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Written by sarah pollak


Posted on July 20 2017

I have often been heard to say in the store that there are three things which, as a parent,  I strongly recommend.

First is getting clothes that make you feel good, which a person is doing generally if I giving this advise:)  Taking care of mama comes first, always and forever. If you can't take good care of you, it will be even harder to take care of a child.


The second is professional photographs. You will take a million pictures of your kids. Okay, probably more. In my experience, professionals are...professional. You will get some really good shots with your phone.  Babies are beautiful. It's actually hard to take a bad picture of a baby!  As the years have passed I am grateful to have the professional ones to hang on the walls.  

And the third?  Find a doula and do it now.

Doula's are what my dad referred to as a "mother's helper" updated for 2017.  Doulas do it all-minus actually delivering the baby.  (See above re: taking care of mama.)  

  • They help you prep for labor.
  • You can have one with you for a hospital birth or a home birth.
  • They are there for you during labor, and if this is your first, let me tell you something-labor is all that it's cracked up to be.  And more. 
  • A doula makes the time pass faster, whether it's a two hour labor(?!) or way longer.
  • Time is relative, 24 hours is a long time, it's even longer if you're in labor.
  • Nurses change shifts. 
  • Spouses get tired and hungry and loose the ability to count to 10 when you are pushing. 
  • Doulas are professionals.  They probably have saved more than one marriage. My suggestion? Get a doula.  Get over the funny name.

What else?  Would love to hear what you recommend are the best ways to take care of mama.

photos courtesy of classic kids photography P.S. Your $300 in store purchase will qualify for a Complimentary Sitting with CK (a $295 value:)



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