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It's Body Appreciation Day!

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on October 23 2021

No, it's not. We just made that up. 

But, we do feel strongly that it should be a thing, and we feel strongly that it shouldn't be just a day! How about a year?  How about a lifetime?

Almost daily we hear women who struggle with the changes that their bodies are going through.  Frustrated. Sad. Angry. And, we get it, it's hard!  It's totally strange to have so little control over something that we used to have at least a degree of control over. We suddenly focus on all the imperfections- our perceived imperfections.

I remember a client telling me with glee once, of her 3 month old baby, "She has cellulite!  It can't be a bad thing!  I was born with it!!"

It's time to change our perceptions. No?

The bodies that we work with here at Mom's the Word?

  • make humans from 2 cells

And we knock them?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

That should be more than enough, but, just in case people are not impressed, also:

  • are capable of being the exclusive food source for new humans 
  • can sustain life of that other tiny human

So, how about it, show your body the respect it deserves?  It's up to us, the moms, to stop the body shaming.




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