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    Oh the Glamour, Oh the Drama

    Oh the Glamour, Oh the Drama

    Well, last night's Academy Awards definitely nailed the drama.  

    And the bumps ruled the red carpet!

    Molly McNearey bumped up one of the trends of the evening in her stunning neutral beaded gown.

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley dazzled in her silver beaded gown.

    Ciara, in another noticeable trend of the evening, velvet, wowed in a velvet gown.(Which reminded us of a red sequined gown worn by Beyonce back with Blue Ivy)

    And then, we do not know with what energy, but we guess that the adreniline of the evening could keep you going, even pregnant, switched it up at the after party into one of our favorite combos-a fitted dress with duster-and done in all whites? Gorgeous!

    Natalie Portman stayed home last night, taking care of mama because she is due any day, but rocked her style at the SAG Awards last week.

    Many moms were acknowledged and thanked, and, naturally we loved that. A few moms were brought as dates and, especially since one of us knew one of them that was particularly exciting this year.  

    Great movies.

    A much needed escape into the wonderful world of style.

    What a show it was!

    Hollywood MOMs

    Hollywood MOMs

    Can we agree that there are not enough women behind the scenes in Hollywood?  Roughly 6 percent of all directors working on top grossing films, 10 percent of writers, 15 percent of executive producers and 25 percent of producers are women. So, how honored were we when Star Wars The Force Awakens Associate Producer, Stacey Bissell ran in to our SF store for a gown to wear to the Oscars?  Very.

    We work with so any celebs on a personal level in LA, and the occasional celeb pops in to our SF and Palo Alto stores, and, for the most part, they are all so, well, normal and nice!  (No naming names. )  But, there's something really powerful about being in the room with someone like Stacey.  As it is with every single woman who walks in and trusts us to get her dressed for any occasion-from the Oscars to a baby shower.  Rock on MOM!