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Written by sarah pollak


Posted on May 24 2020

Curbside was a great theory.  But the reality is that there is only one of us doing it who lives between the store, but not near either one trying to maintain our standard of service and timing is just not possible.

Curbside Consultations are another thing entirely!

I have done two curbside consultations and here's why they make sense:

Rachel is like so many women we meet every day back "in the good old days" 3 months ago. She feels bigger than she actually is, so, she figured if she was a 28 before pregnancy she would be a 29 now.  NOPE! Here is what she ordered, and what she ended up with at curbside.  She confirmed later that everything was perfect!

This one was a little tricky, the S might not make it to full term in November, but after consulting at 6'  we came to the conclusion she was more concerned with not having it too boxy now and when she is nursing.

Ginger had been by, outside, early in the week when I was processing web orders and asked about size.  She went home and decided to order the J Brand in 26, and when  she came by to pick them up, she asked about a couple of others.  She also confirmed that everything was perfect when she tried them on.

So, the moral of this story is this: If you're not sure of size, by all means select Curbside Consultation as your delivery option.  I will text or e-mail you and we will schedule a time that works for you.

Doorstep Delivery

I have also made more than a few doorstop deliveries in the past months and am more than thrilled to help mamas out in this way. Place your order.  I will text or e-mail you and decide upon a time convenient for you. I swing it by your house with an order and bring alternate sizes.  You run into the house, tried everything on, keep what works and bring me the sizes that didn't work back to your curbside!



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