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    One Dress that Does It All? Meet The Madison

    One Dress that Does It All?  Meet The Madison

    One dress that has been, literally, to an Inaugural Ball and to the beach; from the red carpet to so many weddings and showers that we lost count a long time ago. It has been paired with everything from Louboutins to flip flops, from diamonds to dusters. 

    Actor Saffron Burrows paired it with a jacket at the Golden Globes.

          madison at the golden globes

    Fashion blogger Irina Bond of Bond Girl Glam styled it cozy.

    maternity not maternity maxi dress


    (Images of Irina by Bleudog Fotography)

    Michele rocked it at 8 months.

    maternity not maternity maxi dress

    Yvonne's mama wears it way beyond the bump, layered under a sweater.   It makes mom's happy every day. It is one of those styles that can be dressed up or down and looks good on every body type. And we love that.


    You can wear it high in front, low in back for an elegant look, flip it around-different dress!

    maternity not maternity maxi dress

    It is THE dress to wear, where ever life takes you.  Nailed it.

    maternity not maternity maxi dressmaterity not maternity maxi dress

    Where are you going? Go there in ease and style. Toss on the Madison, and go live that life, accepting the compliments all the way!

    Why every pregnant woman needs a denim jacket.

    Why every pregnant woman needs a denim jacket.

    Pregnant?  Getting dressed every morning with fewer and fewer things to wear?  Okay, the truth?  All women should have a denim jacket.  And dressing for two means that you REALLY should have a denim jacket.  It is a classic. It will always serve you well.  Throw it over a white tank and black jeans with a cool necklace or scarf and you are done. If you don't have one already, do yourself a favor-get one now, and never give it up. Some years it may live in the back of the closet, but you will always find it, like an old friend, and be glad to have it in your life. denim jacket on danielle Added bonus, it will take anything and everything from night to day.  And, when you're pregnant and your closet options seem to be shrinking every day, voila, that dress for the wedding...denim jacket miki1

    just turned into an every day dress, not a "wear-me-once" piece.  Yay!

    When looking for the right one for your pregnant silhouette be sure that it does not hit you much below your natural waistline.  You remember that, right?  Well, it's still there, and it deserves a little attention. Your jacket should hit it, or above, in back.  Something that hits mid-butt will successfully be drawing attention in a not-good way-even if you've got a good butt-to your butt and make you look wider-NOT what you want!


    Want to have even more fun?  Head over to your local craft store and throw some studs on your $88 jacket and emulate this fabulous one by Saint Laurent.

    Subtle and brilliant. (and $1600)

    Now, go on, and rock it mama!


    Dressing While Pregnant- Lesson: Denim

    Dressing While Pregnant- Lesson: Denim

    Jeans matter, therefore, maternity jeans matter, dare we say, twice as much?

    We are obsessed with fashion and making women feel fabulous, and one cannot possibly do that today without being obsessed with denim. Emily, our buyer, is obsessed with making sure that we have a tons of comfortable bottoms to choose from.

    Finding a few good, solid pairs of jeans makes a huge difference to the way you walk into a room.  Just our opinion, but since countless women have walked out of the shop in their new jeans, 3" taller than when they walked in, that opinion is based on experience. Okay.  Maybe not 3" taller, but definitely taller. And happier.

    Where to begin?  Start with a good basic. This is our single most popular primary pair, which doesn't mean that it's everyone's first, it's just insanely soft, skinny and comfy, and a good, basic everyday wash. 


    Okay, we lied, there are two popular pairs. Most moms do the black shadow as well, because, well, when they put one pair on, and make some comment along the lines of "OMG! These are amazing." they realize that one pair is not enough, and grabbing the same amazement in black is just their next move. 

    So, if you are one of those people who will only rock a basic skinny, then grab a couple of them.  You will not regret it. You will wear them as many times in the course of just one pregnancy as you wear one pair for years not pregnant.

    And then there's the trip back down, which these are all perfect for.  Grab a belt and you're good to go for the year after delivery- which is what a mom of 3 advised a friend to plan on.  The friend was much relieved.  She actually came in to buy a new pair of our jeans with her 3 month old, and she is hardy the first one to do that. 


    An IMPORTANT note on FIT: Get jeans that fit the way you like your jeans to fit before you were pregnant.  REMEMBER-denim relaxes out, you want jeans that make your butt look good, not saggy!  This does not mean that you should buy jeans that feel painted on, or that don't feel comfortable.  It just means that you should not buy the next size up because you're pregnant-that's what those stretchy side panels are for!

    Maternity Denim Strobe Emma by DL


    Talk to the person fitting you, ask them for their advise, different jeans do relax out differently, and the person helping you should have that information.  Then, listen to your mom gut, and get the ones that feel best to you.  This is a good lesson that will serve you well in parenting-collect all the info, know what the experts say and then listen to your gut.  There is not a right or wrong, just doing the best that you can with a changing situation-in this case, your body. If your jeans get too tight, save them for the trip back down.  Don't beat yourself up or stress out. 

    Feeling too tall?  Tuck them into a pair of boots or booties, or, really, ankle length is never bad, and particularly when pregnant, if you still have your ankles?  Celebrate them! Show them off!  Got cankles? Hello booties.

    Feeling short?  Please do not buy clothes, denim or otherwise, based on length.  But clothes that fit, and then meet your local dry cleaner-they can hem with ease if you want a hem. 

    Gwen Stefani in her cuffed jeans

    Or, no matter what your height, emulate Gwen Stefani- cuff 'em!

    Jeans matter.  Take care of mama and spend the time and money that you can manage getting jeans that rock the bum and the bump.  You're worth it.  

    Cozy, Chic and Comfy-the Good C's

    Cozy, Chic and Comfy-the Good C's

    Sesame Street isn't the only one who has a letter of the day! C is the letter of the season.

    On the Lower East Side back in the 80's (Yes, that's where I was back then, now you know),I had a friend who said that all the good stuff started with a "C"; Champagne, Coffee, Cookies, Chalk(those were the days of Keith Haring and his chalk babies) ,Cake, Cigarettes, Cognac and the list went on. I don't know where he is today, but with the turn of the season and influx of boxes-all the good things do start with C! It's just our perspective that changes; Cozy, Cashmere, Comfy and Chic, and then there's Cocoa, and Coco.

    How best to dress chic with a bump?  And beyond? 

    There is just something in the air that just screams for a tunic and leggings with a pair of cute boots. And pregnant?  Yes, this could be your entire winter wardrobe! It's a flattering silhouette on everyone; take a pair of leggings, add a sweater. Bumped up is even better!

    coziest cashmere chic

    Mix Up the Shapes for MaxiMom Wardrobe Benefits

    Oversized is In!

    Enter the Derek  the perfect balance of comfy and oh so chic.  One of our top sellers, the shape is looser which everyone loves. This piece is particularly adored by those who might have legs that they can stand, but are not enamored of their backside. But honestyly, everyone loves it. The Derek just makes everything a little bit better.  Over the knee or short booties, whatever you do it with, you will be doing it well, and looking smashing.

    Another winner from the "trying to hide it" stage to the ride to the delivery room, and has been in many a mom's coming home from the hospital bag.  

    Start a little slouchy.

    Looks and feels fab from the very beginning to the biggest bumped months, and is a favorite post-partum shape-it's not too fitted, but it's got some shape.

    The Cashmere BF Sweater by Tina Stephens definitely delivers. Plus, how good is something you can wear pregnant or not in two colors? Not too fitted, not too loose, just right!

    Seriously, check cozy and chic off your list with this one.



    We can't talk C's without talking classic and there's nothing more classic than a black turtleneck sweater.

    This tweeded beauty is sure to be a staple for your journey through pregnancy as it offers comforts, chic style, and endless outfit opportunities. With leggings and jeans? Over a tight dress or fitted pencil skirt? Under vests and scarves? Yes! Flattering forever.

    A slim shape in the ultimate classic? 

    When is a basic black turtleneck ever bad? And one that covers the bump?  Easy decision, no? Dressed and done.

    black fitted turtleneck

    So, really, the only question is, which will you wear today?  Tomorrow?  

    Dressing while Pregnant -Lesson #1: Separates

    Dressing while Pregnant -Lesson #1: Separates

    There is no end of advice out there on how to dress best for your body type-apple, pear, boy, curvy, etc.  Nowhere have we seen advice on how to dress a pregnant pear or, an apple with basketball or, well, you get the point-what to wear when your body type is pregnant!  And, no matter what your body type is-it will change when pregnant.  Learning to love to dress the bump is exciting -and can be quite the challenge for some. We here at Mom's the Word love dressing all bodies, before, bump and beyond.  Through our 20(!?) years of experience we have come up with some easy to follow guidelines.  Some people will feel more comfortable in one of the below, some will love 'em all.  There is no right or wrong.

    1. First rule is that there are no rules.  Guidelines. Yes.  But if you feel great in your body in the clothes that you have on, at this exact moment, then read no further.
    2. Follow our guidelines, but, some days?  Color outside the lines if you're feelin' it. Try something new.  Or reach for an old fave and see how it feels on the new bod.
    Here are some of our basic "dress the bump" guidelines for separates.
    • Flowy over Fitted.  Looser top, skinny bottoms.  Done.  Cute.
    • Fitted over Fitted.  The bump is your best accessory, flaunt it mama! Rock ALL of those curves!
    • Looser over fitted over fitted. Did we lose you there?  This can be a great way to embrace the bump for those who aren't feeling like embracing the butt.  Take the above fitted over fitted, and add a looser layer.  Not only can this cover your less fave body parts-hello hips and butt, it also creates a vertical line which elongates your silhouette:) Our bet?  You'll feel great.

    • Fitted over flowy, or less fitted. Think boyfriend jeans, looser trousers or coulottes, flowy maxi skirts or shorter a-line skirts.


    4. It is most difficult, not impossible, but hardest, to look good in Flowy over Flowy. If you hated fitted before, do not assume that you will hate it now.  Try a fitted over less fitted option. If you absolutely want flowy over flowy we suggest working with dresses more than separates.  If you want to do separates-tuck your flowy to into the under the bump waistband of your looser bottom. Seriously.  It's cute, although it can get tricky in later months. If you do looser over looser, another thing to do is make certain to show some of your body-feature your ankles, shoulder, clavicle and wrists, and bring the attention up with a scarf or necklace.


    Maybe even throw a belt under the belly to give yourself a little shape.  You have a great shape.  Embrace it, eh?  What the heck? (Thanks to Melissa, above, for modeling a look that we didn't yet have a shot of.) Challenge yourself to feel good- bump & beyond. A happy-with-how-she-looks mom is a happier mom. We really do love what we do-stop in and let us style you.  Not near us?  E-mail us and we'll send you a personal stylist form and get you on the road to loving the bump-