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Why every pregnant woman needs a denim jacket.

Written by Austin Ross


Posted on April 09 2018

Pregnant?  Getting dressed every morning with fewer and fewer things to wear?  Okay, the truth?  All women should have a denim jacket.  And dressing for two means that you REALLY should have a denim jacket.  It is a classic. It will always serve you well.  Throw it over a white tank and black jeans with a cool necklace or scarf and you are done. If you don't have one already, do yourself a favor-get one now, and never give it up. Some years it may live in the back of the closet, but you will always find it, like an old friend, and be glad to have it in your life. denim jacket on danielle Added bonus, it will take anything and everything from night to day.  And, when you're pregnant and your closet options seem to be shrinking every day, voila, that dress for the wedding...denim jacket miki1

just turned into an every day dress, not a "wear-me-once" piece.  Yay!

When looking for the right one for your pregnant silhouette be sure that it does not hit you much below your natural waistline.  You remember that, right?  Well, it's still there, and it deserves a little attention. Your jacket should hit it, or above, in back.  Something that hits mid-butt will successfully be drawing attention in a not-good way-even if you've got a good butt-to your butt and make you look wider-NOT what you want!


Want to have even more fun?  Head over to your local craft store and throw some studs on your $88 jacket and emulate this fabulous one by Saint Laurent.

Subtle and brilliant. (and $1600)

Now, go on, and rock it mama!




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