• Pregnancy Tips: 7 Ways To Survive The First Trimester

    Pregnancy Tips: 7 Ways To Survive The First Trimester

    The first trimester- AKA the trimester that you aren't telling anyone that you're pregnant, and you really want to tell them why you are so tired, cranky and sick! It’s also when you realize that this is a journey into the unknown.  You've heard about the first trimester, but, when it's you, it's different!  It's also different for everyone, so, this is a great...
  • Sale Styling - Wow Mom & beyond

    Sale Styling - Wow Mom & beyond

    Sales are great, and sometimes for the life of me I am baffled by what ends up on sale, at Mom's the Word and elsewhere.  And, sometimes, I'm not;) When I was in college my mom used to send me these great items that "used to be $158 and were marked down to $9.99!  Can you imagine!?"  Sometimes.  Yes.  It made total sense that...
  • Top o' the Morning...

    Top o' the Morning...

    ...and the afternoon, and the evening.  These tops just make life that much easier and chic-from 9 weeks, to 9 months, to waaay beyond. There's at least one for everyone, most people grab more than that- then grab another every time they come in. Love the Nicole with it's Tiffany glass-esque floral and fly-away back detail. Throw her on over a black pencil skirt...
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