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Cozy, Chic and Comfy-the Good C's

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on November 09 2017

Sesame Street isn't the only one who has a letter of the day! C is the letter of the season.

On the Lower East Side back in the 80's (Yes, that's where I was back then, now you know),I had a friend who said that all the good stuff started with a "C"; Champagne, Coffee, Cookies, Chalk(those were the days of Keith Haring and his chalk babies) ,Cake, Cigarettes, Cognac and the list went on. I don't know where he is today, but with the turn of the season and influx of boxes-all the good things do start with C! It's just our perspective that changes; Cozy, Cashmere, Comfy and Chic, and then there's Cocoa, and Coco.

How best to dress chic with a bump?  And beyond? 

There is just something in the air that just screams for a tunic and leggings with a pair of cute boots. And pregnant?  Yes, this could be your entire winter wardrobe! It's a flattering silhouette on everyone; take a pair of leggings, add a sweater. Bumped up is even better!

coziest cashmere chic

Mix Up the Shapes for MaxiMom Wardrobe Benefits

Oversized is In!

Enter the Derek  the perfect balance of comfy and oh so chic.  One of our top sellers, the shape is looser which everyone loves. This piece is particularly adored by those who might have legs that they can stand, but are not enamored of their backside. But honestyly, everyone loves it. The Derek just makes everything a little bit better.  Over the knee or short booties, whatever you do it with, you will be doing it well, and looking smashing.

Another winner from the "trying to hide it" stage to the ride to the delivery room, and has been in many a mom's coming home from the hospital bag.  

Start a little slouchy.

Looks and feels fab from the very beginning to the biggest bumped months, and is a favorite post-partum shape-it's not too fitted, but it's got some shape.

The Cashmere BF Sweater by Tina Stephens definitely delivers. Plus, how good is something you can wear pregnant or not in two colors? Not too fitted, not too loose, just right!

Seriously, check cozy and chic off your list with this one.



We can't talk C's without talking classic and there's nothing more classic than a black turtleneck sweater.

This tweeded beauty is sure to be a staple for your journey through pregnancy as it offers comforts, chic style, and endless outfit opportunities. With leggings and jeans? Over a tight dress or fitted pencil skirt? Under vests and scarves? Yes! Flattering forever.

A slim shape in the ultimate classic? 

When is a basic black turtleneck ever bad? And one that covers the bump?  Easy decision, no? Dressed and done.

black fitted turtleneck

So, really, the only question is, which will you wear today?  Tomorrow?  



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