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Letting Go Parenting

Written by Sally Faison


Posted on January 23 2017

I love pieces like this one by a successful adult. Articles that provide proof that it all works out, that parents do the best that they can, and sometimes things don’t go the way that they want, but they do go and it’s okay-even if they don’t potty train til 4!

So many of the moms we work with worry and fret about every milestone-tracking, grabbing, rolling, teething, crawling, walking, and the dreaded potty training. We all worry to varying degrees. I regularly find myself reminding moms that the odds are all good-they roll, they crawl, they get teeth and they potty train. And there isn’t a single college application out there that asks when you took your first step or broke your first tooth.    

And, here is an article which allows perhaps a little letting go of fear.  It all works out.  And they become who they are.  Rachel Bloom managed to do okay for herself;)

In this honest, and of course hysterical, piece she discusses in the NYTimes how she remembers why she had no interest in pooing in a potty, her perspective on it all-then and later.  The fact that she remembers it all is remarkable.  But, of course, there is a video. Parenting.  Ha!

So, pay attention to your comfort level, ask for help when you need it, hold to your boundaries when you ake them-it's all gonna be fine. 




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