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    Should I do a Newborn Photo Session ? Pregnancy photo shoot?

    Should I do a Newborn Photo Session ? Pregnancy photo shoot?

    Should you plan a maternity shoot?  Should you schedule a newborn photo session?

    First off-we rarely tell you what you should do, there are plenty of other folks who are more than happy to do that!  We don't care what you do, we just want you to be happy and make decisions that you feel good about; in style and so much more. (A disclaimer is needed here for anyone who has ever shopped with us for denim in store-we get a little bossy and strongly advise on sizing.)

    The real question is "Do you want to invest in a pregnancy or newborn photo shoot?"  It's your call.  And, here's the thing to consider-there is a very small window, so, we do feel that you might want to give it some thought in advance.

    There is no right or wrong, there is only a what is right for YOU!  What do you want?

    Things to consider:

    Pregnancy Photos:

    • There are going to be plenty of pictures of you pregnant, do you want one that you could hang on a wall?  (Not that you have to do that.)
    • If you want to celebrate your pregnancy with a professional shoot, what is your dream? 
    • Is it black and white and all about the bump?

    • Do you want skin, no skin or both?
    • Do you want a spouse represented as part of the process?

    • Do you want a picture of your and your family on a beach/forest//field?

    (and, yes, that's our very own Dede, pregnant with her now 6 year old)

    • Reach out to a photographer early to schedule your session when the bump is ready for it's close up.

    Newborn Photos:

    • There will be about a billion pictures of your beautiful perfect baby.
    • The thing about having a newborn is this: you have a newborn.

    • You may not have time to take the ideal picture that you will want on the walls in ten or twenty years. 

    • Think about what you want here as well; baby in a basket? On a bed? Props or no props?

    • Another thing to consider when making a decision to get professional pictures: There will be a million pictures, but there may be zero pictures of you, your spouse and the baby/babies!

    • There may be virtually no pictures of the whole family. And even fewer in which everyone looks even remotely good, someone always has "that face" or their eyes shut-it's just a thing. 

    Do your research.

    Taking some time to find a photographer is important.  Sometimes your wedding photographer is a good option. Sometimes they are good for weddings, good with newborns...but those newborns grow! Are they the right fit for your family? (And they might be!)

    In working with a photographer you are building a long term relationship!

    And, like any long term relationship, it's good to know what you want and to take time entering the relationship!!  


    We have been fortunate to partner with many amazing photographers through the years, women who make moms, and dads,happy.  They  always offer our clients a special promo when we have them hang a show on our walls.  With your $300 in-store purchase you will be eligible for a complimentary sitting (a roughly $300 value), just ask your stylist at checkout and we'll give you your card.   Currently Classic Kids is hanging in LA (and they have locations in Los Gatos and Burlingame, so, if you like their style, they are happy too offer this promo in these 3 Caifornia locations), One Love Photography is hanging in San Francisco and this year we are thrilled to have Lisa DeNeffe Photography in Palo Alto. Lisa has an amazing range of styles and she also offers in studio, in home or outside options. 

    Lisa's offer includes:

    • Making the appointment for either maternity or newborn photos
    • A session to discuss location and type of photography you'd like
    • Time with a professional photographer, about an hour
    • Order session two weeks after your initial shoot

    From start to finish they are honestly amazing.

    Here's a little more from Lisa:

    For over 10 years, Lisa DeNeffe Photography has been transforming the way families enjoy and live with their photography by creating memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

    I LOVE being able to capture true emotion for a lifetime and being part of your family’s most precious moments. Having families come back to me year after year is an honor that is hard to put into words. For those of you who have worked with me, thank you so much for that gift. And for those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to meet and work with me yet – please get in touch! We always start the process with a complimentary planning session to be sure that we are the best fit and to understand your goals and desires. Photography is the best thing I’ve done in my life. I keep counting my lucky stars to be doing what I love and bringing joy to families. 


    What we do: We specialize in finished fine art products that capture the essence of your family and are designed to last for generations. Our wall portraits are customizable, frame-less fine art pieces ready to install on your walls. We design unique collections of your favorite images specific to your interior spaces.  

    What about digitals? Digitals are both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because they are easy to share online but also a curse because they end up on old hard drives or phones. Someday our children and grandchildren will have no box to open with that framed photo, canvas or album as we did. Your photos are your legacy. This is why Lisa DeNeffe Photography is a finished product photographer.


    We love making you products to create and preserve your legacy. Time and time again our families tell us how much they treasure their wall art and we truly believe our motto: "Let your family be your art!" But we do offer digitals as part of our collections, a la carte, and in our wedding packages. 

    Check out their Babies portfolio and their Wall Art. Still have questions? Check them out at and get in contact with their awesome team!

    4 New Year's Resolutions that will Save your Sanity

    4 New Year's Resolutions that will Save your Sanity

    Let's be honest, most New Year's Resolutions are out the door by Martin Luther King Day. Here are some resolutions that will have you feeling more sane in the new year.

    1. Put your phone down.  And leave it there. For an hour. Every day.

    We know, eyeroll, and this sounds so sanctimonious. Obviously, this helps you be more present, focused and “hands free.” 

    It is also an act of self care. It is really nice to be inaccessible for a least an hour every day.  We also like that social media and the conscious or unconscious need to compare ourselves, our lives and our kids to the rose colored filter of social media gets turned off for an hour. 

    2. Stop apologizing for Insert Perceived Imperfection Here

    What do you apologize for that maybe you don't have to? Everyone has laundry, and dishes it’s ok if sometimes people see it. We promise no one is going to stop being your friend because you have a sink of dirty dishes or a laundry couch of clean clothes or whatever else you think they're going to judge you for. And if they do, you are better off without them. True story:  one of us invited a friend over and their response was “Can we just come over or are you going to do that thing where you apologize about your messy house for 20 minutes-when it’s actually fine?”

    How many times have you apologized for X?  If you apologize for it constantly, chances are no one wants to hear it again.  Can you change it?  And. Do you want to change it?! Or are you just feeling less-than? You are perfect-as are your kids and your house. 

    3. Stop comparing. 

    There is so much talk about how social media makes us compare ourselves to others. And it's a real thing. This can be especially tough on moms.

    Whether it is the humbling bragging of other moms, you know “SoulCycle. Done. Whole Foods. Done. 3 loads of laundry. Done. Meal Prep for the week. Done. I can’t believe how much I can get done before school pick up! #MomLife” Or  “Oh, the struggles of raising a gifted child. Michael just gets so bored in Kindergarten. He is reading Harry Potter while everyone else is still reading Piggie and Elephant. #ProudMom #GiftedProblems.” Or the Pinterest and Instagram Mom taking her perfectly dressed toddler on a picturesque picnic in the park.

    Kids (and adults;) are all wired differently and all do things at different times. Some kids hit milestones early, some kids surpass the bell curve, some kids are into sitting still and enjoying a picnic, some never sit still. 

    Take time to enjoy your kid doing what your kid enjoys doing.  That is what matters.  And, you know it, so, how are you going to remind yourself? (See #1 and 2:)

    4. Get comfortable with being vulnerable.

    Really.  Deep. Breathe.

    When someone says “How are you?” and you are really struggling with something. Own. That. Shit.

    That doesn’t mean go on and on and on in front of the grocery store or at school drop off. But give a real answer, not “Fine. Everything is great, you?” if it isn’t.

    Everyone, especially moms of young kids, are going through a lot. It is easier to have meaningful conversations if you are able to be honest about where you are and what you need. This is super scary for a lot of us, but once the initial discomfort is over, it can lead to the connection and support we all need.


    You and your kids?  All perfect.  And changing.  And growing. 

    Practice these resolutions every day and you can grow new neural pathways.  Really. It's a thing. 

    Here's to another trip around the sun.  Make it a good one. Happy 2019 to all!

    Support 411: Bump Edition

    Support 411: Bump Edition

    Body by baby-whoa! That bump can get heavy, it is an added weight at the front after all. It throws off your balance, can sometimes cause you discomfort, but it doesn’t always have to be that way! As someone who has worked wiith pregnant women here at Mom's the Word for years, and now finds myself delighted andcurrently 23 weeks pregnant, I now understand differently than before the need to have some help lifting the bump up!

    I now crave a lot of things that I never did before, including belly support.  I want things that lift the pressure off my bladder, gives support to my back, and just in general makes my #pregnantlife easier. Support, like so many thigs can come in many forms. Here are my favorites for today!


    The Active Legging

    maternity active zip legging

    Support in a legging? You bet! With the way they dip and cross low in the back gives you that bit of lift you need for yoga. The Active Leggings from Ingrid&Isabel gives a light support that you can wear comfortably every day without having to remember to put an extra piece on. Best thing about them? You don’t have to start wearing them only when you need the extra lift. Fold the panel down until you need it. Then after baby, fold them down again and continue wearing such a fabulous pair of pants.



    Spanx?! Am I crazy? Absolutely, but that has nothing to do with how comfortable these are. The Power Mama Shorts, Mama Leggings, and Mama Tights; they are amazing under all those fitted dresses and long nights out. They saved my life already at two weddings and a bachelorette party. I didn’t want to compromise my own style or have to give up all the cute outfits I had planned, and guess what? I didn’t have to. These pull you in, support the bump, and do it all seamlessly.


    The Upsie Belly

    Now here is a support band that will pick up the pressure and more. Is it bulky and not exactly hidden under all your clothes? Yes, but when you need that heavy duty support, this is definitely the way to go. The Upsie Belly is so comfortable on, made of a bamboo cotton so as not to irritate already sensitive skin AND comes with a little pocket in the back for the included gel pack. Put that in the freezer or the microwave for some back relief. Back and bump, it really has you covered from all sides.

    Getting something for support doesn’t always have to be about the heavy duty bands. Not everyone needs it. It can be a cute pair of leggings or a pair of seamless shapewear shorts. The point is that when you’re starting to get heavy or if baby is really sitting on your bladder, that extra lift is so important and you can get it in different ways. Get the support you need to match your daily life, easily!

    Tamara Duarte Style

    Tamara Duarte Style

    We love our celebs IRL.  Tamara strolled in looking for "Clothes. Just cute clothes that fit this body! "  Turns out she was heading to Clexacon and the bump had just outgrown everything.   

    And..."What's Clexacon?" we asked feeling maybe a little out of the loop. For those of you who don't now, you might not even care, but it's "the largest multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women & allies. Celebrating LGBTQ women and characters in TV, film, web series, comics, books and more."   Since almost 30% of or current staff is queer, we suddenly felt a little out of the loop, but delighted that Tamara had entered "the little maternity store that could" to get dressed for the red carpet and real life.

    We loved her IRL-she is as sweet as can be and so much fun, we love the characters she plays with abandon-and without fear of being stereotyped, and we love how she rocked all of her new styles!

    tamara in the tia dress

    We also love how she mixed up her style from the Tia above, which barely shows the bump...

    showing off her maternity jeans! the Jil top flowy and cool- and flaunting her super comfy new jeans...

    the simone the Simone Nursing dress that totally

    a)rocks the bump and

    b)proves why shopping IRL matters because much as we try to get a good pic of everything...sometimes that just doesn't happen.  So, the Simone is awesome in real life, but online...honestly, meh, just doesn't do this adorable piece justice...  

    in the amelia tequila and taco hour where she nailed bump style in the Amelia Jumpsuit which is fab bumped and breastfeeding too!  Hold the tequila, it's Tacos for Tamara!


    Thanks for shopping at Mom's the Word!

    Jump Into Happy!

    Jump Into Happy!

    The secret of how to make a pregnant woman smile?

    Give her one single piece that makes her wildly happy. 

    Why do the women we work with love jumpsuits?  Same reason we do-one and done and dressed for the day.. any day, whether you are almost due and hanging at home, or hitting the red carpet.  Jump IN!

    alex and harry's Hudson Jumpsuit Perfect while pregnantHudson Jumpsuit

    alex&harry makes a chic, on-trend jumpsuit that is as comfy as PJs and also pairs brilliantly with a pair of heels and some bling. How many things can you say that about!?

    More than one client owns it in two colors, and it is definitely the piece in everyone's closet that they wake up and look at and say "Will I be seeing anyone today who I saw yesterday? Hmmmm." 

    And yes, there are pockets. And yes, people use it for pull aside nursing all the time. You're welcome! ;) 

    Check out Megan (not pregnant, mom of 2)  rocking it for her Mexican Vacation!

    And our buyer Emily, with our client Emily who she ran into,who was due in..2 weeks?

    the hudson at 38 weeks

    Pairing this with a denim jacket is a clearly a thing!

    hudson jumpsuit with jacket


    And now there's a new Jumpsuit in town.

    And just like the Hudson, this one is racing out the door.  They are so totally different that more than a few folks are grabbing both.

    Amelia nursing jumpsuit perfect for maternity and beyond

    Sometimes we have to compromise in the morning - dress comfortably or dress nicely. With a jumpsuit, that's no longer an issue.

    When pregnant, or post-partum, getting dressed should be an easy decision and we all agree that wearing a one piece that not only looks good, but feels like heaven is definitely something we've always been on board with!