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Eager Grandparents

Written by Julia Stevenson


Posted on August 03 2017

Let's talk about the eagerness of soon-to-be grandparents. 

They're pushy, over excited, always ready to step in with an opinion and we love them all the more for it!

We can't tell you how many times we get the shy newly pregnant mama coming in with their moms who are ready to put everything but the kitchen sink in the dressing room! 
Of course, it can be a little much for the expectant mama, but they're sooo excited, and it is so cute to see!

They've already brought life into the world and raised wonderful men and women so of course, they want to be apart of the journey for their children. They want to provide as they always have and sometimes that means arguing with you about how many pairs of jeans you need and making sure someone gets you in the right bra size. Do we always want them to buy three of the same shirt? Maybe not, but we're always thankful to them later on when we realize that maybe we do need more than one pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. 

Speaking from someone who has yet to have children, but is looking forward to starting a family, my parents and in-laws are already in the category of the eager beaver. I've had people give me babysitting schedules, ideas for nurseries and of course buying anything they can "just in case" as if they would know before my husband and me! Again we love them for it. Just the other day my mother and I went to lunch, and she let me know she found some very cute Wonder Woman and Batman teethers (my husband and my favorites) because she just so happened to be at a Baby's R Us. It's that sort of unbelievable thing that shows just how willing and ready our parents, grandparents, in-laws, and friends are for us when it comes to babies.

So when someone wants you to try on that one dress in every color it comes in, when they're sending you pictures of all the different cribs and stuffed toys they've found, and when they eventually go out to buy these things for you and baby, just remember it comes from a very excited, very eager place of love.



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