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What 24 Years in Small Biz Looks Like

Written by sarah pollak


Posted on October 26 2020

It's our 24th birthday! 

And. These are strange days!

We're in a pandemic, so, everyone looks like this:

24 years ago, much was different. 

The internet was a baby!

We launched our first website in, gasp, 1999!  Some fitted pieces-which moms loved, but were considered "radical", some not. The models?  Staff and clients.  BIPOC models? Diversity was always important-different bodies, different moms. Celebrating the bump? Absolutely!  Did we have much money?  No we did not. (Maybe that's why we've been online since 1999, but still can't be found there?!)

And, ha! Masks were worn. Although we certainly never would have imagined 2020 back then!

Building the business :

involved a lot of friends and family-and one particularly adorable 2 year old;)

who took regular juice and reading breaks!

Those friends and family turned this:

into this:

(and, cell phones were not a thing, so, photo quality...yeah..):

And pregnant women and new moms came, and life was so fun!
8 months after opening, this is what I looked like! 
Questionable timing?  Yeah. maybe.  Certainly an interesting choice considering that I was the sole family support, and don't have "Oops!" babies. 
But, It all worked out. 

Change happens in 24 years!!

The store has changed-by the time we needed a paint job we hired people and had them rip out the dropped ceiling!
Covid has forced change, and we have made the difficult decisions to close our Los Angeles and Palo Alto shops, and yet we choose to celebrate.

But the heart and soul of the store has not changed.

That mom in mask above was in just the other day, feeling "frumpy" and left "feeling pregnant", and THAT is what has made our days divine, 350 days a year for 24 years. 

Change happens in 24 years!!

Bumps grow, babies get born and those babies grow.  "Our" first Mom's the Word babies are 24! 
That's crazy! Or, is it?!
This is a recent shot-bump on the left, toddler on the right.
My heart still bursts when I look at them. 
I have learned a lot-from those kids, and from the shop. Much to be thankful for.
We love each and every one of our clients (even the very few who may not love us back). In January we were looking at 24 more years.  Now?  Not so much.  And still-


We get to celebrate the good times!

(We don't have to, but we have learned that happiness is a choice.)

To all of our clients, thank you! You are the best MOMS EVER!  Never forget that! 

We are focusing on the sweet, and accepting the bitter. We invite you all to join us-consider the good, and let go of the fears of the future.
Last Saturday was our last day open in Palo Alto.  These pictures were all taken there.  They represent the tens of thousands of smiles that you shared with us. (And this limited edition Valentine tee may or may not come back in 2021, right now, we'll just enjoy these and leave the future where it is.)
Virtual hugs to all.