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Buttercup Convertible Nursing Bra


$ 52.00

They are at it again! You might know Bravado for their super comfy Seamless Bra, but get ready for the Buttercup!


What are the benefit of this bra?

With their petal soft material, it offers everything a nursing mom could need. Its feminine with a bit of rose gold hardware, clips down for easy access, and its straps can also be crossed as a racerback. And, here is one of the best parts we think, it comes with a bra band extender! Perfect for growing and the trip back down again.

What size do I need?

If you absolutely positively cannot get to a place where you can get properly fitted, we'd like to say "Just grab a measuring tape", but, um, yeah, the only measuring tape in your house is probably metal, so, skip that.  What size are you wearing?

What size did you wear before? Ideally you will get your pre-pregnancy band size, and you will probably want one cup size up from what you wear while pregnant.  And, with this bra, go with the bigger band size, it runs one size small.  So, if you are pregnant and wearing a 36, stick with 36.  

Added bonus: this bra comes with an extender, so, if the band gets tight towards the end, throw in the extender!  After delivery you will be narrower arounnd, so you'll remoev the extender, which is great,, becausue it means the bra will not ride u yur back.  Hapy dance for that.

Bump & Beyond

Yes! It's a great maternity bra and an even better nursing bra. With easy drop-down cups and a convertible kit to make this a "regular bra" after you nursing journey is complete.


  • Sizing Stuff: The band on this one has been, we've noticed, running a little on the smaller side. Please refer to sizing chart image, or get in touch, because we take a little liberty with the sizing chart and are happy to consult via e-mail or live chat.
  • Use the convertible kit (included) to make this a "regular" bra after your nursing journey is complete.
  • Nylon/Spandex