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Maternity Dressing Do's (and Don'ts too)

Written by Sarah Pollak


Posted on October 14 2016

We tend to want to accentuate the positive, and not be negative-in general in life, and in fashion advice too.  So, if you feel good? Do wear it. If you don't feel good? Don't wear it. And, yes, we know, with your new and improved body by baby, there are some days you just don't know! Here are a few easy to follow tips:)

The below image encapsulates pretty much every "don't" that we can think of.  And it was taken on the red carpet.  Which just means that maybe start with "Don't -assume that just because you have a stylist you look good" and "Don't -wear it just because it fits on your pregnant body!" (For those who really want the Don't list-see the answers at the bottom of the page.)

We will, in keeping with that "positive" thing, not dwell on the "Don't"s, but focus on the "Do's".

Starting at the top.

DO open up the neckline, V-necks and scoop necks are your friends.  If you want to wear a neckline like the above-then please throw on a long drop necklace or a scarf or a jacket or cardigan. But.  Our opinion.  Try to avoid a closed neckline. At least open it up enough to show a little clavicle.  A very fitted dress or cold shoulder can be the exceptions to this "rule".

DO wear something that is fitted to your body somewhere.

If a v-neck as above feels a little too boob-a-licious, throw a tubie on, it's an easy fix, plus, makes nursing a cinch!

If you don't feel like fitted anywhere then:

DO make sure that the dress fits your shoulders.

DO show some leg and add some swing if you just plain don't feel good in fitted.  Don't love your legs either?  Hello leggings or tights.

DO put a belt on it. There! You've got something fitted somewhere.

DO embrace prints that you love, if you like prints.  Even if you're not a "print person", consider a non-print-print, like this one. A print can allow you to wear something a little more fitted than you might feel comfortable in, because a print will, well, camouflage some of those bumps that aren't your belly... if you know what we mean.

An awesome easy to weaar belted print dress.

DO accentuate the positive-which would be that fabulous amazing miraculous baby!  On the daily we encourage women to try a super fitted piece, and I'm talking women who look at us like we have lost our minds when we suggest it, and, sometimes they just don't like it, and sometimes they are shocked, but...they feel really good!

love the look.  go full on fitted.  you can do it.

fitted and flattering

DO challenge yourself to try new things.  Leave your old rules outside and step into something new.

DO celebrate the miracles, embrace the bump, take the time to try things on, get yourself a pair of fabulous shoes(different things to different people), get a great supportive bra that fits, and walk into the room knowing that the impression that people make in that first 10 seconds?  It's gonna be killer!


the Don't list, for those who just must know:)


a)wear a close neckline. if you can feel it on your neck, unless it's a turtleneck, take it off.

b)wear a color that you question.  a few people can wear and feel good in yellow.  a few.

c)wear a short sleeve that hits mid way through your upper arm, drawing attention to the exact point that you like least. go up a little higher-like a cap, or down closer to the elbow.

d)wear anything ever that is tight on your wider bits-bust,bum and/or belly- and looser everywhere else (see the yellow dress for a visual)

e)wear a woven fabric that is stiff, unless, maybe one with an empire waist. Another red carpet moment as a visual. Shoes are fab... her ankles look awesome.(And both of these celebs are adorable, and were adorable pregnant too.)

f)wear mid calf dresses.  they come in and out of fashion, but, our opinion, they look good on almost no one, ever- pregnant or not pregnant. go above the knee, even just below or mid knee, or ankle skimming or maxi. Again, a place where exceptions may be made for body con pieces.

g)leave the house if you don't feel good.  if nothing else, take a moment to engage your core, stand up straight.  how do you feel now?  still not good? text/call where you're going, use pregnant privilege, tell them you're running a few minutes late.  It's good practice for parenting. Reread the above DO's and DON'Ts, grab a tie, a belt, a piece of ribbon, throw it on over or under the bump and square knot it, grab a short fitted cardigan, throw on, grab a button down and tie it over the bump...still no? Start from scratch. Try something new on.Take a deep breath. It's all fine.

And, lastly, truly.  If it feels good?  By all means ignore the rules, make your own exceptions.  Relax.  Have fun!



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