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Welcome Back Dede! Another now-mom MOM.

Written by Sarah Pollak


Posted on August 24 2016

Dede's back in SF! Anyone who remembers her from her previous stint at Mom's the Word has a child age 7 or older!  Crazy.

We are so happy to have another "now mom" MOM rejoin the team of moms, not moms and one grandmom.  Making this retail company work for our moms, and people with moms, is just all part of the mission-got a PTA meeting, husband out of town, teenager needing a little direction, your mom really wants to Zumba with you?  We've got you covered. 

Meet Dede.

I am a wife, mom, and style enthusiast.

I am a people person and my favorite part of my job is making people feel good.

In my spare time I enjoy stepping on Legos barefoot, asking kids to put their shoes on (I prefer to ask repeatedly with, no one responding), getting tangles out of My Little Pony’s tails and answering questions like “If Hulk and Thor got in a battle, who would win?” And subsequently defending my position.

I love adventuring and exploring with my family- hiking, trips to the river, camping, road trips, flea markets, outdoor movies, and hosting play dates that turn into  impromptu dinner parties.

My style is California Lifestyle: easy and low maintenance. Lots of denim, knits, maxi dresses and rompers. I have a weakness for jackets, sweaters and boots. I top off every outfit with a piece of unique jewelry.

Now you know why she just belongs here?

She worked with us when she was pregnant with her first, and modeled for us with her second. 

Dede's cute, and our amazing and fabulous photographer, Rob Prideaux, did his thing-making MOM models who have never modeled, look fabulous.

Welcome back Dede!



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