Shoe Matters/Shoes Matter

If we had our druthers here-and endless amounts of time-we would open a shoe store next door.  Today we were discussing our current obsessions du jour, and our picks for bump, before and beyond.

We are sort of thinking that the unthinkable is no longer such, and that there may be a pair of Birkenstocks in some of our futures.  They do come in gold now, so....yeah, there's that, plus insane comfort.

Feeling less formal? Add socks, yes,socks!  Thanks to The MomEdit for showing us that this look actually works! Love the cute socks!

WhoWhatWear announced last week that Kitten Heels are NOT ugly! 

And that is a)true, and b)great news for pregnant women.


In that way that we love style, and variety, we love both of these looks.  And, just like bras, shoes matter. Both of these are great options, bump and beyond, for the babe in you.




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