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No Really, It's One Size

Written by Julia Stevenson


Posted on October 31 2017

One size, we know, not something you think would work with maternity, but it's possible, comfortable and will take even multiples to term, and take mom beyond.It can be a task to convince new mama's that yes, it will fit.If you've been into the stores before, you might have happened across the wonderful brands Tee's by Tina and Alex&Harry, and when it comes down to sizing, these lines have nailed it."One Size, during pregnancy?!" you think, but yes, yes, yes.  People look at us skeptically, it's ok, we're used to it. Then they try it on, we see their eyes go wide, smiles take over and they ask what other colors it comes in!

Things like the Hampton Tee will always get confused looks. We've had more than a few people ask, "Is this a children's shirt?" just because it does look a bit small on the hanger. That's when we, your trusty friends at Mom's The Word, will say, "But it's so stretchy and soft and great for pregnancy and well after!" It's a great top that's not even maternity specific.

Linda was 7 months in this picture.

Then there's a top on the opposite side of the one size spectrum like the Don't Sweat It. Gorgeously loose and baggy with straps thick enough to hide your bra. Do we have to do as much convincing of this one? Maybe not, but on the hanger it's not half as delightful as it is with a person in it. When our lovely new moms see it for the first time, it can look a bit shapeless, but then comes the sighs of relief from the dressing room when they finally try it on.

And just for fun, we love to pair the fitted dresses from Tees by Tina, either the Samantha or the Microstripe, with the Kate Cascade from Alex&Harry. One sizes can be your best friend during pregnancy if you can find the right pieces and we have found them for you! Hard part over! Well, not as hard as making a human being, but you get the idea.

You may not be one size for the next 40 weeks, but these one size pieces will take you there and back!



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