new stove, we're fine.)
  • Teachers
  • The California Coast
  • Our parents
  • Our small biz designers, and our larger biz designers too 
  • Parents everywhere.
  • Science and Medicine
  • 2020, because we made it through it and that feels worthy of celebration
  • Sunsets
  • Sunrises
  • Moon rises
  • The ocean

The list goes on and on and on and on and on.  In this moment as I type?  Dirty Chai.

I admit to perhaps overused these emoji's in 2020: 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼. I have a mom friend with young children who texted me asking me if it as possible to remove emojis because these were being used in excess 🤬🤯.

Here is my hope for for 2021, there is no emoji, but there is a pose.  Remember Amy Cuddy and the Wonder Woman pose back in 2012?  This is our pose for 2021. It too empowers.


It has helped me survive 2020, which is no small feat. (I will not share the devastation detail by detail which small businesses have gone through in 2020, but, perhaps you sense it. If you know it personally, we feel you, we hope that you are doing okay, finding perspective.)

If this pose of celebration has helped a small business mom get through, it's worth a try, no?

See the guy in the above cartoon, and imitate:

Arms outstretched. Head back. Ahhhhhhhhh

Give thanks, even if just for the sky, or heck, your arms!

You can do it anywhere (Well, okay, you need a little room to spread your arms.) It is only by practicing this pose that am able to let in what really matters in life; love, connection, beauty. (And lucky me, for the first time in 24 years I closed the shop for a few days and headed up the coast with my elder child, but really, I'm not always in such a beautiful place!)

Go ahead, try it.  A minimum of twice a day is recommended. Tell us how it goes.

Stay strong. Mom on. Don't forget to CELEBRATE the small stuff.






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