Why We Love Small Biz Saturday

thanksgiving thanksgiving1 thanksgiving2 thanksgiving3 When we started we were a one mom operation. That's small.  So small that we are sharing the above, family photos.  Taken by my dad in the 1950s when he was 14.  Why?  Because we like them and thought that we'd share.  (And yes, they are of a not-small biz!) We are still small.  So small that in fact writing a Small Biz Saturday blog totally fell off the list.  So small that we really wanted every one who wanted the holiday weekend, to have the holiday weekend off, which means that the rest of us have been pretty busy this week. So small that if you have been in our stores or contacted us online you have communicated with at least 8% of our staff.  There 12 of us.  Small, but strong, and we love being small. Been in our LA shop on West 3rd Street?  Here's Austin take on shopping small: Shopping Small stimulates our neighborhood economy all the while providing goods that can't be found in a chain department store. Small boutiques  provide unique, special and fabulous wares that make the purchaser feel unique, special and fabulous too. Small businesses  change and support local economies which help to stimulate regional economies and so on to the national economy.   Shopping our small biz street in a big city, has a big impact. Retailers  of clothes, accessories , home goods, mom and pop restaurants, vintage markets is a fun and unique way to shop local. And, a few facts: Small Businesses Give Back: Over 90% of small businesses give back to their communities Small Businesses Boost Your Local Economy: $60 out of every $100 spent at local retailers stays in your community (compared with $43 spent at chain stores and $0 for most online shopping) So, shop small.  Today and every day.  

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