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Support 411: Bump Edition

Written by Julia Stevenson


Posted on December 26 2018

Body by baby-whoa! That bump can get heavy, it is an added weight at the front after all. It throws off your balance, can sometimes cause you discomfort, but it doesn’t always have to be that way! As someone who has worked wiith pregnant women here at Mom's the Word for years, and now finds myself delighted andcurrently 23 weeks pregnant, I now understand differently than before the need to have some help lifting the bump up!

I now crave a lot of things that I never did before, including belly support.  I want things that lift the pressure off my bladder, gives support to my back, and just in general makes my #pregnantlife easier. Support, like so many thigs can come in many forms. Here are my favorites for today!


The Active Legging

maternity active zip legging

Support in a legging? You bet! With the way they dip and cross low in the back gives you that bit of lift you need for yoga. The Active Leggings from Ingrid&Isabel gives a light support that you can wear comfortably every day without having to remember to put an extra piece on. Best thing about them? You don’t have to start wearing them only when you need the extra lift. Fold the panel down until you need it. Then after baby, fold them down again and continue wearing such a fabulous pair of pants.



Spanx?! Am I crazy? Absolutely, but that has nothing to do with how comfortable these are. The Power Mama Shorts, Mama Leggings, and Mama Tights; they are amazing under all those fitted dresses and long nights out. They saved my life already at two weddings and a bachelorette party. I didn’t want to compromise my own style or have to give up all the cute outfits I had planned, and guess what? I didn’t have to. These pull you in, support the bump, and do it all seamlessly.


The Upsie Belly

Now here is a support band that will pick up the pressure and more. Is it bulky and not exactly hidden under all your clothes? Yes, but when you need that heavy duty support, this is definitely the way to go. The Upsie Belly is so comfortable on, made of a bamboo cotton so as not to irritate already sensitive skin AND comes with a little pocket in the back for the included gel pack. Put that in the freezer or the microwave for some back relief. Back and bump, it really has you covered from all sides.

Getting something for support doesn’t always have to be about the heavy duty bands. Not everyone needs it. It can be a cute pair of leggings or a pair of seamless shapewear shorts. The point is that when you’re starting to get heavy or if baby is really sitting on your bladder, that extra lift is so important and you can get it in different ways. Get the support you need to match your daily life, easily!



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