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    Dress to Impress

    Dress to Impress

    Thanksgiving has come and gone, and like it or not we are in the thick of the Holidays! 

    Every year during the Holidays we get social. It is the time of year that we need something fantastic to wear to all of the events, and there are always plenty of events. Finding the perfect dress is never easy, and when adding a bump it becomes even more tedious, but it does not have to be.  That's what we are here for!

    Need something for the Holiday parties? Want something comfortable and cute? Well, the Tees by Tina Lattice dress is for you. It could not be easier than this one. Add a statement necklace, a cute pair of pumps, and a fabulous wrap or jacket, and you can spread Holiday Cheer everywhere you go!


    Another Fave by Tina is the Samantha Scoop dress. With three fourth sleeves and a reversible neckline, it's a dress that can be as perfect for a family dinner as it is for an office party!

    It is a dress that makes everyone happy. It is stylish enough for Hollywood, professional enough for a CEO,  and perfect for all that is in between. When you want something that is as fab as it is soft, you want the Penelope by Alex and Harry.  It comes in three colors, and the new Merlot is all things Merry and Bright. If you are a nursing mommy, this Holiday Season it is also perfect for that too!

    penelope dress

    If you are searching for the classic, perfect Little Black Dress with a little on-trend va-va-voom then the Celine dress is just what you've been looking for. You're sure to be the star of the holiday soiree!

    Last but not least is the Imogen Dress. It is the perfect time for lace, but then again, when isn't? It is a beautiful dress for any occasion, and with a few sparkly accessories, you will be ready to ring in the New Year. 

    Imogen Lace Dress

    No matter where you go this season, we are here to keep you looking good and feeling great! So, don't worry about what to wear. We are here to make that part easy... 

    Happy Holidays!

    How to Shop, Bump & Beyond

    How to Shop, Bump & Beyond

    Lets talk tips and tricks of a wardrobe for a growing belly and after.

    Shopping for maternity clothes can sometimes be a struggle when you're looking to maximize your wardrobe. Most new mamas are looking to get some great pieces, but fear that they might not get to wear their favorite new top from beginning to end.

    We get asked on the daily "will it work the whole pregnancy?" or "It's okay now, but what about 3 months from now?".  Our brilliant buyer teams up with all of us here at Mom's the Word to bring pregnant and not pregnant women a fantastic bunch of options to choose from that will honestly take you from before(because yes, people do shop with us who aren't pregnant) to bump & it is so well curated that there are some pieces that you will actually even want to wear beyond!

    What is Bump & Beyond, you might ask. Well! You might think of the obvious, something you can wear all the way through to nursing or something that has enough stretch for the whole shabang, but that's not all! Maybe you have a favorite blouse that you got for work when the wardrobe was getting smaller. Maybe you love the Daniel Rainn Belize Crochet top, but you know it won't last the entire pregnancy. That's okay! Because using after baby also makes it Bump & Beyond!

    The other thing would be something like the Loyal Hana Amanda Nursing Blouse. Again, maybe it won't take you through the home stretch, but that nursing access? Definitely puts it in the category of Bump & Beyond, just because it does take you, well, beyond! 

    Then of course, there are things that can be used Before & Bump & Beyond! The pieces that women get without even being pregnant, but that also happen to be extremely popular with those that are expecting. One of our favs, an absolute staple, is the Kelly Duet from Alex&Harry. It's two pieces that can be mixed, matched, and outfited so many different ways. It's been used as a top for high waisted pencil skirts, the top has been casually tossed over fitted and flowy dresses. And it nurses like a dream. Truly, Bump & Beyond.
    So, what we're trying to say, the whole gist of it, is that sometimes things work out the way we planned. Sometimes your tops fit the entire way, sometimes they don't. Maybe you can nurse in them, maybe you can't. Whatever the case, don't stress. Yes you need blouses and sweaters, lounge wear and hospital clothes, but don't think too much on the lifespan. Things you wear now, you can wear later for nursing, to camouflage the post baby bump, or just because you love it. It all comes in steps, so pace yourself mama because the Bump & Beyond will get you there. We will get you there and we will do so happily :)

    No Really, It's One Size

    No Really, It's One Size

    One size, we know, not something you think would work with maternity, but it's possible, comfortable and will take even multiples to term, and take mom beyond.It can be a task to convince new mama's that yes, it will fit.If you've been into the stores before, you might have happened across the wonderful brands Tee's by Tina and Alex&Harry, and when it comes down to sizing, these lines have nailed it."One Size, during pregnancy?!" you think, but yes, yes, yes.  People look at us skeptically, it's ok, we're used to it. Then they try it on, we see their eyes go wide, smiles take over and they ask what other colors it comes in!

    Things like the Hampton Tee will always get confused looks. We've had more than a few people ask, "Is this a children's shirt?" just because it does look a bit small on the hanger. That's when we, your trusty friends at Mom's The Word, will say, "But it's so stretchy and soft and great for pregnancy and well after!" It's a great top that's not even maternity specific.

    Linda was 7 months in this picture.

    Then there's a top on the opposite side of the one size spectrum like the Don't Sweat It. Gorgeously loose and baggy with straps thick enough to hide your bra. Do we have to do as much convincing of this one? Maybe not, but on the hanger it's not half as delightful as it is with a person in it. When our lovely new moms see it for the first time, it can look a bit shapeless, but then comes the sighs of relief from the dressing room when they finally try it on.

    And just for fun, we love to pair the fitted dresses from Tees by Tina, either the Samantha or the Microstripe, with the Kate Cascade from Alex&Harry. One sizes can be your best friend during pregnancy if you can find the right pieces and we have found them for you! Hard part over! Well, not as hard as making a human being, but you get the idea.

    You may not be one size for the next 40 weeks, but these one size pieces will take you there and back!

    How to Make the Most of Your Maternity Wardrobe: Part I

    How to Make the Most of Your Maternity Wardrobe: Part I
    The more that you can do with each piece that you add to your maternity wardrobe the better. The best way to stretch a shrinking wardrobe is to start with, and stock up on, what we refer to as "blank slate" pieces. Blank Slate Pieces will take you anywhere and everywhere because you may be pregnant, but you still get to go out and about, look fab and have fun.

    Read more

    Dressing while Pregnant -Lesson #1: Separates

    Dressing while Pregnant -Lesson #1: Separates

    There is no end of advice out there on how to dress best for your body type-apple, pear, boy, curvy, etc.  Nowhere have we seen advice on how to dress a pregnant pear or, an apple with basketball or, well, you get the point-what to wear when your body type is pregnant!  And, no matter what your body type is-it will change when pregnant.  Learning to love to dress the bump is exciting -and can be quite the challenge for some. We here at Mom's the Word love dressing all bodies, before, bump and beyond.  Through our 20(!?) years of experience we have come up with some easy to follow guidelines.  Some people will feel more comfortable in one of the below, some will love 'em all.  There is no right or wrong.

    1. First rule is that there are no rules.  Guidelines. Yes.  But if you feel great in your body in the clothes that you have on, at this exact moment, then read no further.
    2. Follow our guidelines, but, some days?  Color outside the lines if you're feelin' it. Try something new.  Or reach for an old fave and see how it feels on the new bod.
    Here are some of our basic "dress the bump" guidelines for separates.
    • Flowy over Fitted.  Looser top, skinny bottoms.  Done.  Cute.
    • Fitted over Fitted.  The bump is your best accessory, flaunt it mama! Rock ALL of those curves!
    • Looser over fitted over fitted. Did we lose you there?  This can be a great way to embrace the bump for those who aren't feeling like embracing the butt.  Take the above fitted over fitted, and add a looser layer.  Not only can this cover your less fave body parts-hello hips and butt, it also creates a vertical line which elongates your silhouette:) Our bet?  You'll feel great.

    • Fitted over flowy, or less fitted. Think boyfriend jeans, looser trousers or coulottes, flowy maxi skirts or shorter a-line skirts.


    4. It is most difficult, not impossible, but hardest, to look good in Flowy over Flowy. If you hated fitted before, do not assume that you will hate it now.  Try a fitted over less fitted option. If you absolutely want flowy over flowy we suggest working with dresses more than separates.  If you want to do separates-tuck your flowy to into the under the bump waistband of your looser bottom. Seriously.  It's cute, although it can get tricky in later months. If you do looser over looser, another thing to do is make certain to show some of your body-feature your ankles, shoulder, clavicle and wrists, and bring the attention up with a scarf or necklace.


    Maybe even throw a belt under the belly to give yourself a little shape.  You have a great shape.  Embrace it, eh?  What the heck? (Thanks to Melissa, above, for modeling a look that we didn't yet have a shot of.) Challenge yourself to feel good- bump & beyond. A happy-with-how-she-looks mom is a happier mom. We really do love what we do-stop in and let us style you.  Not near us?  E-mail us and we'll send you a personal stylist form and get you on the road to loving the bump-