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    We did Capsule, before Capsule was Cool

    For years women have been commenting after shopping with us, "My wardrobe is better when I'm pregnant than it is in my 'normal' life!"

    The reason for this is, aside from our perfectly curated collection featuring some of the most amazing designers; when you're pregnant you are shopping with more intention. You are, in essence, purchasing a capsule wardrobe. We have been unknowingly selling this way of shopping long before it was a thing, popularized by the minimalist movement.


    The simple definition: It's a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you completely LOVE to wear.

    The other day we had a lovely customer, Mariana, who put together such an effortlessly chic capsule wardrobe we just had to share with you!

    These pieces seem to cover the essentials of a wardrobe for work and weekend. They are pieces that can be mixed and matched in interesting ways to create different looks for different activities. Add a pendant or scarf, layer different pieces, and voila! a different look! The pieces can be worn a few times within a work week without it being obvious. The best part is this wardrobe is super comfy at a time in you life you don't want to suffer for fashion.

    A minimalist wardrobe is essentially another name for capsule wardrobe. You'd own only the essential pieces you need to look comfy and professional. Yet you still get the benefits of choice and range, because the pieces mix and match to create a number of different outfits.

    A typical minimalist (or capsule) wardrobe for women might include:

    • 2 dresses
    • 3 bottoms
    • 5 tops
    • 2 scarfs (like this Cashmere Poncho)
    • accessories

    Capsule Shopping List

    Paige Verdugo jeans in Blackshadow and Nottingham

    Supplex Leggings in black and midnight

    Candace Trouser

    Mesh Insert Active Capri in charcoal



    Hampton Stripe Tee in both white/navy and white/navy/red

    V-neck Diamont Top in white

    Alex & Harry Heart and Buddha Tee

    Leather Patch Jacket in black

    Monaco Ballet Dress in black

    Microstripe Maxi Dress in Black



    With these pieces in your closet, you can create over 20 combinations simply by mixing and matching.

    Need help creating your capsule or minimalist wardrobe? Our team is always willing to help and our stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Palo Alto California are open Monday – Saturday from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and Sunday from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Why don't you drop by?