I have often been heard to say in the store that there are two things which I recommend youu spend money on if you can.  Okay.  Maybe three. 

The first is clothes that make you look and feel fabulous bump and beyond and forever.  Clothes make the woman.  And they make the woman feel good.  So, spoil yourself, get clothes you love. You're growing another human, you're worth it!  Yes,  it's our business, but, it's also all true, which is why we love what we do.

The second is professional photographs. You will take a million pictures of your kids.  Maybe more.  But.  In ten years?  Twenty years?  Even next year?  It's really nice to have one that you can put in a frame and leave up forever.  You never get these moments back.  It may feel indulgent now, but as the years pass you will be grateful. Or not.  Your choice.  This is definitely my opinion, and there isn't a right or wrong.  But I will say this, my experience, they're professional for a reason.  Babies are cute.  You will get sme good shots with your phone.  But they are different.

And then a doula. 

I just searched and here''s what I said about doula's 3 years ago in a bog::

"Several of our customers have heard me say this "Get a doula, and have professional photos taken.  Better money you cannot spend." And I believe it.  (At least I''m consistent!)

Doula's are what my dad referred to as a "mother's helper" but updated. The truth? With my first baby, I hired a doula way too late.  Like after the baby was born.  Weeks later. Doula's do it all-minus delivering the baby.  You can have one with you for a hospital birth or a home birth. They help you prep for labor. They are there for you during labor, and if this is your first, let me tell you something.labor is all that it's cracked up to be.  And more.  A doula makes the time pass faster, whether it's a two hour labor(?!) or way longer. And 24 hours is a very long time.  Nurses change shifts.  Spouses get tired and hungry and loose the ability to count to 10 when you are pushing.  Doulas are professionals.  They probably have saved more than one marriage. My suggestion? Get a doula.  Get over the funny name.

photos courtesy of classic kids photography

P.S. Your $300 in store purchase will qualify for a Complimentary Sitting with CK (a $295 value:)

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