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    Body by Baby: bump & beyond

    Body by Baby: bump & beyond

    Yesterday, again, we had loads of new moms in.  They all looked amazing. A few were more than a little shocked and distressed by what their post-partum bod looked like.  This post is dedicated to them.   With an aside gratitude to Kendra Wilkinson, who last year proved herself to be a caring, honest mom, and we are forever grateful. (See below for more on that.) 

    Housing a baby can be rough on some bodies, and not at all on others.  The aftermath of growing an extra square foot of skin in 40 weeks can have a lasting effect on a body. Every body is different. no matter how tall or short, or full hipped or narrow hipped or..whatever your body type, your body, seemingly from forehead to toes, will change during pregnancy.  How or where? No guarantees besides this- your belly will get bigger.  Your upper arms, knees, hips, boobs?  Probably at least a couple of those too.

    Your post-pregnancy will be no more familiar to you than your pregnant body was! It has done an amazing thing though-be nice to it. 

    After delivery choose clothes that make you feel good! Listen to this mother of 3, Taryn Brumfitt.  She knows her stuff. Love this mama!


    And-dress so you can feel like you-smart and sexy, just maybe not in a bikini?


    The recipe for happiness for a few of yesterday's new moms in the shop? Belly Bandit's This has been a go to winning piece for years.  It sucks it all in, reminds you to engage your core  and yes, all wore their new BFF out of the shop, standing up a little taller and feeling a little brighter. No one ever said that parenting was going to be a breeze, did they?



    The truth is that when one quickly adds 50 pounds, depending upon genes and luck, our bodies bounce back differently.  Lots of things help.  Letting go helps most.  Valuing yourself and teaching your children by modeling your values.  Spoiled Mama Tummy Butter can't be a bad thing, use it twice daily.  The BFF helps.  Exercise helps. None of it is a guarantee. 

    Babies grow quickly at the end.  Bigger babies are healthy.  They can wreak havoc on our bodies. But look how they change our hearts.

    All of which brings us to this:  Clothes matter.  We can choose what clothes to wear.  Our bodies?  Not so much.  Style yourself to feel your best.  Some new mamas skip the BFF and the Mother Tucker and still feel great once they get their new Body by Babe into styles that make them feel good.  No right or wrong.


    next day:  OMG, I wrote this a couple of days ago, and didn't post, and then Kendra Wilkinson posted this with "Look what my 2 babies did... They made me happy. #happymothersday" Love her too!!!

    Best Mother Award for sure! Perfection doesn't exist. Or, it does, when we realize that Imperfect is Perfect. Take care of you, be honest and unafraid, and it's all good Mama.

    Working Moms/Welcome Back Gloria!

    Working Moms/Welcome Back Gloria!

    All moms are working moms.  Period.

    Personally I was able to take almost 9 months out of the paid work force after my first was born, and, after giving me my two boys, those 9 months were the best gift that my former spouse ever gave me.  And, when I went back, I was ready to be with grown-ups a little more, ready to read something without turning a page between sentances.  I was ready for a few hours off from the rewarding but hard work of parenting 24/7.  

    Re-entering the paid work force/staying home with the kids?  There isn't a right way or a wrong way.  Period. We moms all do what we feel is best for us, and therefore for our children.

    Gloria was not a mom when she first joined us in 2012.  And we loved having her here when she was pregnant. Here she is in November 2014 doing her best "Get theLook" look in Mom's the Word styles of the moment. (And that bag still comes with her to work every day.)

    She's been a working mom for 15 months, and now she has just joined the paid work force. We love having her back!

    Here's what she wrote for her personal page on our site:

    If you had asked me a year and a half ago

    "What's your favorite thing?" I would not have hesitated-

    "Traveling, exotic places, dreaming and beautiful beaches"


    No doubt. Watching my baby boy growing-

    exploring and discovering the world; exciting, exotic and new.

    And when he looks at me with those amazing blue eyes?

    My heart melts in a way I never knew was possible.



    Welcome Back Gloria!! 


    Sale Styling - Wow Mom & beyond

    Sale Styling - Wow Mom & beyond

    Sales are great, and sometimes for the life of me I am baffled by what ends up on sale, at Mom's the Word and elsewhere.  And, sometimes, I'm not;) When I was in college my mom used to send me these great items that "used to be $158 and were marked down to $9.99!  Can you imagine!?"  Sometimes.  Yes.  It made total sense that they were marked down that much.  Other times, I was baffled, and thrilled.

    Our Summer Sale is on now, and moms are having fun with it! Summer is here for 3-5 months in the US, depending upon where you live.  My favorite Sale Styling options today, which can and should be worn for years to come, not just with a bump:

    silk top+distressed whte jeans+cropped cardi=fab



    (Cardi is optional, just a nice addition which can be worn with everything. Styling tip: do not button the cardi-leave it open.))

    Personally I am the type of person who loves finding something at Goodwill for $5.99, but also will way full price for something that is way more, but that I love.  If I pay $5.99 and wear it once, then I'm good. If I pay over $150 then I know that I will wear it for years to come.

    When pregnant, you are almost guaranteed to wear everything that you have many many times in the course of a pregnancy, and beyond-even if beyond is only for the trip back down. All of the pieces above can truly be worn forever.

    Nursing?  Throw a cami under the silk top

    -lift silk top up, pull cami down, nurse discreetly, chic-ly.

    Happy summer to all!



    Top o' the Morning...

    Top o' the Morning...

    ...and the afternoon, and the evening.  These tops just make life that much easier and chic-from 9 weeks, to 9 months, to waaay beyond. There's at least one for everyone, most people grab more than that- then grab another every time they come in.

    Love the Nicole with it's Tiffany glass-esque floral and fly-away back detail.

    Throw her on over a black pencil skirt or a pair of jeans and you are dressed. Love that.

    Mandy is the go-to summer fave of working mama's everywhere.

    Ah, Grace!  Feminine and floral and out the door you go.

    Nisha is simple, sophisticated and elegant, with an exposed zipper on her back just for added style. 

    There isn't a closet out there that doesn't love her.

    Last but not least, this pintuck detailed, button front top sprayed with teeny hearts is the perfect splash of summer.  Over white jeans for summer?  Uh huh.

    While none of these pieces are officially "bumped" they all go the distance. 

    And, while not officially "nursing", grab a MOM cami, layer it underneath- lift top up, pull neck of cami down-discreet, chic nursing achieved! 

    Mom made happy. Morning, noon and night.

    It's a good way to start your week.


    Come Hither Baby: Nursing Chic

    Come Hither Baby: Nursing Chic

    In that way that our mission is to make moms look and feel fab, for 20 years we have realized that women want to be able to nurse with ease, BUT, we need to look good too!  What's the point of getting a top that allows for easy feeding if you don't want to leave the house in it because it is so terrifying? So, since our beginning we've found some work arounds. Some are officially designed for nursing, most are officially designed for fashion, and happen to allow easy access for easy feeding. Here are just a few of our nursing/not-nursing faves today Like this off shoulder top by Fifteen Twenty, it works with a bump, and is great for beyond.  It totally camouflages any post-partum bump; ready to nurse? Just throw on a white or blue nursing scarf and pull down the elastic neckline.  1-2-3. Easy.  Florals not your thing?  You must not know us well-it's available in black:)



         Or, throw this easy breezy, beautifully detailed (check out the neck and sleeve accents) tunic, tossed over one of our must-have cami or nursing cami with built-in bra?  Baby hungry?  Lift up hem of top, pull down cami, feed in chic, while totally covered.

    Feeling more casual, just walking the dog, but, let's face it, even then you might want to look a little put-togther?  alex&harry's Don't Sweat It top will become your total go-to.  Yes, you may even need it in two colors. (Our fantastic buyer, Emily, wears hers without the cropped tank under.)

    Nursing Chic is not an oxymoron. We've got you covered.  bump & beyond.  Want more ideas?  Just e-mail us with your social info or a photo and we'll send you suggestions:) Lovin' what we do.  Let us help you feel as amazing as you are.