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Denim Fit Guide Dance

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on March 02 2023

Oh if only it was possible to create a denim fit guide!  It's more like a dance to fit denim in the shop. Online? According to everyone who enters the shop, virtually impossible-pun intended!  The number of times moms com into the shop either wearing not-cheap jeans that they hate, wearing cheap jeans that they hate, wearing jeans that slide down or jeans that are too tight..or saying that there are six boxes they need to return? Way too many. 

Denim rules our wardrobes and getting denim that fits ...when you're pregnant?  Oh the smiles we see, the joy on your faces, it's magic!

That being said, what size are you in jeans?  Oh mama!  First I will repeat what it says on many of our denim pages- do not go up just because you are pregnant.  On the daily moms walk out with jeans several sizes smaller than what they walked in wearing.

Then, there's the fact that people leave daily with two, or even three, different sizes in different jeans. Am I lying?  Nah. I don't do that as those of you who have worked wit me know.

To this last point, let me insert a visual, because, well, I'm a visual girl, it's why we're here for you, visuals matter!!

These are all the same size. 
Except the smallest....which are two sizes larger than the rest.
So, jeans run differently, even by designer. You can't say "I'm a size X in Y brand." It's not a thing.
All to say, if you want jeans and can get to the shop?  Get that bootie to the shop and let's get it in some jeans that make it look good and that make you say "Ahhhh".
Can't make it to the shop?  We get it.  We hear you.  Feel free to call or text us during business hours to discuss size and fit. Nothing makes me sadder than filling a web order with denim on it. It just hurts because we know that you want to look amazing, that's why you bought them!
So, buying jeans online?  Text or email for a consult, and get two sizes!
Seriously. I know it's hard, but then you'll hopefully get one that fits.
Or, go with one of our XS-S-M-L deninm options.  Odds of getting the fit right is much better when you are picking from 4 sizes (XS-L), not 12(23-32)!
Keep on rockin' it mama!  Denim matters.  Cute matters. Looking good makes us feel better.  And no one wants saggy butt or jeans that keep sliding down!



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