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    Tamara Duarte Style

    Tamara Duarte Style

    We love our celebs IRL.  Tamara strolled in looking for "Clothes. Just cute clothes that fit this body! "  Turns out she was heading to Clexacon and the bump had just outgrown everything.   

    And..."What's Clexacon?" we asked feeling maybe a little out of the loop. For those of you who don't now, you might not even care, but it's "the largest multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women & allies. Celebrating LGBTQ women and characters in TV, film, web series, comics, books and more."   Since almost 30% of or current staff is queer, we suddenly felt a little out of the loop, but delighted that Tamara had entered "the little maternity store that could" to get dressed for the red carpet and real life.

    We loved her IRL-she is as sweet as can be and so much fun, we love the characters she plays with abandon-and without fear of being stereotyped, and we love how she rocked all of her new styles!

    tamara in the tia dress

    We also love how she mixed up her style from the Tia above, which barely shows the bump...

    showing off her maternity jeans! the Jil top flowy and cool- and flaunting her super comfy new jeans...

    the simone the Simone Nursing dress that totally

    a)rocks the bump and

    b)proves why shopping IRL matters because much as we try to get a good pic of everything...sometimes that just doesn't happen.  So, the Simone is awesome in real life, but online...honestly, meh, just doesn't do this adorable piece justice...  

    in the amelia tequila and taco hour where she nailed bump style in the Amelia Jumpsuit which is fab bumped and breastfeeding too!  Hold the tequila, it's Tacos for Tamara!


    Thanks for shopping at Mom's the Word!

    Jump Into Happy!

    Jump Into Happy!

    The secret of how to make a pregnant woman smile?

    Give her one single piece that makes her wildly happy. 

    Why do the women we work with love jumpsuits?  Same reason we do-one and done and dressed for the day.. any day, whether you are almost due and hanging at home, or hitting the red carpet.  Jump IN!

    alex and harry's Hudson Jumpsuit Perfect while pregnantHudson Jumpsuit

    alex&harry makes a chic, on-trend jumpsuit that is as comfy as PJs and also pairs brilliantly with a pair of heels and some bling. How many things can you say that about!?

    More than one client owns it in two colors, and it is definitely the piece in everyone's closet that they wake up and look at and say "Will I be seeing anyone today who I saw yesterday? Hmmmm." 

    And yes, there are pockets. And yes, people use it for pull aside nursing all the time. You're welcome! ;) 

    Check out Megan (not pregnant, mom of 2)  rocking it for her Mexican Vacation!

    And our buyer Emily, with our client Emily who she ran into,who was due in..2 weeks?

    the hudson at 38 weeks

    Pairing this with a denim jacket is a clearly a thing!

    hudson jumpsuit with jacket


    And now there's a new Jumpsuit in town.

    And just like the Hudson, this one is racing out the door.  They are so totally different that more than a few folks are grabbing both.

    Amelia nursing jumpsuit perfect for maternity and beyond

    Sometimes we have to compromise in the morning - dress comfortably or dress nicely. With a jumpsuit, that's no longer an issue.

    When pregnant, or post-partum, getting dressed should be an easy decision and we all agree that wearing a one piece that not only looks good, but feels like heaven is definitely something we've always been on board with!

    Dress to Impress

    Dress to Impress

    Thanksgiving has come and gone, and like it or not we are in the thick of the Holidays! 

    Every year during the Holidays we get social. It is the time of year that we need something fantastic to wear to all of the events, and there are always plenty of events. Finding the perfect dress is never easy, and when adding a bump it becomes even more tedious, but it does not have to be.  That's what we are here for!

    Need something for the Holiday parties? Want something comfortable and cute? Well, the Tees by Tina Lattice dress is for you. It could not be easier than this one. Add a statement necklace, a cute pair of pumps, and a fabulous wrap or jacket, and you can spread Holiday Cheer everywhere you go!


    Another Fave by Tina is the Samantha Scoop dress. With three fourth sleeves and a reversible neckline, it's a dress that can be as perfect for a family dinner as it is for an office party!

    It is a dress that makes everyone happy. It is stylish enough for Hollywood, professional enough for a CEO,  and perfect for all that is in between. When you want something that is as fab as it is soft, you want the Penelope by Alex and Harry.  It comes in three colors, and the new Merlot is all things Merry and Bright. If you are a nursing mommy, this Holiday Season it is also perfect for that too!

    penelope dress

    If you are searching for the classic, perfect Little Black Dress with a little on-trend va-va-voom then the Celine dress is just what you've been looking for. You're sure to be the star of the holiday soiree!

    Last but not least is the Imogen Dress. It is the perfect time for lace, but then again, when isn't? It is a beautiful dress for any occasion, and with a few sparkly accessories, you will be ready to ring in the New Year. 

    Imogen Lace Dress

    No matter where you go this season, we are here to keep you looking good and feeling great! So, don't worry about what to wear. We are here to make that part easy... 

    Happy Holidays!

    How to Rock a Poncho and a Pregnancy

    How to Rock a Poncho and a Pregnancy

    All the comfort of blanketed warmth, but without the frump. Pregnant? Poncho? Perfect! Perfect nursing cover? That too. Looking for something that just makes maternity that much better.

    The poncho is every pregnant woman's must have piece.  And this ruana?  It's 4 pieces in one, so, it's the dream piece, times4, and does that mean in a maternity wardrobe, it's times eight?  Dressing for two. Okay, we're pushing it maybe, but try it, maybe we're not.  We've got one poncho that is adored by so many!

    Celeb Style

    When it's chilly outside and you want nothing more than to walk out the door wrapped in your duvet, enter: the poncho. Chic and sophisticated, ponchos have been showing up all over the runways and many celebs, from Rhianna to Kim, understand the wonder of the poncho as well.

    What's not to love? Explore your poncho-wearing possibilities with our favorite looks.  All the comfort of a blanket without having to carry around your bedspread.

    Enter the Perfect Poncho for Pregnancy

    Bumped or not, we are obsessed with the Cashmere Ruana.  But particularly when pregnant, twice as obsessed.  It gives you the bundled cozy feeling without the bulky big feeling.

    Added benefit? It can be many things for many looks.  And when you've given your waistline over to the babe, and your closet is filled with clothes that temporarily don't fit, the idea that so many looks can be transformed with one on trend piece?  Boon for the bump.

    Some day's just call for more than one look between leaving in the morning and going out at night. Maybe you need to be able to switch it up at a moments notice? Another reason we can't stop talking about the Cashmere Ruana Poncho

    Drape one over a dress?  Yes. It's the perfect wrap for any season, any where.

    drape it over a dress?  yes.

    Want to really rock it?

    Double the fun. Double the style. Get two, wear them solo, and layer them multiple ways. Try one at the neck as a scarf over one as a poncho for a divine look.  Layer them wearing one one way and the other a different way.  If the creative juiices are flowing you can have even more fun rolling the and twisting them. Double the warm and accept the "ohhs" and "ahhs" of everyone. 

    This style is smashing and is a huge hit with pregnant and not pregnant alike. 

    How to Shop, Bump & Beyond

    How to Shop, Bump & Beyond

    Lets talk tips and tricks of a wardrobe for a growing belly and after.

    Shopping for maternity clothes can sometimes be a struggle when you're looking to maximize your wardrobe. Most new mamas are looking to get some great pieces, but fear that they might not get to wear their favorite new top from beginning to end.

    We get asked on the daily "will it work the whole pregnancy?" or "It's okay now, but what about 3 months from now?".  Our brilliant buyer teams up with all of us here at Mom's the Word to bring pregnant and not pregnant women a fantastic bunch of options to choose from that will honestly take you from before(because yes, people do shop with us who aren't pregnant) to bump & it is so well curated that there are some pieces that you will actually even want to wear beyond!

    What is Bump & Beyond, you might ask. Well! You might think of the obvious, something you can wear all the way through to nursing or something that has enough stretch for the whole shabang, but that's not all! Maybe you have a favorite blouse that you got for work when the wardrobe was getting smaller. Maybe you love the Daniel Rainn Belize Crochet top, but you know it won't last the entire pregnancy. That's okay! Because using after baby also makes it Bump & Beyond!

    The other thing would be something like the Loyal Hana Amanda Nursing Blouse. Again, maybe it won't take you through the home stretch, but that nursing access? Definitely puts it in the category of Bump & Beyond, just because it does take you, well, beyond! 

    Then of course, there are things that can be used Before & Bump & Beyond! The pieces that women get without even being pregnant, but that also happen to be extremely popular with those that are expecting. One of our favs, an absolute staple, is the Kelly Duet from Alex&Harry. It's two pieces that can be mixed, matched, and outfited so many different ways. It's been used as a top for high waisted pencil skirts, the top has been casually tossed over fitted and flowy dresses. And it nurses like a dream. Truly, Bump & Beyond.
    So, what we're trying to say, the whole gist of it, is that sometimes things work out the way we planned. Sometimes your tops fit the entire way, sometimes they don't. Maybe you can nurse in them, maybe you can't. Whatever the case, don't stress. Yes you need blouses and sweaters, lounge wear and hospital clothes, but don't think too much on the lifespan. Things you wear now, you can wear later for nursing, to camouflage the post baby bump, or just because you love it. It all comes in steps, so pace yourself mama because the Bump & Beyond will get you there. We will get you there and we will do so happily :)