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Real MOM Models 2021-amazing!!!

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on June 25 2021

Our clients=our models, our models=our clients. A lot has changed in the last 15 months, but that has not.

And our recent shoot?  They have all been pregnant or had a baby in a pandemic.  It's been a 15 fifteen months!  Two of leases came up in the pandemic and it was an easy decision in March and April to not sign one. It was also an easy decision to partner with our wonderful fellow moms at One Love to pull together an informal Keepin' It Real shoot. What it would look like? We had no idea!

Well, that was fabulous!

For 22 years we have used clients as models. (A few still stop by the store every once in a while-and their kids are in college!)  This photo shoot was unlike any that we'd ever done before.  In the past there has been a studio and hair and make-up.  This time there was the store and hair and make-up by models ready to strike a pose.  And pose they did! 

The super fabulous new mom(of a 9 month old) Lindsey from One Love Photo just started snapping.  We had SO MUCH FUN!  We may never go back...

Introducing the amazing MOM models of June 2021, admit it, they are the best! In order of their appearance at the shop:

Hello Danielle!! 

Danielle walked in wearing MtW head to toe, so we just kept her in her Spanx Vleather Leggings for a bit.  (She was rocking a cinched tank and paige denim jacket too.)  She is 5'1" and 18 weeks with baby #2 and we have known and loved her since her first pregnancy 3 years ago. 😘 
Hello Molly!
Molly came in wearing her soft pants and a cinched tank.  She is 6' and 29 weeks with baby #1. We had a blast together her last visit-and, yes, dressing our 6' mamas is different than those of us who hem.  Molly has never hemmed anything ever. 😘 
Hello Nicole! 
We met Nicole in our now closed Palo Alto shop so it meant the world to us that she came all the way to SF and we got to meet her 14 week old!! Just another mama who came in wearing MtW, and, we love that she belted her DL's. Another smart mama! 😘 
Hello Lindsey!
Lindsey brought the family-and they agreed to get in the shot:) Lindsey has 10 month old Teddy and is hoping for baby number two soon so maybe we'll get to see her at the next shoot-with a bump?! 😘 
Hello Agnes!
Agnes is half way there with baby #1.  We love that this world traveler has managed to sit still for the pandemic, so, of course, have a baby! She wore in her Jamie jeans and was game to pose with just the crop top piece of the Don't Sweat It, although it's not a look most go for! 😘 
Hello Linda!
and 7 year old son Jason who was quite the trooper-he spent over an hour in the shop, nt every 7 year old's dream, but, when we pointed out the blocks? All was good.  He was very proud of many castles build-all with every single bock!  We were impressed.
And, Jason had been at an earlier photo shoot:
He behaved well at that shoot as well!  We love it when our mom models come back with baby #2! 😘 
Look for all of these fabulous moms n our site soon, and find Linda and Jason on there while you browse and appreciate our many amazing clients!



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