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kegels. do them.

Written by Austin Ross


Posted on May 09 2016

Seriously.  If you don't know what kegels are, look them up. Quickly.  

When I was pregnant with my second there was a trainer who worked across the street who suggested that I put a post-it on my steering wheel to remind me to do kegels at every red light.  They sell stickers for this purpose. My pelvic floor is not the same as it was before child birth, but I believe that I owe a great deal to that trainer.  No, I can't run and jump or sneeze or laugh, with the confidence that maybe I did before birthing two babies, each over 8 pounds, but it could be worse. Use a post it to remind you, set an alarm to remind you.  A client, expecting her third, told me the other day that there are even apps to help. Just do this.  You'll thank us later.



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