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    Celeb Fave- in Many Colors

    Celeb Fave- in Many Colors

    There are many styles that we carry in multiple colors.  Why?  Because people get one and come back wanting more, that's why:)  Tees by Tina's Microstripe Maxi is such a hit, no matter what color it's offered in moms snatch it up in multiple colors.  Zoe Saldana snatched up 3 and paired them with a red bag and her twins.  She rocked it!

    We loved to see supermodel, Doutzen Kroes, strutting her stuff, on a warm day in NYC, in the oatmeal/olive stripe dress

    With a "one size fits most" (and really, we have yet to see this NOT fit someone), this is as flattering as it is comfortable. You can't go wrong with this one - trust us! Try pairing this with a straw hat, your favorite denim jacket and flat sandals on a warm day. People will stop to compliment you on the streets.
    Want to make sure you wear this hot number beyond this season and even beyond the bump?... No problem!! Pair it with a chunky cardigan or denim jacket.  Adorable!  We love it paire with a short bootie as modeled byy Malin Akerman.
    Truly. Classic.  It may be out of style someday, but not in the near future.  It's solid and super comfy and we would absolutely not carry it in 6 prints if people didn't love them all, and want it in more than one.  Your turn:)

    Tamara Duarte Style

    Tamara Duarte Style

    We love our celebs IRL.  Tamara strolled in looking for "Clothes. Just cute clothes that fit this body! "  Turns out she was heading to Clexacon and the bump had just outgrown everything.   

    And..."What's Clexacon?" we asked feeling maybe a little out of the loop. For those of you who don't now, you might not even care, but it's "the largest multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women & allies. Celebrating LGBTQ women and characters in TV, film, web series, comics, books and more."   Since almost 30% of or current staff is queer, we suddenly felt a little out of the loop, but delighted that Tamara had entered "the little maternity store that could" to get dressed for the red carpet and real life.

    We loved her IRL-she is as sweet as can be and so much fun, we love the characters she plays with abandon-and without fear of being stereotyped, and we love how she rocked all of her new styles!

    tamara in the tia dress

    We also love how she mixed up her style from the Tia above, which barely shows the bump...

    showing off her maternity jeans!

    ...to the Jil top flowy and cool- and flaunting her super comfy new jeans...

    the simone

    ..to the Simone Nursing dress that totally

    a)rocks the bump and

    b)proves why shopping IRL matters because much as we try to get a good pic of everything...sometimes that just doesn't happen.  So, the Simone is awesome in real life, but online...honestly, meh, just doesn't do this adorable piece justice...  

    in the amelia

    ..to tequila and taco hour where she nailed bump style in the Amelia Jumpsuit which is fab bumped and breastfeeding too!  Hold the tequila, it's Tacos for Tamara!


    Thanks for shopping at Mom's the Word!

    Comfort Dressing

    Comfort Dressing

    Some days, we all need a little comforting. The world is wide and wonderful in so many ways, and, as discussed with a mama 2b the the other day, it is important not to lose sight of that. 

    And to laugh and smile.

    don't sweat it, smile:)

    This mama was trying to get her head around the tragedy going on in the world around her, and was feeling like all she wanted was "comfort food and comfort dressing".  So, she was bringing on the mac and cheese big time apparently, and was in for a duplication of the outfit that she was wearing, in different colors, "I just can't seem to really change my clothes every morning, and my husband, bless him, said that I look beautiful, but suggested that maybe the shop had these pieces in other colors? Ha!"

    This is  what she wore in:

    This is what she wore out -apparently she really had been wearing the same thing for 3 days and knew that her sanity and a degree of happiness could be achieved just by changing clothes.  "Plus, my husband will know that what I keep saying is true, I really am okay-hormonal, weepy, tired, but, caring about what i look like, and changing clothes might make him believe me!" 

    And, at the risk of pushing it, we suggested a pair of the softest jeans ever, and she admitted that they were the softest ever, and maybe "real pants" in her closet would not be a bad thing, so, she added those and went home, saying that she felt like they should go out to dinner now that she had changed her clothes!

    Fashion means different things to different people.  What makes you feel good is personal, and can change from day to day, but clothes do matter, they do make most people feel better.  We get to witness this every day.  And we are thankful.




    Oh the Glamour, Oh the Drama

    Oh the Glamour, Oh the Drama

    Well, last night's Academy Awards definitely nailed the drama.  

    And the bumps ruled the red carpet!

    Molly McNearey bumped up one of the trends of the evening in her stunning neutral beaded gown.

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley dazzled in her silver beaded gown.

    Ciara, in another noticeable trend of the evening, velvet, wowed in a velvet gown.(Which reminded us of a red sequined gown worn by Beyonce back with Blue Ivy)

    And then, we do not know with what energy, but we guess that the adreniline of the evening could keep you going, even pregnant, switched it up at the after party into one of our favorite combos-a fitted dress with duster-and done in all whites? Gorgeous!

    Natalie Portman stayed home last night, taking care of mama because she is due any day, but rocked her style at the SAG Awards last week.

    Many moms were acknowledged and thanked, and, naturally we loved that. A few moms were brought as dates and, especially since one of us knew one of them that was particularly exciting this year.  

    Great movies.

    A much needed escape into the wonderful world of style.

    What a show it was!

    Maternity Dressing Do's (and Don'ts too)

    Maternity Dressing Do's (and Don'ts too)

    We tend to want to accentuate the positive, and not be negative-in general in life, and in fashion advice too.  So, if you feel good? Do wear it. If you don't feel good? Don't wear it. And, yes, we know, with your new and improved body by baby, there are some days you just don't know! Here are a few easy to follow tips:)

    The below image encapsulates pretty much every "don't" that we can think of.  And it was taken on the red carpet.  Which just means that maybe start with "Don't -assume that just because you have a stylist you look good" and "Don't -wear it just because it fits on your pregnant body!" (For those who really want the Don't list-see the answers at the bottom of the page.)

    We will, in keeping with that "positive" thing, not dwell on the "Don't"s, but focus on the "Do's".

    Starting at the top.

    DO open up the neckline, V-necks and scoop necks are your friends.  If you want to wear a neckline like the above-then please throw on a long drop necklace or a scarf or a jacket or cardigan. But.  Our opinion.  Try to avoid a closed neckline. At least open it up enough to show a little clavicle.  A very fitted dress or cold shoulder can be the exceptions to this "rule".

    DO wear something that is fitted to your body somewhere.

    If a v-neck as above feels a little too boob-a-licious, throw a tubie on, it's an easy fix, plus, makes nursing a cinch!

    If you don't feel like fitted anywhere then:

    DO make sure that the dress fits your shoulders.

    DO show some leg and add some swing if you just plain don't feel good in fitted.  Don't love your legs either?  Hello leggings or tights.

    DO put a belt on it. There! You've got something fitted somewhere.

    DO embrace prints that you love, if you like prints.  Even if you're not a "print person", consider a non-print-print, like this one. A print can allow you to wear something a little more fitted than you might feel comfortable in, because a print will, well, camouflage some of those bumps that aren't your belly... if you know what we mean.

    An awesome easy to weaar belted print dress.

    DO accentuate the positive-which would be that fabulous amazing miraculous baby!  On the daily we encourage women to try a super fitted piece, and I'm talking women who look at us like we have lost our minds when we suggest it, and, sometimes they just don't like it, and sometimes they are shocked, but...they feel really good!

    love the look.  go full on fitted.  you can do it.

    fitted and flattering

    DO challenge yourself to try new things.  Leave your old rules outside and step into something new.

    DO celebrate the miracles, embrace the bump, take the time to try things on, get yourself a pair of fabulous shoes(different things to different people), get a great supportive bra that fits, and walk into the room knowing that the impression that people make in that first 10 seconds?  It's gonna be killer!


    the Don't list, for those who just must know:)


    a)wear a close neckline. if you can feel it on your neck, unless it's a turtleneck, take it off.

    b)wear a color that you question.  a few people can wear and feel good in yellow.  a few.

    c)wear a short sleeve that hits mid way through your upper arm, drawing attention to the exact point that you like least. go up a little higher-like a cap, or down closer to the elbow.

    d)wear anything ever that is tight on your wider bits-bust,bum and/or belly- and looser everywhere else (see the yellow dress for a visual)

    e)wear a woven fabric that is stiff, unless, maybe one with an empire waist. Another red carpet moment as a visual. Shoes are fab... her ankles look awesome.(And both of these celebs are adorable, and were adorable pregnant too.)

    f)wear mid calf dresses.  they come in and out of fashion, but, our opinion, they look good on almost no one, ever- pregnant or not pregnant. go above the knee, even just below or mid knee, or ankle skimming or maxi. Again, a place where exceptions may be made for body con pieces.

    g)leave the house if you don't feel good.  if nothing else, take a moment to engage your core, stand up straight.  how do you feel now?  still not good? text/call where you're going, use pregnant privilege, tell them you're running a few minutes late.  It's good practice for parenting. Reread the above DO's and DON'Ts, grab a tie, a belt, a piece of ribbon, throw it on over or under the bump and square knot it, grab a short fitted cardigan, throw on, grab a button down and tie it over the bump...still no? Start from scratch. Try something new on.Take a deep breath. It's all fine.

    And, lastly, truly.  If it feels good?  By all means ignore the rules, make your own exceptions.  Relax.  Have fun!