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How Many Nursing Bras Will I Need?

sarah pollak

Posted on August 18 2017

Generally speaking we are not absolutists.....having worked with hundreds of thousands of nursing moms, live and in person, our experience tells us that at absolute positive minimum you will need at least three nursing bras to get you started. Here's how we came up with this number for the bulk of our clients:

  •  A properly fit, well made bra makes you look and feel better(and thaat bit of lift makes you look slimmer too fyi).

  • The girls need to be up where they belong, and since they will weigh 30% more than they did before all of this, they deserve some serious support.

  •  Clothes look better with proper support. It's that simple. Clothes look better > you look better > you feel better.  Even when sleep deprived.
  • Elastic breaks down with washing and wearing.  Broken down elastic=no support. Body moisture and oils are the number one elastic killer-take good care of your bras, washing them gently in cold water regularly will help.  Doing anything regularly with a newborn?  Yeah.  Right.....

  • Your nursing bras will be getting way more wear than your pre-pregnancy bras, and doing way more heavy lifting.  How many bras do you have pre-pregnant?  So, 3 bras is our suggestion.  You're worth it.  No one ever said having kids was going to be cheap.  Bras are not the place to skimp.

Here are our top pick bras.  Two to three minimum, but if you want to not stress over this and be covered and comfy, we suggest more, use the below as general guidelines. We recommend starting with at least one from each group, then you can stock up on the ones that you like best. No right or wrong here. These are made based on our 20+ years experience.


  • 2-3 basic "real" bras  

We love Bravado's because it is soft, lined, the straps can be crossed in back, and, in that "it's a girl thing" way-the hardware is rose gold:)


Cake fits a little fuller and has a subtle dot jacquard print.

  • 2 Sleep Bras.  Yes. We just said "sleep bra". "Wha?!" you think.  You will be happier sleeping in a bra.  We know.  It makes no sense, why would someone do such a thing.  One word.  Engorgement.  Another word  Leaking. Your breasts will be so tender you can't imagine.  So don't try to imagine. Trust us.

Organic Cotton Easy Lounge Bra

We love Majama's Organic Cotton Easy bra because it's easy and you're sleeping.sort of, and it's organic cotton and it's soft.

  • 2 easy, comfy, daytime support bras, which you could possible nap in when you are too exhausted to fight the sleep when the baby sleeps" advice.


Another Bravado, which gives more support than anyone ever thinks that it will, has removable pads (not nursing pads, pads for nipple action coverage) and it gets the best "Oh, this is sooo comfy ratings" from women. (the yoga version can be crossed in back) 

  • As many Best Nursing Cami's as you like

You'll wear these every day-under tops, with cardigans and they'll be your favorite lounge piece. Perfect day to evening wear for your new routine;)

  • And, if pumping is on the agenda, until that hands free pump that we've heard about and are obsessed with is on the market, one of these for absolute positive sure.  

Supported.  Done.  Next?




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