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Should I do a Newborn Photo Session ? Pregnancy photo shoot?

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on September 18 2020

Living in these unprecedented times, some things are still happening.  And we've had a run of people in the shops getting dressed last minute for a "Oh! We forgot that!" photo shoots, pregnant and newborn. It's a conversation we used to have a lot in the shops.

Should you plan a maternity shoot? 

Should you schedule a newborn photo session?

First off-we rarely tell you what you should do-there are plenty of other folks who are more than happy to do that!  We don't care what you do, we just want you to be happy and make decisions that you feel good about; in style and so much more.

(A disclaimer is needed here for anyone who has ever shopped with us for denim in store-we get a little bossy and strongly advise on sizing.)

The real question is "Do you want to invest in a pregnancy or newborn photo shoot?"  It's your call.  And, here's the thing to consider-there is a very small window, so, we do feel that you might want to give it some thought in advance.

There is no right or wrong, there is only a what is right for YOU!  What do you want?

These days, it feels to us, are particularly worth documenting. 

Things to consider:

Pregnancy Photos:

  • There are going to be plenty of pictures of you pregnant, do you want one that you could hang on a wall?  (Not that you have to do that. Most of us skipped these, but everyone we know who did them is so glad that they did.)
  • If you want to celebrate your pregnancy with a professional shoot, what is your dream? 
  • Is it black and white and all about the bump?

  • Do you want skin, no skin or both?
  • Do you want a spouse represented as part of the process?

  • Do you want a picture of your and your family on a beach/forest//field?

(and, yes, that's our very own Dede, pregnant with her now 12 year old)

  • Reach out to a photographer early to schedule your session when the bump is ready for it's close up.

Newborn Photos:

  • There will be about a billion pictures of your beautiful perfect baby.
  • The thing about having a newborn is this: you have a newborn.

  • You may not have time to take the ideal picture that you will want on the walls in ten or twenty years. 

  • Think about what you want here as well; baby in a basket? On a bed? Props or no props?

  • Another thing to consider when making a decision to get professional pictures: There will be a million pictures, but there may be zero pictures of you, your spouse and the baby/babies!

  • There may be virtually no pictures of the whole family. And even fewer in which everyone looks even remotely good, someone always has "that face" or their eyes shut-it's just a thing. 

Do your research.

Taking some time to find a photographer is important.  Sometimes your wedding photographer is a good option. Sometimes they are good for weddings, good with newborns...but those newborns grow! Are they the right fit for your family? (And they might be!)

In working with a photographer you are building a long term relationship!

And, like any long term relationship, it's good to know what you want and to take time entering the relationship!!  


We have been fortunate to partner with many amazing photographers through the years, women who make moms, and dads,happy.  

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Whatever decision you make, take pictures!  Take time to take pictures!  And, above all else, have fun!



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