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Easy Dressing 1-2-3

Written by Austin Ross


Posted on October 27 2016

There are some days, especially in the first and third trimester, that you just want to look cute, be comfy and spend as little time and energy as possible getting there.

Enter the Maddie and the Kate.  These two are the dream team.  First trimester, the Maddie cinched up and masks the mini baby bump, Throw the Kate over her, give a vertical line, and voila! Bump minimizing! 

Second and third trimesters, wrap the Kate around and tie it in back and you've got a log sleeved dress, leave it open, tie it in front....any way you want it, that's the way you've got it.

Bump it up and walk into that room looking and feeling amazing. Because you ARE! Own it!

And Maddie can stand alone too, she can even do a twist, and show herself with an elegant neckline, and a scoop in the back, or for the more modest, just throw the Kate over her this way around.

We've got you covered mama!



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