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    Top Picks for Two Seasons

    Top Picks for Two Seasons

    Unless you live in Antarctica or Hawaii there is no way to make it through twelve months (pregnancy and the trip back down) in just one season.

    We carefully curate everything that we offer, so, naturally, we have thought of this.  The goal of dressing for 2 is to get things that work for you-0 to 40, bump & beyond.

    Here are today's top picks for dressing from 90 degrees to 9, from sun filled summer to snow, from barely bumped 4 weeks to 40 weeks pregnant to forever.

    The Melange

    The lightest almost sweater weight -but not quite.  Perfect for summer heat, layer a long sleeve tee underneath or a jacket or cardigan over top, add tights and boots and hello fall/winter!  

    Work or play, day or night, 5'2" or 6', this dress is perfect for winter, spring, summer and fall. Both colors? It's done all the time, all year round-unless we're out of stock.

    Tanks and Camis

    Layering.  In summer, wear them solo. 

    Or, on the case of our infamous MOM Cami, when wearing solo in summer, double the cami for super cool with coverage. This piece will be an essential for literally years to come.  A mom came in yesterday for what she called her "annual refresh"-and her youngest is 10! Super soft, super lone, won't roll up-these are an every season go to.

    The Textured Tank-ditto the above- save the layering one top of each other. This super soft stretchy top flies solo like a dream and layers under everything when a chill sets in.  Can be worn as pictured or flipped so it is higher neck in front and lower in back.

    Flip it front to back.  (Totally unfiltered IRL in the shop.)

    The Original Cinched

    The Original. The cinched(not gathered in front only), simply smoothing top that also has moms coming in years later for a refresh in white. And, yep, back to front, front to back.  A total dream solo and ideal layered under absolutely everything, and some have worn it over a long sleeve just to be different.

    Bump and beyond?  Better believe it! Love it forever.

    The Hudson (Nurses)

    Oh, anyone who knows us knows that we can barely keep this in stock year round.  Feels like PJs, looks like chic. Add a denim or leather jacket and booties, with or without bump. Easy pull down breastfeeding.  Hello all season win.

    The Lattice Dress



    This dress?  Yes.

    The Peyton

    A super simple, super easy to wear, super happy making dress that is ideal for all seasons.

    Microstripe Maxi

    The Microstripe Maxi is beloved, throw a cardigan over it, yep, cozy up mama.

    Add a cropped top?  Super cute with a bump.  Nursing?  Lift up, pull down. 

    From the moment of conception forward. Some things may feel challenging, but, this one?  You've got this. We've got you covered-from cool to cozy.


    P.S. Fall/ Winter pregnancy?  These are key to the season.