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Things Moms say. A lot.

Written by Austin Ross


Posted on December 11 2016

We hear this daily.  Okay.  Hourly.  Mom's walk in and say "Wow, being a mom has changed me in so many ways, and it's not just my boobs, I say <insert one of the below here> so often!"

  • i meant to...
  • where did i put...
  • do not put the plastic bag over the baby's head
  • i have to pee!
  • why don't i have another arm?
  • is it time for someone to sleep yet?  (like me!)

and we don't here this one that often, but it will forever be a fave

  • i used to negotiate million dollar deals, and now i'm negotiating the craziest things, like ''you can eat your own boogers, you cannot eat your sister's!'

Motherhood. It's humbling, hard and the best ever!



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