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Clothes that Multi Task

Posted by Dede Lewis on

As women and moms we like to multitask. Ok, maybe we don’t like it, but we do it. But we actually do like clothes that can multitask. Here are some...

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Oh the Glamour, Oh the Drama

Well, last night's Academy Awards definitely nailed the drama.   And the bumps ruled the red carpet! Molly McNearey bumped up one of the trends of the evening in her...

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Best Dressed Bump-Fitted or Flowing?

If you have ever read anything that we've written you will know that we don't believe in right/wrong in dressing, parenting, or, honestly, much of anything.  So, when people come...

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Easy Dressing 1-2-3

Posted by Austin Ross on

There are some days, especially in the first and third trimester, that you just want to look cute, be comfy and spend as little time and energy as possible getting...

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Maternity Dressing Do's (and Don'ts too)

We tend to want to accentuate the positive, and not be negative-in general in life, and in fashion advice too.  So, if you feel good? Do wear it. If you...

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Panty Lines-Be Gone!

Be a star! Go Commando! The Celeb Must-Have, on and off the red carpet, bump & beyond. I still do it sometimes- when someone is trying on a dress and...

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