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DL1961 Power Skinny Emma in Token Wash


$ 178.00

DLs Smart Denim is a HIT! And the dark Token wash is a Home Run.  Perfect for everything from work to a night out and perfect with, oh, any top! The patented technologically fit and the fabric which has a 360 stretch, but doesn't stretch out, is amazing. So soft and super comfy, this is not your mama's denim.  


Why go for under the bump denim?

So much is already changing, then your wardrobe needs an update too. There is just something comforting in finding a pair of jeans that feel like normal when normal has gone out the window. They ride lower to give you room to grow and then the elastic makes sure you're comfortable. 

How long will these take me?

The vast majority of our clients find that they can totally take you all the way, even with multiples. And, for the trip back down?  The dream! Every body is different, so, there are a few, a very few, of our clients who say that in the last 4-6 weeks they are not comfortable in almost any jeans.  Try them on, move around, if you're near a store it's always best to try and buy, rather than just guess and end up a hot mess in your jeans.

Bump & Beyond

We would say over 50% of our customers of our customers wear their maternity jeans for at least a year post. Go ahead and join the team. If you want to tuck in, go for a front tuck-nothing says "I'm not pregnant, don't ask" like a tucked in top.


  • Sizing stuff: Your pre-pregnancy size. Truly, don't size up. The number of people who walk into the store, are very sure of their size and then leave with a size down, or even two sizes down, cannot be overestimated.  You are pregnant, you are not getting fat. Okay, you may have padded up a little, but, don't go crazy like going two sizes up.  Please?
  • Inseam: 28" (on size 27)
  • Front rise: 7 1/4"
  • Back rise: 13"
  • Leg opening: 10"
  • Tencel/Modal/Lyocell/Cotto/Poly and a smidge of lycra