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Top 10 Must Have Basics

Written by Julia Stevenson


Posted on April 18 2019

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was so very uncomfortable. Now being uncomfortable has become the new normal! I would strongly suggest going through your clothes and put away all the things that you know you can't wear.

I was then very pleasantly surprised to see that I already had some great staples from MOM’s that I could rotate throughout my pregnancy. It was definitely more than I thought considering my wardrobe had gotten significantly smaller. Here are just the top 10 things that I would not have been able to survive without in the beginning and are now heavenly as my options dwindle down.

#1 The Jumpsuit

hudson jumpsuit maternity nursing one piece

I know what you’re thinking. A jumpsuit? A one piece? How are you able to go to the bathroom! The answer is simple: easily. It all come up, it all comes down. Now zippers or hooks and The Hudson Jumpsuit is made with alex & harry’s amazing modal fabric so it’s like walking around in my pajama’s, but I look way cuter. Drop waist also doesn’t pinch anything or make me feel like I have a wedgie whenever I walk.

#2 Leggings

susana monaco black leggings

In that same vein that I wanted to be comfortable above all else, Susana Monaco’s Legging was a game changer. The band is higher, but didn’t cut me off or make me feel like I was being cut in half. And who is going to say anything to me if I want to wear them as pants?

#3 The Skirt

At the beginning, I couldn’t stand the thought of anything on my stomach. It made me ache and so nauseous. So when I first tried the Textured Pencil Skirt from Tee’s by Tina….it made all the difference in the world. Seamless and stretchy was the perfect combo for me. I can wear it with nicer blouses or just my t shirts.

#4 The Maxi

The Madison Maxi is maxi to end all maxi’s. For me it all comes down to that magic modal from alex & harry, the cinched sides that flatter a not-so-bump bump, and how easy it is to style. I tend to tie a knot at the end, near my knee, and it does midi super well. Either with heels or my Wonder Woman converse. The more one thing can do the better!

(See below for # 11 Maxi)

#5 The Cotton Tank

Another amazing piece from alex & harry. The Original Cinched Top! This time in a cotton that breathes with me and doesn’t sheer out so I’m not having to worry about my bra showing through. Also cinched to flatter the figure as you grow without looking frumpy.

#6 The Textured Tank and Top

Now that my bump has gotten bigger, a bit more noticeable, I like to be able to show it off. The Lattice Tank and Top (above) from Tee’s by Tina allows me to do that. It’s fitted, but not too constricting, while the texturing does what ruched sides does…but all over!

#7 Denim

With a growing bump and start of my second trimester, I have finally come to the point where I’m so gratefully to have a pair of jeans that fit.  DL1961 Power Skinny Emma in Token- I have can’t get enough of them. I was a jeans girl before and they really help me feel like myself again. Then, black jeans are a necessity  J Brand in their Seriously Black...seriously love.  The.  I said I was a jeans girl right?  Yeah, there are now a couple of pairs of Paige in my rotation, getting heavy rotation.  Three or four pairs are what most of our clients do, and now I see why?  They're jeans! We need them.  Every day!!

# 8 Active Legging

Okay this one isn’t technically something I need, but it is something I desperately wanted.The Active Zip Legging from Ingrid & Isabel is comfortable enough for yoga or for just walking around. You can pull the panel over the bump or leave it folder under. 

#9 The Everyday Dress

It's great for everything. BBQ, date night, weekends with family. The bandage dress design of it is so flattering and helps camouflage a not so hard bump. Plus it nurses. Too soon for a nursing piece? Never! Fashion and function is the name of the game with the Gwen Nursing Dress.

#10 The Cardigan

This is something I have had for years and will continue to wear for years to come, at least until I wear holes into it. The Kate Cascade I have worn over tops, dresses, as a wrap top and tied every way I can. It’s comfortable beyond belief and totally reasonable to have in every color.

And, who knew that I would live in the microstripe maxi?  Not me! But, the Kate Cascade over the Microstripe Maxi is something I have been living in! And, yes, there may be more than one color in my closet;)

Honestly, with just these pieces, and, oh a few essential short sleeve and long sleeve tops (which I have in buckets because they are must-have, pregnant or not) I could manage.  I naturally am having lots of fun adding other pieces....

Starting an entire wardrobe from scratch for this new "blooming" body was something that you'd think I was prepared for, working here..and I had a head start, but, just another "Oh, so that's how it is." moment in this pregnancy thing!



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