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A Few of My Favorite Things

Written by Kate Mayberry


Posted on July 01 2016

Oh dear!  Where did the time go?  (I hear that i may be saying that a lot in the future;)

I've been so busy working and prepping for baby that I totally forgot to blog!  And now, baby is head down and ready to go!

So, here's one I wrote a month ago, and never published.  Blame it on pregnant brain? 

Pregnancy presents many challenges, not the least of which is dressing the bump. For many of us, we don't want to just throw on something that simply fits-as in hubby's t-shirts or a size (or three) up in a flowy top or dress. We want to feel like ourselves. Like our style isn't a necessary sacrifice for growing a baby. If you are anything like me, most of my closet was quickly outgrown. It was time to rediscover my style with this new and ever-changing body!




No, that's not me, but the Hudson Jumpsuit has been my #1 worn piece, without a doubt! Made completely out of soft modal, it couldn't be more comfortable. Now at almost 34 weeks, it is the piece I reach for everyday, whether out to dinner, lounging at home or running errands. It's fool proof.

Trust me. This piece has been everywhere: romper themed bachelorette party with wedges and an arm full of bracelets, Mother's Day pedicures with big earrings and sandals, neighborhood evening potluck- as is with flip flops. The Hudson is totally my BFF.

What about beyond the bump? Absolutely. I plan to continue to wear it (like, everyday) since the neckline is easily pulled down for nursing and the drawstring "waistband" will be very forgiving until my leftover baby bump disappears. Score!



The Original Cinched Tank. Does this one really need explaining? It's the basic you will pair with EVERY bottom you own. Layer it, or wear it solo, it's double weight makes everything feel "held in" without being too constricting and the long length keeps the belly covered (even now, with weeks til my due date!). Grab a few of these babies: black, white and grey for sure and then a color or two...you will be glad you did!


Oh, jean shopping. Even not pregnant, this is the most challenging item of clothing to shop for in most women's book, myself included. Worry not, friend. Paige has you covered. Their amazing Transcend fabric is sooooo soft and stretchy but doesn't loose it's shape (how do they do that?). No saggy butt here. The pocket panels that sit below the bump grow with you but still hold up your pants. Mine have been temporarily retired (it's 95 degrees outside and this baby is almost full term...need I say more?) but they are the only jeans I own that I feel confident I can rock this fall, even without the belly. You would NEVER be able to tell they are maternity (unless you are a crop-top kind of gal) and you will just be totally blissed out by the amazing side panels. Get a good dark wash, a black pair and a white or light wash. Nothing worse that waking up to find your only pair of jeans are in the wash. Again.



Spring and summer are always full of fun events but it is sometimes difficult to find a piece that feels special enough to wear to a shower (even your own!) but versatile enough to be able to dress down with a pair of sandals for an afternoon shopping with girlfriends. The Layla Dress has been one of my absolute favorites for this very reason! I felt awesome wearing it to my sister-in-law-to-be's bridal shower but I have also worn it many other times to birthday parties, business events and out to dinner. The surplice neckline makes this piece a total go-to nursing dress....I plan to live in it all summer!


The praises I could sing of the Kate Cascade Cardi would take all day. This is a piece no woman's closet should be without, pregnant or not. Remember that super soft modal the Hudson Jumpsuit is made of? Yep! Same magical stuff. This is not only a cardi...it can be wrapped a myriad of ways. 


You are correct. That is the same cardi. With a tank and leggings, jeans and a tee, a dress and heels. It's everything you ever wanted in a layering piece!

Check out more Bump Basics that will make you not only more comfortable as that belly grows, but you may end up discovering a new side of your style personality you didn't know existed. If you are like me, you will end up realizing that your maternity wardrobe is even cuter than your non-prego one! You may just want to be pregnant forever! Just kidding. But you will want to wear the clothes forever!