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    Small Biz Celebration!

    Small Biz Celebration!

    Why celebrate Small Biz? Because it matters! (See below for how and why.)

    On Small Business Saturday we just wanted to say Thank you for shopping small! 

    We love what we do, and we love working with you! If you shop with us, you've interacted with at least 10% of our staff, and each and every one of us wants nothing more than to make you look and feel as fabulous as you are! 

    Here is who we are, in real life,  Julia, Carla, LaRonya and Sally are not represented here but they can be found in the stores, and they work on web orders. As you can tell, Gloria will not be here much longer as baby # 2 is due December 27th! 

    As a small biz we care about you, and we care about the communities that we live and raise our children in.  Did you know that non-profit organizations receive an average 250% more support from smaller business owners than they do from large businesses? Crazy, right?

    This small business pays a living wage, pays 100% of health insurance costs for those staff who need it, and has a retirement plan for staff.  Big biz complains about the cast of health insurance, we just couldn't justify not offering it, and not paying for it.  We believe that those taking care of our valued and cherished clients deserve to be safe and comfortable and healthy. 

    Want even more reasons to Shop Small?

    1. It's basic economics, shopping at locally owned small shops is good for the community you live in.

    There are lots of numbers out there on this. According to most sources, 70% of dollars spent in a locally owned, independent stores stays in your community, that number drops to 43% if you shop big, and 0% if you shop online. Schools, parks, and so much more is impacted.

    2. Historically, two-thirds of net new jobs in this country are created by small business. Small firms are also responsible for over half of national GDP.

    There’s nothing small about that.

    So, shop small, know the faces of the humans who care, and, have fun doing it, knowing that you are investing inn your own community!


    Comfort Dressing

    Comfort Dressing

    Some days, we all need a little comforting. The world is wide and wonderful in so many ways, and, as discussed with a mama 2b the the other day, it is important not to lose sight of that. 

    And to laugh and smile.

    don't sweat it, smile:)

    This mama was trying to get her head around the tragedy going on in the world around her, and was feeling like all she wanted was "comfort food and comfort dressing".  So, she was bringing on the mac and cheese big time apparently, and was in for a duplication of the outfit that she was wearing, in different colors, "I just can't seem to really change my clothes every morning, and my husband, bless him, said that I look beautiful, but suggested that maybe the shop had these pieces in other colors? Ha!"

    This is  what she wore in:

    This is what she wore out -apparently she really had been wearing the same thing for 3 days and knew that her sanity and a degree of happiness could be achieved just by changing clothes.  "Plus, my husband will know that what I keep saying is true, I really am okay-hormonal, weepy, tired, but, caring about what i look like, and changing clothes might make him believe me!" 

    And, at the risk of pushing it, we suggested a pair of the softest jeans ever, and she admitted that they were the softest ever, and maybe "real pants" in her closet would not be a bad thing, so, she added those and went home, saying that she felt like they should go out to dinner now that she had changed her clothes!

    Fashion means different things to different people.  What makes you feel good is personal, and can change from day to day, but clothes do matter, they do make most people feel better.  We get to witness this every day.  And we are thankful.




    Welcome Back Dede! Another now-mom MOM.

    Welcome Back Dede! Another now-mom MOM.

    Dede's back in SF! Anyone who remembers her from her previous stint at Mom's the Word has a child age 7 or older!  Crazy.

    We are so happy to have another "now mom" MOM rejoin the team of moms, not moms and one grandmom.  Making this retail company work for our moms, and people with moms, is just all part of the mission-got a PTA meeting, husband out of town, teenager needing a little direction, your mom really wants to Zumba with you?  We've got you covered. 

    Meet Dede.

    I am a wife, mom, and style enthusiast.

    I am a people person and my favorite part of my job is making people feel good.

    In my spare time I enjoy stepping on Legos barefoot, asking kids to put their shoes on (I prefer to ask repeatedly with, no one responding), getting tangles out of My Little Pony’s tails and answering questions like “If Hulk and Thor got in a battle, who would win?” And subsequently defending my position.

    I love adventuring and exploring with my family- hiking, trips to the river, camping, road trips, flea markets, outdoor movies, and hosting play dates that turn into  impromptu dinner parties.

    My style is California Lifestyle: easy and low maintenance. Lots of denim, knits, maxi dresses and rompers. I have a weakness for jackets, sweaters and boots. I top off every outfit with a piece of unique jewelry.

    Now you know why she just belongs here?

    She worked with us when she was pregnant with her first, and modeled for us with her second. 

    Dede's cute, and our amazing and fabulous photographer, Rob Prideaux, did his thing-making MOM models who have never modeled, look fabulous.

    Welcome back Dede!

    Working Moms/Welcome Back Gloria!

    Working Moms/Welcome Back Gloria!

    All moms are working moms.  Period.

    Personally I was able to take almost 9 months out of the paid work force after my first was born, and, after giving me my two boys, those 9 months were the best gift that my former spouse ever gave me.  And, when I went back, I was ready to be with grown-ups a little more, ready to read something without turning a page between sentances.  I was ready for a few hours off from the rewarding but hard work of parenting 24/7.  

    Re-entering the paid work force/staying home with the kids?  There isn't a right way or a wrong way.  Period. We moms all do what we feel is best for us, and therefore for our children.

    Gloria was not a mom when she first joined us in 2012.  And we loved having her here when she was pregnant. Here she is in November 2014 doing her best "Get theLook" look in Mom's the Word styles of the moment. (And that bag still comes with her to work every day.)

    She's been a working mom for 15 months, and now she has just joined the paid work force. We love having her back!

    Here's what she wrote for her personal page on our site:

    If you had asked me a year and a half ago

    "What's your favorite thing?" I would not have hesitated-

    "Traveling, exotic places, dreaming and beautiful beaches"


    No doubt. Watching my baby boy growing-

    exploring and discovering the world; exciting, exotic and new.

    And when he looks at me with those amazing blue eyes?

    My heart melts in a way I never knew was possible.



    Welcome Back Gloria!!