Body by Baby: bump & beyond

Yesterday, again, we had loads of new moms in.  They all looked amazing. A few were more than a little shocked and distressed by what their post-partum bod looked like.  This post is dedicated to them.   With an aside gratitude to Kendra Wilkinson. 

Blown away by her strength. Housing a baby can be rough on some bodies, and not at all on others.  The aftermath of growing an extra square foot of skin in 40 weeks can have a lasting effect on a body, or not. Every body is different. Every body does pregnancy differently.  I used to think that if you had lots of real estate-were tall and beautiful, you would show late and carry a baby perfectly.  I have been humbled through my 20 years of looking at pregnant bodies from 6 week to 40, to 40 post-partum. 

Yes there are general trends; tiny?  Short and slim?  There is no real estate, baby's gotta go nowhere to go but out, so you might show earlier. Long waisted?  More real estate, you might not show as early.  Note:  this does not mean that you won't feel your pants getting tight at the same time, from 9-15 weeks along, it just might be easier to hide it longer.  And, no matter how tall or short, or full hipped or narrow hipped or..whatever your body type, your body, seemingly from forehead to toes, will change.  How or where? No guarantees besides this- your belly will get bigger.  Your upper arms, knees, hips, boobs?  Probably at least a couple of those too.

And then there is post-partum.  You've got that beautiful, perfect, precious, beloved baby.  Your body? Maybe not so much.  I always try to coach new moms to not worry about it.  If you have a newborn; your weight, your belly skin, let it go. Oh you'll be aware of it, just don't start fretting your pretty sleep deprived head over it.  It's a good lesson in parenting. Choose your battles, let sh*t go. 

Choose clothes that make you feel good! Listen to this mother of 3, Taryn Brumfitt.  She knows her stuff. Love this mama!


And-dress so you can feel like you-smart and sexy, just maybe not in a bikini?


The recipe for happiness for a few of yesterday's new moms in the shop? Belly Bandit BFF, layered under a  BB Mother Tucker.   This has been a winning pair for many of our new moms.  It sucks it all in, reminds you to engage your core  and yes, all wore their new BB ensemble out of the shop, standing up a little taller and feeling a little brighter. No one ever said that parenting was going to be a breeze, did they?



   =  :) mama   The truth is that when one quickly adds 50 pounds, depending upon genes and luck, our bodies bounce back differently.  Lots of things help.  Letting go helps most.  Valuing yourself and teaching your children by modeling your values.  Spoiled Mama Tummy Butter can't be a bad thing, use it twice daily.  The BFF helps.  Exercise helps. None of it is a guarantee.  Babies grow quickly at the end.  Bigger babies are healthy.  They can wreak havoc on our bodies. But look how they change our hearts. All of which brings us to this:  Clothes matter.  We can choose what clothes to wear.  Our bodies?  Not so much.  Style yourself to feel your best.  Some new mamas skip the BFF and the Mother Tucker and still feel great once they get their new Body by Babe into styles that make them feel good.  No right or wrong.


next day:  OMG, I wrote this a couple of days ago, and didn't post, and then Kendra Wilkinson posted this with "Look what my 2 babies did... They made me happy. #happymothersday" Love her too!!!

Best Mother Award for sure! Perfection doesn't exist. Or, it does, when we realize that Imperfect is Perfect. Take care of you, be honest and unafraid, and it's all good Mama.

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