How to Dress a Bump and Butt: Tip #1

Ah, if only it was so simple to just say that the moment you become pregnant there are three magic pieces or silhouettes which would work on a bump.  But, alas, or, maybe not alas, 'tis not so simple.  "Not alas" because, well, because we all have different styles, and, thankfully, fashion is fun, so, three basic pieces?  Booorrrring. And then there's that little fact that we all have different body types.  Add a bump to the butt you hate (because it's too big or too flat or..)-what's a mama to do?!
  • First rule, always, find clothes that make you look and feel good-and bring a friend, or shop somewhere where you can trust the folks looking in the mirror with you. The odds that you be able to look in the mirror with perspective are pretty slim. It's not unusual to experience a little body dysmorphia when your body is being morphed from within!
  • Second, do not look at the body parts that you hated before you were pregnant.  Odds are, you will only hate them more while pregnant, and they will not magically disappear.  However, try a perspective change-a baby bump can be a good balance sometimes-as the bump grows it becomes everyone else's focal point.  They're all just watching the baby.  You might as well get used to it now.  No matter how cute you are, all eyes will go to the baby first. This is your new life. It ain't about you any more.  And it definitely is not about your butt:)
  • Hate your hips, but at least you have a waist?  Um..yeah, make that had a waist. Move it on up.  Wear empire waist tops and dresses.  Maxi's are stellar. If you feel bottom heavy, grab a print maxi with an open neckline and prepare to accept the compliments.  We're big on belts here, so, really draw the eye up, away from the hips, put a belt above the bump.  Looove it!

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