one top: (35 week) bump & (35 weeks) beyond (with twins!)

Melissa was at the counter while we wrapped up her new necklace, said "I have to show you this."  Wearing our ruched tank while pregnant, and with twins. Bump & Beyond?  You better believe it! In our ruched tank with  35 week bump the day before the two adorable ones on the left were born, and, same top, 35 weeks later.  Um, how cute are they?  Melissa also had some wise words on parenting.  In short, they are who they are.  She said that having two the same age was highlighting that, and so, she was just letting them be who they are.  Different and fabulous.  I got to sit down and "chat" with them for a bit, and, they are different, and they are delightful, and so darn cute!  And mom looks fabulous too!  Babies turned one a few weeks ago.  Congratulations Mama! We love our ruched tank too!! Oh, and Melissa's nursing tops these days?  Flowy tops, think our super soft Zoe V, over our cami, lift, pull, feed  and done.  

Happy day.  Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

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