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Trend Watch: The Printed Maxi Dress

Written by Austin Ross


Posted on February 16 2016

Even if you aren't a star-struck, US Weekly reading, E News watching fan, it is always fun to watch the fashion trends that celebs embrace at the change of seasons. Some are laughable (Yes, we are talking to you, "destroyed" denim a la Khloe K. You are more holes than fabric), many are outright ridiculous (who really wears 6 inch heels to Starbucks?) and some are drool worthy: enter the printed maxi dress.     

It's no secret that the maxi dress is a favorite of the prego mama. Why wouldn't it be? Universally flattering,  throw-on-and-go insta-style, and most importantly, The Maxi Dress does not require the Shaving of the Legs ( also known during the third trimester as shower yoga, WOD or more likely a reenactment of Edward Scissorhands. Not only are celebs donning adorable printed maxis for daytime, but they are showing up on the red carpet. Dreading your cousin's evening wedding in June? Not anymore, because you will rock in like Angelina. With no shortage of options, we've got the perfect pick for every style, every occasion and every mom2b!   



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