• What 24 Years in Small Biz Looks Like

    What 24 Years in Small Biz Looks Like

    It's our 24th birthday!  And. These are strange days! We're in a pandemic, so, everyone looks like this: 24 years ago, much was different.  The internet was a baby! We launched our first website in, gasp, 1999!  Some fitted pieces-which moms loved, but were considered "radical", some not. The models?  Staff and clients.  BIPOC models? Diversity was always important-different bodies, different moms. Celebrating the...
  • A Few of My Favorite Things

    A Few of My Favorite Things

    Oh dear!  Where did the time go?  (I hear that i may be saying that a lot in the future;) I've been so busy working and prepping for baby that I totally forgot to blog!  And now, baby is head down and ready to go! So, here's one I wrote a month ago, and never published.  Blame it on pregnant brain?  Pregnancy presents many...
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