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    The Best Pregnancy Apps Every Mama Should Know

    The Best Pregnancy Apps Every Mama Should Know

    woohoo you're pregnant!

    It’s finally happened and you’re ready to scream it from the rooftops. You’re about to be a mama. Yas! So, what should you do first? Well, after you’ve got over the dizzying high of it all, perhaps you need to download some of these awesome apps. Check them out, mama!

    Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker

    Meet the pregnancy tracker with a difference. This one is like having a helpful girlfriend to give you support at your fingertips. Hello Belly has all you could need to follow your pregnancy from helpful info, advice, and even tips on pregnancy yoga. It’s basically your go-to guide when it comes to motherhood. What more could you want?

    Download: iOS app and Android app  

    Baby Names

    Tom, Dick, or Harry?! Picking out your baby’s name is a seriously mind-boggling task. After all, you can’t change it at a later date. It’s a massive deal! You need to make sure that you get this 100% right the first time around.

    Luckily, there are loads of baby naming resources out there and even apps that could help you make the tough decision. Baby Names is an easy-to-use little app that is packed full of around 30,000 names. Plus, it has their meanings, pronunciations, and origins too. Easy.

    Download: iOS app and Android app

    Expectful Pregnancy

    It ain’t easy carrying a human being inside you. Nobody said it would be, mama! If you’re struggling to relax during your pregnancy, this app is the one for you. No, really. You need it. Expectful Pregnancy helps you chill out when you need it the most. Each day, this handy little app will remind you to take some time out and meditate. Now breathe!

    Download: iOS app

    What to Expect

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life, you will have heard of the ‘What to Expect’ book. It’s basically the bible as far as pregnancy is concerned. You get the deal. But if you don’t quite have the time to sit down and read the whole darn thing, there’s an altogether more modern option out there. Yes, the popular book now has an app which means that it’s easier than ever to get the info you need.

    So, what’s inside the new app? The main part of the app is a daily newsfeed that’s packed with articles, advice, and help that you may need when you’re carrying your first baby. As though that weren’t enough to tickle your fancy, there are also weekly videos too, which will entertain, engage, and maybe even enlighten you. Fun!

    Download: iOS app and Android app

    My Pregnancy Today

    Ever wondered how big your baby is compared to a piece of fruit? Of course, you have! What mama hasn’t? This app will tell you just that and a whole load more too. From tips and guides to week-by-week information about your little one’s development, there’s just so much to love here. Watch out… You may just get addicted to this one. We warned you.

    Download: iOS app and Android app


    It might not feel like it now, mama, but this whole pregnancy thing is actually going to fly by. We know.  You don't believe us now.  Just wait until your "baby" is 13-time does fly. It goes way faster than any of us expect. Seriously. Blink and you might miss it. So, it’s oh-so-important that you make memories and keep them somewhere safe. That’s where the cute Sprout app comes into play.

    Snap and collect! Whether it’s a pregnancy belly picture or your latest ultrasound scan, the app has a place where you can keep it all safe. Just take snaps of all the moments that you want to remember and add them to your collection. You can even make pages that can be printed out and stuck in your memory book. Adorable, right?!

    Download: iOS app and Android app

    After asking hundreds of moms IRL in the shops the past moth, we agree, these are the ones.  Got others?  Things keep changing-shoot us an e-mail  Let us know what your faves are.

    What's in a Name?

    What's in a Name?

    "What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet."

    Naming your baby is a major topic of conversation here at Mom's the Word.  From your first foray into maternity clothes, the Name Game is one of the first trials of parenthood! And, what is in a name?  How many people do you know who love their name?  Hate their name?  Have changed their name? The Social Security Administration has released their list of most popular names from 2016. 

    And, once again, for the umpteenth time, parents everywhere will react.  My reaction? For once my first born isn't in the top 10.  He's still in the top 20.  And my younger son just barely makes the top 100 coming in at 98.  We went with family names in the end, so, there was that.  And both of their names have more than one nickname possibility. And, they both seem to be managing fine. 

    I also hereby forgive myself for doing to him what my parents did to me.  I have a name that I share with: one cousin, one mother-in-law, one sister-in-law, and my wife. Yes, that's four in my not-very- extended family.  Not to mention countless friends, starting in kindergarten with my BFF at 5, Sarah Alexander, continuing through college-Sara Murphy.

    Naming your baby feels soooo important.  And it is.  Sort of. They can always change it when they come of age.  

    Of the twelve people working at Mom's the Word eight go by their given name. 30% go by a nickname or their middle name.  25% have names not found in baby name books.    Our very favorite website and book for the baby name game is the Baby Name Wizard.  We're all about the graphs in this book, and so are the spouses who wait patiently for hours while their beloved tries on clothes. And the darker the shade the more popular per million.    Go ahead, get sucked in.

    Teaching children to not fear judgment or judge others is an enormous gift. So, pick the name that you like, it's all gonna be okay.  This is just one of many decisions that you will make as a parent.  And it's not even the most important one.  

    Not that this isn't probably plastered on Google and every other homepage, but, here's the top 10 list for 2016 :

    1 Sophia Jackson
    2 Emma Aiden
    3 Olivia Lucas
    4 Ava Liam
    5 Mia Noah
    6 Isabella Ethan
    7 Riley Mason
    8 Aria Caden
    9 Zoe Oliver
    10 Charlotte


    (I personally loved the name Jackson, but, our last name is Pollak, so, yeah, there are some things that I chose not to do.) 

    A colleague of mine when I was pregnant with my first, used to play the game like this: "Paging Dr. insert name here", "Next up to bat, insert name here" "...Secretary of State, insert name here, reported..." People, when I tell them my kids' names-Alexander and Harrison- often say "Oh, how presidential!".  Yeah, or "Al and Harry's Towing". Either way, it's all good. Even if they change their names.

    Their names are not their destiny.